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13 Things About Being Single At Thirty You Will Completely Relate To

All of us had hoped that by the time the big thirty arrived, we’d be high up on the career ladder, our dream home well within our reach and of course, our dream partner right by our side, living it all with us.

Reality check- not everything on that list gets checked. Some people get one thing while some others get another. But most of us do get stuck in the zone from where getting s***faced on tequila seems a better alternative than…erm..this. Being single at thirty!

However, it isn’t ALL bad. Okay, poor attempt to cheer you but let’s try and see the sliver of silver in every dark cloud that being single at thirty brings along, eh?

1. You start reviewing your past relationships- critically

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Either you realize why the heck you broke up and moved on and are so much the better without the ex or start to dwell on what lovely eyes she had or legs..or…..ahem!

2. You know that you will change with time

While your twenties saw you having no qualms whiling away time with several Ms. I-don’t-see-a-future-with-her, your thirties have put you on high alert about wasting time with women who probably can’t morph into a long-term partner.

3. You get turned on by other people’s intellect

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Which is why your dates aren’t so much about whether they are a total 10 in the look books but definitely could be called ‘fun job interviews’ with booze- you need to know the person inside out. Welfare of the ‘company,’ if you know what I mean! 😉

4. One night stands no longer interest you

Because getting off your cushiony couch and out of your comfy PJs to shave down to line zero and take an Uber to a crowded bar where you can’t even see the dumb bimbette you shall bang for a few minutes of getting off isn’t WORTH IT!

5. The idea of love no longer terrifies you

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By now, you have been in and out of love so many times that the entire idea of going out there, meeting someone, and eventually settling in with them no longer scares you. In fact, you secretly hope to meet your one true love sometime soon.

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6. Your married friends start annoying you

It seems like your whole Facebook feed is filled with people getting married and having babies. Each and every picture they post makes you die a little inside!

7. Pretending to be happy

This one often hurts the most. You have to pretend that you are happy when you are with your friends and family to avoid those unwanted questions and awkward comments about your own sad love life.

8. You know what you want

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But even if the single status pricks, you know what kind of person you want to settle down with in the future and you are not going to settle for anything less.

9. You master the art of dodging questions on your love life

Because what else can you do?

10. You become more natural and confident

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When you go out and meet people, you don’t pretend to be someone you are not. You stop changing yourself just to get someone else’s approval.

11. The panic mode

However, once in awhile these dormant alarm bells go off and then, you wonder where your life’s going.

12. You stay away from the mess

Most importantly, you stop dating people who you know will cause you more harm than good. Those were the mistakes you would pull off when you were in your twenties. After having your fair share of wrecking relationships, you want to find something real and romantic.

13. You still feel young

couple horseriding_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

Since you don’t have a list of responsibilities or a baggage to hold you down, you still feel that you can fly. You feel like you are running in your twenties and there is no one who can tell you otherwise. Age is just a number, after all!

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13 Things About Being Single At Thirty You Will Completely Relate To
Being single at thirty isn't ALL bad!
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