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12 Truths You MUST Be Aware Of When Dating An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are different kind of people. They are unpredictable, risk takers, and even loners at times. If you’re dating one, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Dating an entrepreneur can be both exhilarating and exhausting. Prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride, because that’s exactly what dating an entrepreneur can be like!

It’s because the life of an entrepreneur isn’t exactly what you can call ‘normal.’ Their lifestyle is different and may even feel foreign to us at times. There will be times when you won’t understand your partner or their work, but that’s nothing to worry about. It’s challenging and very confusing, but manageable. There are certain things that you need to realize about an entrepreneur, and then maybe dating one of them will be a bit easier.

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Here are some facts.

1. ‘Me’ time is not a rarity

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All that talk about personal space and getting some alone time? You won’t find yourself complaining about it when you’re dating an entrepreneur. You’ll have ample time to yourself, perhaps even too much. There are going to be times when you want to talk to someone, or just need a hug, and your lover isn’t going to be there. You’ll just have to get used to that. But, this can be a positive thing

2. You don’t have to be like them

You’ll look at your partner and see how well accomplished they are and how they’re working to make a difference in the world. It is bound to get intimidating at some point. This is when you need to realize that you don’t have to be like them. Your partner fell in love with you because you are YOU. You both are not the same kind of people. They like the best of everything, and that’s why they’re with you. So, be you.

3. Your dates will be redefined

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It isn’t going to be like it is in the movies or anything out of a book. Hanging out after work or making it to dinner are the kind of dates that you won’t get time for. Your dating pattern is going to be unpredictable if you’re dating an entrepreneur. It’ll be more like spending a weekend away together after not having seen each other for a while or a Skype date because your lover suddenly had to travel to the other side of the country.

4. You’ll learn a bit of their world

Their world is where the crazy happens; the kind of crazy that you might have no idea about. But you’ll get a glimpse of it and very often. SEO, web analytics, coding, marketing and other terms from the entrepreneur life will become synonymous in yours. If you’re not familiar with any of it, it awes you as to how your enterprising partner can navigate through almost anything.

5. You will not top the priority list

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Like, ever. There is always going to be something else that will keep them occupied. New clients, new project, new strategy and what not! Yes, you’ll be the special one in their life, obviously. But if you expect them to focus on you while they’re ‘on the clock,’ you’ll get nothing because they’re in a parallel universe when they’re in their creative mode. It does not mean that they love you any less; it is just how they work, as selfish as it might seem.

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6. Your biological clocks are different

Everything that you’ve ever learned about biological clocks will be disproved. Four hours of sleep becomes normal and productivity is at its peak in the night. You will never sleep at the same time. It just isn’t possible. They’ll watch you fall asleep and you’ll wake up to them sleeping. But on the nights insomnia hits you, you know you’ll have the best of company. It’ll be hectic and more often than not, it’ll be such that you won’t get to spend much time with each other, but you’ll love it nevertheless.

7. Finding fault isn’t a thing

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Your enterprising partner is going to try everything they can do to block out a weekend for the two of you, or maybe even two. These are the weekends that you’ll get to see them out of their entrepreneur avatar. You’ll hear them talk about normal things and that’s when you’ll realize that finding fault in each other when you can’t be together makes no sense. You don’t get too much time with each other, and there is no way you’ll play the blame game and waste it all away.

8. You’ll get pushed, too

They push themselves to crazy lengths when it comes to their work. But it doesn’t stop there. Their enthusiasm and passion will somehow creep in and affect you eventually. They want to do great things and they’ll do just about anything to get there. But they love you, so pushing you to your best is also going to be on their to-do list. And, that is only because they love you, not because they’re trying to fix you.

9. Spontaneity is a way of life

Since planning dates and vacations seem pointless when it comes to entrepreneurs, making the best of impromptu getaways and dinners become your forte. How about a two week backpacking trip in the Alps or a weekend away at the beach? Why not! They will do anything to make it up to you for all the lost time when they couldn’t be there. So, you can expect your dates to be out-of-the-world. They will just show up at the door and tell you that you have a flight in two hours. And regardless of what your life looks like, they’re going to take you along for a ride. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

10. They’re not typical in any sense

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If spontaneous wasn’t enough, then you’ll get a dose of weird along with it as well. Entrepreneurs love learning and they won’t stop at anything to try out something new. Be it a new cuisine, a new workout regime, or anything else that the world has to offer. They take exploring the world to a different level altogether. They just drag you along the experience, and you’re going to love it.

11. It is not just ‘work’

Being an entrepreneur means a lot more to them than just a job. They have too many ambitions and dreams to fulfill, and when these start falling into place, work is not work anymore. It is their way of making a dent in the universe; making a difference and doing something worthwhile. They want it all and you’re a part of that all. If you can understand that, then your relationship will reach a different level of understanding.  

12. Keep in mind that they love you

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They treat their work like their baby and are sometimes too engrossed in it. But you need to keep in mind that they love you and care about you as much, if not much more. Not spending time with you or cancelling on you makes them feel guilty. It is their biggest sacrifice to give up on you because there is something else that they have to take care of. Just make sure that you believe in your relationship.

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Dating an entrepreneur isn’t easy. There are going to be times when you feel lesser than them – like you’re not good enough for them. But that is not true. Entrepreneurs want the best of everything, so if they’re with you, then it’s obviously because they love you for who you are. They’re always looking to maintain a balance, and if you can help them do that, then your relationship will be a fairy tale of sorts.

Yes, they come in waves and sometimes they take too long. But they’re human beings who crave love and affection too. They just love their work too much and will put it first before anything else in their life. There are going to be weeks where you think that they’ve disappeared from the planet but there are also going to be weeks where you feel like you’ve never been loved more. If you can handle this, they’ll give you their everything. That’s just how they work. They are on a constant change to find a balance between things and they’ll do it to perfection.

So, don’t be surprised when they pamper you out of the blue. They’ve been waiting to do that because that’s just how much they love you.

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12 Truths You MUST Know When Dating An Entrepreneur
So you're dating an entrepreneur? Here are 12 truths you would do well to know before doing so.
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