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15 Signs You Have Found Your Prince Charming

Dreaming about your Prince Charming to arrive is nothing to be ashamed of, whether you are 15 or 55. If you are a cynic when it comes to love, let me tell you that I am a staunch believer in fairytales, and Prince Charmings do, in fact, exist. Your Prince Charming might not ride up to your doorstep on a white horse (or a white limousine for that matter), but he might really be the fairytale ending that you had been looking for, with all his flaws and idiosyncrasies and ordinariness. What matters is that he has managed to make you feel like a princess, and the rest of it just falls into place.

Here are some signs that can help you figure out the question that’s been bugging you since you got into a relationship with your boyfriend – have I succeeded in finding my Prince Charming?:

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1. You are always a priority

man kissing a woman's forehead (3)

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He might like FIFA. He might be borderline obsessed with a TV show. He might religiously attend Friday nights with his poker buddies. But you are always, always, always a priority. No matter how long the two of you have been dating, your Prince Charming will leave the rest of the world in order to be with you when you need him desperately. Nothing matters more to him than you do.

2. You still act like new lovebirds

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After some time, the glow and excitement of a new relationship gives way to a kind of routine as you become familiar with each other’s behavior. However, if you still get butterflies when you see him, and more importantly, if he still gets excited about meeting you and doing things together, then you don’t have to doubt whether or not you’ve found your Prince Charming.

3. He still makes an effort for you

man holding flowers behind his back

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The classic image of a good looking, decked-up man kneeling in front of you with flowers and presents and the whole shebang is what is essentially supposed to happen when your Prince Charming arrives on your doorstep. But what can you expect in the real world? He should still make an effort for you no matter how long you have been together, whether that entails dressing up for date night, or becoming a better person for your sake. If that isn’t what your Prince Charming is supposed to be like, then I really don’t know what is.

4. He does little things that make you feel loved

man bringing a woman breakfast in bed

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When Adam Sandler very lovingly crooned, “I’ll miss you, kiss you, give you my coat when you are cold; need you, feed you, even let you hold the remote control,” he was essentially describing the Prince Charming of the modern world. Whether it is making you soup and tea when you are ill, or watching a movie on Netflix because it is your favorite, it is, after all, the little things that matter. This is one of the signs that answer the question – have I succeeded in finding my Prince Charming?

5. He goes out of his way to get you things you l­­­ove

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This usually stops when you have been in a relationship for quite some time now. You tend to fall in tune with each other, and the smaller pleasures and surprises slow down. However, if you have a long-term partner who still goes out of his way to get you your favorite cookies when you are upset, or sings you your favorite song – even if he’s tone deaf, or gives you a couple of tickets for the concert you have been dying to attend – without any special occasion, then your search for Prince Charming has effectively ended with favorable results.

6. He is full of surprises

man giving a gift to a woman (2)

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…of the good kind. Surprises require effort and planning to execute. If he is actually taking time out and spending that much energy just to surprise you, then you should probably cherish this kind of love a little more. Also, can you imagine how cute he will be with your kids?

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7. He kisses you. A lot.

couple kissing

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This might get irritating when he does it out of inherent neediness, but regardless, you couldn’t possibly get tired of kissing your beloved, no matter where it is. Not only does he kiss you everywhere, but when you two are out together, you can’t help but make goo-goo eyes at each other, and he is not afraid to display his affections in public. Classic Prince Charming syndrome!

8. He makes up with you after you fight

man comforting a woman

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No matter how perfect two people are for each other, conflicts, arguments, and disagreements are bound to occur. Although they may be disconcerting and upsetting, it is important to move on and find ways to make it up to each other. This should be a conscious effort on the part of both the people involved in the relationship. If your boyfriend has mastered the art of making it up to you with anything that it takes to make you smile again, you know that you have found yourself a keeper.

9. He is genuinely supportive of your ambitions

couple at a cafe

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Your work and your profession is a vital part of your life. However, following your dreams in this regard becomes very difficult when you have a boyfriend who goes against everything you do and everything you love. Your Prince Charming is one who will support you and walk the path of life with you, regardless of whether you want to start your own venture or become a pilot. No matter what, he has your back and will provide you with full-fledged support.

10. He has no qualms about traveling with you

couple on honeymoon

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Traveling reveals a lot about a person. He might have a close-knit boy group that he loves to hang out with, but if you see him getting excited by the prospect of traveling somewhere far and away with you, then you are in a completely different league in his mind. Another aspect to consider is that no matter how brief your holiday, there is a substantial amount of planning involved; and if he is dedicating the effort to having an enjoyable trip with you, then you are a significant part of his own happily ever after.

11. Silences are comfortable when you are with him

couple spending time together

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Just because you are in love with each other does not mean that you have to go around professing it in sonnets and over-the-top love letters and serenades. Sometimes, you just want to sit quietly with your man and listen to the rain or watch a TV program, or do nothing at all. When such moments occur, the extended silences between you are warm and comfortable, not awkward. You don’t feel the need to fill those silences; you are as comfortable with each other in companionable silence as you are in speech. That is the sign of true love and understanding.

12. He shows you off with pride

man kissing a woman's forehead (2)

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This does not imply that you are equated with his other prized possessions such as his car or his other properties. When men are proud of the person they are with because of your merits and virtues, it shows. If you see that he doesn’t let go of your hand at social gatherings, or talks about you with a gleam in his eyes and exhilaration in his voice, you can be certain that he is as much the one for you as you are the one for him.

13. He cares about your friends

friends having lunch

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Men have to understand that we girls come in packs. If they have decided to date one, then all the others will be very closely attached to the new couple; and if he is your Prince Charming, then he should be pretty okay with that. Not only does he hang out with them, plan with them to surprise you, and bring them presents once in a while, but he also asks you how they are, and help them when they are in trouble, just because he knows that you care about them.

14. Your family members love him

couple with in laws

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Your family is rarely ever off the mark when it comes to judging your love life, period. No matter how frequently or infrequently you speak to them, your family members have an uncanny ability to judge your better halves, whether they have met them enough or not. If you see that your mum and dad are including him when discussing your future, and your siblings love hanging out with him even in your absence, then your Prince Charming has received your family’s stamp of approval.

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15. He makes you feel like a princess

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Let’s not stereotype princesses here. You can be any sort of princess you want, but the point is that he makes you feel like one no matter what. Whether it is making sacrifices for you to put your happiness before his, or literally making you feel like the queen of his life, if your man has managed to make you feel that way, then you have got yourself the most exemplary version of the modern-day Prince Charming.

When Prince Charming scoured the land to figure out who the glass slipper belonged to, he was not being melodramatic or illogical. Metaphorically speaking, going to such lengths for the love of their lives is what makes a man your Prince Charming in the real world. While a lot of women are out there on the quest for their own happily ever after, you may just have already found your own – congratulations! Now you don’t have to wonder – have I succeeded in finding my Prince Charming, do you? 😉

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