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12 Types Of Drunk Friends We All Have

A popular saying goes ‘Peene walon ko peene ka bahana chahiye,’ be it a celebration or a failure, everything feels better with alcohol in the picture. And it’s even better with company, the company of your friends! 😀

It is said that people behave differently when drunk and you certainly can identify some of these alternative personalities of your friends in their drunken stupor. Check out the types of drunk friends we all have –

1. Record breaker

drunk friends_New_Love_Times

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This guy never heard of social drinking, his #DrinkingGoal is to get pissed drunk! ‘Nahi toh mazaa hi kya life mein?!’He is always topping his glass off and shots are his favorite kind, little wonders of joys. You will be left amazed at his drinking capacity but you will never know the ‘hard work’ that went into developing this capacity! 😉

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2. Story teller

If fairy tales are your favorites, then this guy is who you go to, he will weave elaborate and incredible tales to entertain you. And guess what, they get more ridiculous after each drink. 😛 Although, after a while this ‘bakwaas’ can really get on your nerves and threaten to take your buzz away!

3. Gossip digger

This guy thinks he can get you to spill the beans by getting you drunk enough. “Kisko nahi bataunga!” itself is a confirmation that this will go out to everyone. He will bait you with some information himself and in your drunkenness, you are no doubt going to fall for it, with eventual regret! ☹

4. ‘Not’ drunk

She will challenge you to an algebra problem to prove her sanity all the while struggling to put a straw in her mojito. This friend finds it appalling to admit that she is drunk, when she cannot even walk in a straight line and more often than not gets really high even on a couple of beers!

5. Dare me not guy

drunk friends_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

Unless you intend to be a witness or alibi to a crime, you should probably not drink with this friend. Drinking with him can escalate quickly into a game of ‘You think I can’t do it, let me prove it!’ From drunk swearing at his boss over the phone to smashing up his ex’s car, this guy can get into any trouble.

6. The puker

drunk friends_New_Love_Times

Image source: eonline

Ugh! This friend is the worst, with absolutely no control over his drinking, he will puke all over. You just be glad he doesn’t puke in your car or at home. He will regret it, apologize profusely and yet get piss drunk again, only to puke AGAIN. X(

7. The glutton

This friend drinks less and eats more, all your munchies will be gone even before a second look! Also, you will notice he is the one who gets less drunk than all of you, after all the food helps him in that.

8. Angry young man

Bar fights can get legendary with this friend around. He can pick up a fight with anyone when he is drunk, be it the waiter or the guy he bumped into on the way to the loo. His aggressiveness isn’t passive anymore and he goes all out emulating all his favorite action heroes. One dare not mess with him!

9. Salman Bhai


Don’t Drink and Drive. It’s your face at every bar, you even draw straws to pick the one who will drive you all home and yet this guy wants to be the khiladi and drive after a drunken night. :-/ He will argue, he will try to prove how he is all okay to take you out on a drive, also bringing dosti in the picture one too many times!

10. The lesbian

drunk friends_New_Love_Times

Image source: telltalesonline

She loves to go CRAZYYYYY in her own words when she drinks, and will go to any lengths to prove it. She will try to be cool and will, in her drunken stupor, come out, totally size up the next girl, getting a little too touchy feely. Just hope it’s not you! 😛

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11. Love struck

This friend either has a major crush on someone who is not giving him any ‘bhaav’ or he has had his heart broken. The moment alcohol enters his body, it’s like the truth serum is taking over and he goes on moping about his sad life. ☹

12. Pass out

drunk friends_New_Love_Times

Image source: theodysseyonline

You are still waiting for your friend to return, it’s been more than fifteen minutes he has gone to the washroom. You walk up to check on him and as expected there he is, passed out in the washroom. You can always trust this guy to give up way too soon and get knocked out really early in the night, not only is he not a part of the fun but cuts into your fun because you need to get him home!

How many of these drunk friends do you have?

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12 Types Of Drunk Friends We All Have
How many of these drunk friends do you have?
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