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13 Negative People Living Inside You And How You Should Slay Them

Turns out it’s not just Grey who has 50 shades, it’s each one of us. We are not just the one person we think we are- we are too many people living in the one the world knows as us. While we’d like to believe all those inside of us are as fabulous as we are (or think we are), there are some amidst this crowd who aren’t so. These are the negative people stationed inside us, trying to weigh us down every step of the way. Let’s meet these peeps and give them some fair warning- I mean, they are a part of us, so they could run- before we declare war!

1. The critic who never sleeps

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While it is good to be your own best critic, this one’s the nitpicky guy who nags you with the unswerving reflections of an anal perfectionist. Nothing is ever just right and he never shuts up!

There’s one way to deal with this a*shole- use his voice to motivate yourself and not follow it to the hole of self-loathing.

2. The fighter who sleeps too much

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Image source: sheialanipov

Now, this one’s a good guy because he is responsible for taking a stand for what’s right and fighting for what you believe in, but only if it doesn’t threaten his station at the workplace, his status on the scale of social popularity and more! And because he keeps himself sleeping so he does not lose out on these considerably important things, he makes you feel miserable about doing and supporting wrong.

Drive him with the incentive of the satisfaction that comes from righting a wrong.

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3. The believer who believes blindly

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With an annoying sincerity, he is so gullible that he’d believe anything and everything. He causes you much pain and you swear you think him a fool to be led on such and yourself twice as foolish to believe him.

Take the sugar coated excuses away, open his eyes to the reality and the troubles that tag along.

4. The rebel who questions everything

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Image source: Tumblr

Now being someone who doesn’t conform is fine- but being someone who doesn’t conform just for the heck of it is a pain in the a*s. This is the guy for whom nothing’s ever good enough!

Make him share a room with a believer and enjoy the debate! 😛

5. The ‘I-am-a-modern-day-man

Overtaken by the rush of the future-forward times, he urges you to change (maybe a little too soon and a little too much). It can harm you.

Don’t get influenced easily and keep pace with the times- rushing ahead can only cause you to be pulled back with a tug you may not like!

6.  The selfish self

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This one thinks about nothing but himself. Everything’s about him.

Never let him lose the sight of how significant EVERYONE is! You as well, but never just you! Coz selfishness can often equal loneliness!

7. The unconditional lover

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Do I even need to tell you that this one ends up heartbroken! Gives too much and asks for nothing in return!

He needs to be taught the reality of the real world. There’s a fine line between fairy tales and reality!

8. The math-struck analyst

Ah! He tirelessly engages in calculating, planning, and mapping out every teeny tiny detail in life. He misses out on all the beauty and fun of the spontaneity!

Ask him to take a break, please!

9. The control freak

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Image source: wifflegif

Everything (even if imperfect) has to be under his control and just like he wants it to be.

Well, life doesn’t work that way. So, make him grow up! Teach him that it’s okay to let go, at times!

10. The one who takes everything for granted

Because he has it easy! Nothing lasts forever and neither should this habit of yours.

Make him learn to value things before they aren’t there anymore.

11. The safe player

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Image source: Tumblr

Channels all his calculations into never stepping out of his dear comfort zone.

But life is not an adventure without the risks – take a few and show him how much fun it can be!

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12. The one who loves the comfort of monotony

This one is like Big B from Mohabbatein– doesn’t like changes. Loves things the way they are.

Splash some colors of variation on him. Teach him that change is the only permanent thing in life!

13. The one stuck in a stereotype

negative people_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

You don’t know who you are! So don’t think you do!

People grow, people change, people evolve and so should you.

Slash the labels!

Now that you know the negative people living inside you- confront them, help them, slay their negative with the positive-sword of change and find real happiness. Cheers! :)

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13 Negative People Living Inside You And How You Should Slay Them
Did you know there were so many negative people inside you?
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