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12 Unmistakable Signs Of Female Attraction

Women can be very mysterious. They are impossibly hard to predict and interpret. When they say “FINE” they mean “Nothing in the world is right!” When they say yes, they mean no, when they say no, they mean maybe, and when they say maybe, they mean yes! They are complicated beings who will never tell you frankly what they want. Studying Darwin’s Theory of Evolution becomes pretty easy when you compare it with understanding female behavior.

Men who take women on a date face the worst form of misery. They don’t know if they should make a move, if their laughter is genuine or they are doing it just to be polite. What men also don’t know is there are signs of attraction that can be clearly seen through a woman’s body language and gestures. It should not take a lot of research and development work to understand those signs. They are right in front of your eyes, shouting at you to notice them.

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Well, that being said, theories are useless unless practiced in real life. So the next time you are trying to know the signs of female attraction, look for these:

1. She thinks you’re funny

couple laughing_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

You may be the most boring guy in the world, but she will still find you funny if she is interested in you. You are taken off guard at how you could make her laugh! The fact is, you may not necessarily be funny but she likes you and she thinks the guy she likes is funny. So she thinks you are funny. Getting the point? Simply stated, whether you are truly funny or not, she loves your company and wants to make you feel at ease. She is hinting at you that she wants to spend some more time with you because she likes you. So keep going with your annoying jokes if it makes her laugh. It will make your day!

2. That “accidental” touch

Try touching a girl. I’m sure all hell will break loose. You will return home with an imprint of four fingers and one thumb across your cheek if you were alone with her or a whole lot of fractures if you were in a crowded place. Women don’t like to be touched by men they despise. They will stop you from touching them with every means possible. If, on the contrary, she likes you, she will make the tiny move herself. But oh! Her touch won’t make you feel she had done it purposely. She will make it look like an “accidental” touch. However, every woman whose hands accidentally brush yours won’t find you attractive. There is a set pattern to it. One of the sure signs of female attraction is repetitive touch. She will bring her elbow in contact with yours, keep her hands on yours, or she will even bump into you. To confirm if she is doing it for the sole purpose of attraction, try mirroring her movements. Place your hand on hers from time to time, touch her upper back like you are protecting her, and if she won’t withdraw, she’s into you.

3. Unwavering eye contact

couple in love_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Eyes are the windows to your soul. Look in her eyes and, if you are a reader, a psychological saint, you will know the language they speak. But not everyone knows the art of ‘eye-reading’ and not every girl who maintains an eye contact with you likes you. She might be doing it just because it is good social etiquette. But hey! Haven’t we learned in our grammar classes the difference between seeing and gazing? Shy girls, in particular, have only this means at their disposal to convey their attraction towards you. Try to keep an eye on her gazes and see what they could possibly be telling you!

4. Playing 20 questions

If she is shooting question after question at you, don’t mistake her for an FBI agent. She simply wants to get to know you. While some girls ask you questions to make conversation, others do it to build a rapport with you. They will ask you personal questions that go beyond ‘Hi! How are you?’ and emotional questions that will surpass ‘What do you do?’ Asking you where you are from – fine. Asking you who your last girlfriend was – there’s something more to it.

5. Playing with her hair

woman twirling her hair_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Never confuse flirting with friendliness. One of the most common flirty body language signs is when she plays with her hair. She will curl it with her fingers, twirl it, flick it backwards and bring it forward again, she will make a braid and do everything that is possible with her hair. The sound explanation for this casual behavior is that she is trying to focus your attention on her flawless neck. She might also be trying to show off her healthy hair. But one thing is sure, she is likely attracted to you.

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6. Observe her hands

Another flirtatious signal you can receive by studying her body language is by observing her busy hands. A girl who is nervous will constantly fidget with her purse, her jewelry, her drink, etc., She will straighten her clothes, flick a strand of hair from left to right, touch her earrings, rub her straw, or chew her nails. But never once will you see her hand resting peacefully on her lap or on the table. They are busy hands and busy hands are happy hands. It’s a clear giveaway that she likes you!

7. Batting eyelashes/rolling eyes 

Women who bat their eyelashes more often than needed are giving you a signal to continue doing whatever you were doing. On the other hand, if they roll their eyes they want to tell you how much you have made them sick! Need I tell you more?

8. She leans in

couple talking_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

When it comes to proximity and positioning, we all draw a line as to how much we want a person to come near us. Women who break those lines and lean into you are actually into you. If you lean closer and she leans away, there’s a poor chance for you to succeed. But when her arms are not stiffened and crossed and if she is letting you enter her personal space, she wants you to go on.

9. She’s excited

When women are excited, they are happy. All of us naturally are. If the woman you are dating sits upright on seeing you, she is looking forward to talking to you. Women will not come to the point directly, they will twist and turn and mangle the story like a telephone wire only to hold your attention. So if a woman talks to you animatedly and passionately, with changing facial expressions and hand gestures, she is throwing a hint at you: she is deeply attracted! But, there’s always a but – if you are asking her about her life, and she is giving you one-word answers, head back home, buddy, there’s no place for you here!

10. She’s a liar

Men lie. Women lie. And ultimately, we all lie. We do that in order to make ourselves feel better, in order to create a positive impression of ourselves on others. You can read a woman’s mind by judging her words. If you know she is lying, it can actually be a good sign because she likes you and she wants you to like her too.

11. Facial expressions

couple talking_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

One of the many telltale signs she is flirting with you is her facial expressions. In order to draw your attention to her beautiful lipstick-stained lips, she will chew them and lick them. If she flares her nostrils, she is sexually aroused, and that, my friend, is an involuntary action. So you better get it straight!

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12. Head movements

They will nod, they will rub their chin, they will look from side to side, or they will tilt their head, among other movements. In a way, these are the signs of female attraction. Here’s how they work: if she nods her head occasionally, she is listening to what you are saying. If she over nods, she is bored, she wants to tell you, ‘Please change the topic.’ If she looks from side to side, she is pretending to be listening to you, when in reality, her thoughts are on something else; if she rubs her chin, she is evaluating you; if she tilts her head, she is exposing her neck and that’s a sure sign of attraction. If she yawns, get the picture!

The eyes don’t lie and the body does not know how to. If you want to save yourself lots of embarrassment, be aware of what her body is saying. And the next time you’re out on date with a woman, do not miss out on these 12 unmistakable signs of female attraction they will throw at you unconsciously, or perhaps, consciously! Actions speak louder than words!

Featured image source: Shutterstock

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