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12 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Be Open And Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Many of us believe that wearing our heart on our sleeve is exposing our vulnerabilities to the world. While everything has its own cup of shortcomings, being a little too open or a little too sensitive will give you true peace. Not that you will be in a conflict with the world, but your views and thoughts will be honest enough to give yourself innate joy.

Some of us are more open when it comes to expressing our true feelings. While for others, guarding themselves is the norm. However, wearing your heart on your sleeve is not an easy job. It is a skill in itself that will teach you patience, honesty, empathy and much more.

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I’ve seen people, my friends included, search the internet for how to stop being sensitive. I once asked one of my friends why was she did that. She said, ‘Because I get hurt easily and then I end up getting hurt.’ It is not necessarily impossible that being on the sensitive side will not leave you hurt. But that’s how you learn and that’s what makes you who you are! We are trying to put ourselves in to someone else’s shoes and we believe it will fit us perfectly. Similar to how unique our fingerprints are, our personalities differ. We cannot try to be someone else. We just can’t! There is no way we are going to be happy, let alone be successful.

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In spite of how vulnerable it makes you feel, in spite of how hurt you are, you must always be transparent about your emotions and thoughts. Here are 12 good reasons why you MUST wear your heart on your sleeve. Way to go!

1. Without the rain, there is no rainbow

There is no denying the fact that being sensitive and being honest about being sensitive will hurt you from time to time but it will also give you the joy others don’t or can’t experience. When you choose honesty over dishonesty, you yield only good stuff for yourself such as joy. If you don’t know what pain is, you will never know how it feels to heal, if you don’t know what problems are, how will you know how to find a solution? It has to rain if you want to see a rainbow. Only after night does the sun rise. Likewise, you will cherish happiness only after you have experienced sadness and pain. Wearing your heart on your sleeve has its own perks!

2. You can move on quickly

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Whether you are in a relationship or not, you shoo away irrelevant issues in your life like a bug on your hand. You don’t hold on to the pain because you learn to forgive and forget. You think you have been there so many times and you can put yourself on the frontline and battle once more. You are not afraid of dangerous territories because you know what its weak points are. You toughen up!

3. You take chances

Assume that you are a very guarded person, you don’t let anyone know what’s on your mind, you become the goody two shoes, you keep things to yourself, you never reveal your true thoughts, and you act like a worldly person. What are you missing, then? To sum up in one word, everything. You miss out on numerous chances only because you think, What if I fail? What if I get hurt? Will I be able to stand the pain? And with all these scary thoughts revolving in your mind, you never take a step ahead. You lag behind, you are insecure, you are afraid of failures, and conquently, you lose! Putting yourself out in the open will reveal your potential. You must therefore, stop taking cover behind safety and come to the fore.

4. You become who you are

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Of course you do. When you wear your heart on your sleeve, you don’t have to put your energy in worrying about what will happen if one day people discover different shades of your personality. You work for achieving your ambitions and trekking the mountain of success, of happiness. You never have to pretend to be someone or something you’re not, rather you become who you really are.

5. Your world expands

When you keep things to yourself and when you create boundaries as to how much to talk to someone else, how much to expose, how much to smile, you create a narrow world with limited possibilities. You cannot ask someone for advice because your ‘laws’ do not allow you to do that. (You are being someone else, remember?) You miss out on opportunities, yes, but you also miss out on experiencing the adventurous world. How will you get anything if you don’t ask for it?

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6. You know what’s fake

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Since you have been there already, you can immediately spot who is faking it and who is making it. It tumbles down on you in a jiffy. You come to know who is being genuine and who is open. You become the foreseer; you have an intuition of the other person not being real.

7. People look up to you

People always trust the ones who are absolutely honest not only with others but with themselves as well. However harsh or rude it might sound, when you value honesty above all, you become a good person and a very good friend, indeed. People come to you with their stories and woes because they know you are a great listener, and instead of consoling them, like a hundred or so others, you will voice your genuine opinions. Well, who does not love being with an honest person?

8. You become an amazing friend

When you are honest, when you are open, empathy comes naturally. When you resolve to wearing your heart on your sleeve, you are signing a pact with challenges. Every event of your life is going to challenge you. It will demand you to be quiet, to mind your own business, to stay hidden. It is up to you how you tackle it. And when you bring those challenges down, you become an amazing person. People start believing in you and respecting your judgment.

9. You are set free

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Like a prisoner seeing the light of day after many years, like a bird set out of its cage, an open person experiences freedom. They can experiment with their life, they can take chances, they can grab opportunities, they can find true love, and they can move on easily only because they are not limiting themselves and wasting time being someone they are not. They are lifting the heavy weight of ‘what will they think?’ off their shoulders and liberate the stress. They are lifting their spiritual self to a higher altitude that is not controlled or affected by greed, pride, and ego.

10. You excel

Understanding and empathy are two of the most important traits desired by top employment positions. But when you are already so comfortable with exposing your vulnerabilities, you have these qualities built in you. If you are living life to the fullest, you excel at whatever you do.

11. You appreciate the good things in life

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Open people tend to be more positive. For them, the grass is less greener on the other side. They appreciate the small details and find solace in the little joys of life. They believe that the world is one awesome place to live in.

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12. You don’t care about the what ifs

Of course, an honest person won’t worry about the woulda, coulda, shoulda of anything. They are not haunted with ‘what ifs’ in life. Rather, they put all their energy in achieving their goals, irrespective of what the society or people think about them, and look forward to the results. The do not frown upon the chances thet did not take. They become the sole proprietor of their happiness. And hey! Isn’t that the ultimate goal in life?

So you see why you need to be wearing your heart on your sleeve? And even if you’re already doing it, embrace it, own it, and never regret it.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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12 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve
Are you one of those rare people who is wearing your heart on your sleeve? No? Then here's why you should be.
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