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14 Invaluable Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Lips

We are always looking for ways and means to get the perfect face with the most perfect and healthiest facial features. And among all our beauty wishes, we always aspire to have those luscious pink lips that would be the cause of everyone’s envy. After all, healthy lips make our faces look all the more charming and pristine.

But despite what we want and wish for, we seem to get stuck with dark and unattractive looking lips that do not really make us feel very good about ourselves. However, fret not, for we are going to suggest some incredible home remedies that will cure your problem of dark lips in no time at all. No, you do not have to purchase expensive lip balms or ointments to cure your dark lips, instead just the regular usage of some easily available home remedies will be the best solution to your problem of dark lips.

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However, let’s first look at the causes of dark lips:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Exposure to sun
  • Poor diet
  • Stress
  • Use of low quality cosmetics

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So you need to avoid all of these to avoid darkening your lips further. Let’s now take a look at some home remedies that will lighten your dark lips naturally, without any side effects.

1. Honey


Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

The most traditional of all home remedies for dark lips is honey. Honey has anti-bacterial properties that will not only make your lips become lighter in complexion but will also make them unbelievably soft. To get the best of honey, just apply a little amount of honey before going to bed every day and leave it like that. If you go on using honey every day, then you will see that the color of your lips have become much lighter in just a few days.

2. Scrub of sugar

Sugar is a common ingredient that we use in our scrubs for face or hands, but sugar can also be used as a scrub for your lips. Sugar can perfectly exfoliate the lips and consequently remove all the dead skin from them. To make a sugar scrub for your lips, all that you have to do is mix some butter with a liberal amount of sugar, until you have a thick paste. Now you need to take this mixture and rub it over your lips so as to exfoliate them thoroughly. The butter when added to sugar helps moisturize your lips thoroughly. If you use this sugar scrub regularly for at least thrice a week, you will see that you have much lighter lips in no time.

3. Lemon juice

The juice of a lemon acts as a great bleaching agent, and hence can be used to treat dark and unhealthy looking lips. Squeeze some lemon juice and apply it all over your lips, massaging them on your lips very gently. If you repeat this process every night, your lips will lighten in no time.

4. Ice cubes

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

This may seem too simple to be effective a method, but it is one of the best home remedies for dark lips. The method is simple; all that you have to do is take some ice cubes and rub them all over your affected lips. As a result of doing this, you will have well hydrated lips as ice cubes will moisturize your lips thoroughly. Besides that, rubbing ice cubes can even make your lips appear plumper.

5. Juice of beetroot

This vegetable is not only nutritious but can also be used as a home remedy for dark lips. The juice of beetroot has natural skin lightening agents, and thus you can use it regularly all over your lips if you want lips of a lighter shade.

6. Milk cream

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Milk cream, which is more popularly called malai in Indian households, is yet another one of those most trusted and traditional home remedies for dark lips. To use malai for lighter lips, you just have to mix some milk cream with a pinch of saffron and then rub a coat of this mixture liberally all over your lips. If you continue using this mixture many times in a day and also at night, then you will have lighter lips in no time.

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7. Natural scrub for lips

Here’s a home remedy for dark lips made with natural ingredients that are easily available at home. You just need to make a very thick paste using two of the most natural and easily available ingredients, turmeric and milk. Now, you need to first gently clean off all the dead skin from your lips with the help of a toothbrush. Make sure you use a soft toothbrush, as this can work as a great exfoliator, whereas a rough toothbrush can harm your lips. After scrubbing, apply this paste all over your lips and let it stay there for a few minutes. Then scrub off the paste with the help of a toothbrush. After doing this, dry your lips and apply some lip balm liberally.

8. Sugar, coconut oil, and lemon juice

You can make this scrub and store it in a cool place for future use. Hence not only is this a great home remedy for dark lips, but it is also easy to make with a great shelf life. To make this scrub, you need to make a mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice. Once these two ingredients have been mixed thoroughly, you have to add some granulated sugar and make a thick paste. If you apply this paste regularly on your dark lips, your lips will become fair in no time! You can use this paste for a week after preparing it.

9. Olive oil

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

If you are looking for a home remedy for dark lips and if you have some olive oil stocked in your house, then you can definitely use some of this amazing natural oil to make your lips appear lighter. According to researchers, olive oil contains some very essential minerals, nutrients, and various kinds of vitamins that make this oil a great remedy for damaged skin. Hence, it goes without saying that olive oil will also come very handy in lightening your dark lips. To get the best of olive oil, just rub some of it on your dark lips and leave it on your lips overnight. Doing this will give your lips a natural glow.

10. Scrub made with raspberry

There are some essential nutrients, vitamins, and even minerals in a raspberry that tend to make your lips soft and pink, helping your lips get rid of their dark color. So, to make a scrub with raspberry, you need to make a mix of pure honey, aloe vera, and some fresh raspberries. Next, you need to apply and massage this paste all over your lips for at least ten minutes. After this, you can wash off the scrub and put any lip balm of your choice on your lips. If you follow this routine regularly, you will get soft, light, and pink lips in a very short time.

11. Lip balm made at home

More often than not, it is the chemicals present in lip balms that you purchase that become the cause of your dark lips. So, to stay safe from such harmful chemicals, you can make a lip balm of your own with the help of natural ingredients that are always present at home. We all really love the beautiful and sweet aroma of strawberries; so, to make a lip balm with strawberries, just take a tablespoon of fresh strawberry paste and add it with petroleum jelly. As a result of using this lip balm regularly, your lip color will lighten and you will get pink and shiny lips in no time.

12. Fuller’s Earth combined with honey

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Image source: Pinterest

The mixture of these two natural ingredients can be a great remedy for any serious skin problem, including dark lips. To make a mix of these two natural ingredients, you have to make a paste of honey and Fuller’s Earth in a small bowl and then apply this paste on your lips and massage it for at least a minute or two. After the massage, you have to let it stay on your lips for at least ten minutes until the paste has completely dried out. Then clean it off with cool water. If you continue applying this paste regularly for two weeks, you will find that your lips have lightened in complexion and the dark tinge from your lips have gone.

13. Cumin seeds and coriander seeds

We usually use these seeds in cooking various savory dishes, but little do we know that they are also full of various vitamins, oils, antioxidants, minerals, and also fatty acids. So, a combination of these two seeds can lighten your dark lips. To use coriander and cumin seeds as a cure for dark lips, just dry roast some of these seeds in a clean saucepan. Then make a thin powder in a mixer, of the roasted cumin seeds, coriander seeds, and some candy sugar, and combine this powder to a cup of water and drink it twice daily. The positive results will really astonish you.

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14. Cucumber slices

There’s a lightening agent in cucumber that will lighten your lips if you rub some cucumber slices daily over your dark lips. This is one of the most natural, easy, and effective remedies for dark lips that will show results in no time at all!

There you go. Try these natural home remedies for best results. Which of these home remedies worked wonders, while which others have you come across? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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14 Invaluable Home Remedies For Dark Lips That Lighten Your Lips In No Time
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