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10 Awkward Friendship Situations We All Face And How To Deal With Them

Maintaining friendships is not easy. You have to always ‘be there’ to be a GOOD friend.

What does a good friend mean? A good friend is the one you always turn to when you are in a fix. And who you turn to even when you aren’t. Basically, what I was saying earlier- one who’s always there, no matter what.

But if you are there all the time, there are bound to be some situations in your friendship that go a wee bit (or sometimes, way off) messy. So what do you do when you face a few awkward situations in your friendship and see no way to get out of them?

We’ll tell you…

1. They look sh*tty and they think they look good


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What you should do: Tell them. I am sorry, there is no way around this. But don’t be harsh AF. Try ‘Oh, you should try this instead!’ Be nice.

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2. Their SO hits on you


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What you should do: Tell them to back off. And in no universe should you EVER reciprocate. And uh, you should most probably tell your bestie about it, no matter what.

3. When they are making wrong decisions and you very well know it


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What you should do: Try to talk some sense into them. If they listen, well and good, but if they are adamant on taking that decision anyway, don’t try to force your opinion on them. Let them be and let them make the mistake. Be there when they realize it WAS a mistake after all too. Don’t rub it in with ‘I told you so’ then. The jokes can follow afterward. That’s what friends are for.

4. When you abuse the cr*p out of their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and then, they get back together


Image source: teen

What you should do: I know. It sucks. And it happens more often than you think it does. Be supportive even if you are not very cool with it. After all, they are your friend.

5. They owe you money


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What you should do: Well. This is a tricky one. Don’t pester them about the money but you shouldn’t just let it go either. Try to adjust it in dinner, trips etc, by telling them to cover for you since they owe you money anyway. This way is much better than outright asking for money and ruining relationships.

6. They just won’t leave


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What you should do: Yes, they are your friend but once they have overstayed their welcome, you just can’t do much about it. Politely ask them to leave and honestly tell them the reason (you can’t get laid because your boyfriend doesn’t feel comfortable with your friend in the hall is perfectly legit, btw).

7. They said something that hurt


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What you should do: Tell them that it hurt but let it go. I’m sure they didn’t mean it anyway, so, let it go.

8. They are dating a person you hate from long ago (maybe an ex?)


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What you should do: Keep your distance from the couple, but if your friend seems happy about the relationship then you must be supportive about it. Avoid hanging out with them if it makes you uncomfortable but let them know you wish them well.

9. When you try to fix them up with someone and they start hitting on you instead


Image source: betches

What you should do: Be flattered but leave it at that. Don’t go out with that person because, in all fairness, your friend liked them first. Unless you really like them and your friend says it’s okay, don’t do it.

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10. You see their SO cheating on them


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What you should do: It is your moral duty to find out every single thing about it and verify if it is true or not before you tell your friend (yes, you have to tell your friend). But be nice about it and be ready with a bottle of vodka if need be.

Coz that’s just what good friends do!

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10 Awkward Friendship Situations We All Face And How To Deal With Them
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