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Opposites Attract, eh? 14 Things Only People Dating Their Exact Opposites Will Understand

“Opposites attract” or do they?

We have so obliviously gnawed on this piece of info for ages that now it seems like a universal truth! The only thing being, it is not the truth! You know what a more acceptable variant of the contention would be? “Opposites of the ‘same kind’ attract!”


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Not making any sense, am I? Well, scan through these 14 pointers and you will know what only people dating their exact opposites will understand!

1. “POV” is a figure of speech you both use… before beginning every sentence!

Quarrels and disputes are routine now. You feel an eerie presence between the two of you, if you don’t get to bicker for half a day, right?! Well, there is at least something you both agree on! 😉

2. Joey doesn’t have to share food!

You get to eat your faves all by yourself! Now how orgas-mazing is that?! 😉

3. You secretly have started liking a helluva lot of stuff you earlier hated, but hey! We ain’t admitting that, are we?!  


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Coz it is so much more fun being the ‘opposites attract’ couple. Losers!

4. Picking out a gift for the S.O. is Mission Impossible!

So you eventually go for the gift card for the umpteenth time! Or better, you buy something for them knowing that you will be the one using it!

Always the second, always the second! 😉

5. Your in-laws will adore you!


Image source: youngisthan

Why? Coz you are the kid they never had, like Every Single Detail! So every man jack wins!

6. You think your S.O.’s friends are the zaniest horde of most deterring creatures on the planet and that’s why they are mates with your partner!

So what does that make you! Things to make us go “Hmmmm…” 😉

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7. You hide the remote control after you’re done watching!

This has nothing to do with you both being opposites. Every couple does this!

8. They force you out of your comfort zone and that’s a good thing, right?


Image source: Tumblr

Only that the zone is a complete burst-my-nerve *ss-sweating wreck land, where you don’t wanna go!

9. But if you do go through the sh*t, you catch yourself giving mental self-high fives!

You have survived it thus far, and so will you in the years to come!

10. You feel like punching the next guy who tells you that opposites attract!

And you are sitting with a bazooka, a hand grenade and a few other explosives to blow me with, once you are done reading this piece of cr*p!

11. Settling on tracks to play during the ride is an incessant yarn!

So your Saturday night out plans turn into Everyday night in plans! “We just like being at home!” Ya, you bet!

12. You will never be one of those lame couples who wears matchy outfits!


Image source: hellobeautiful

Where do they make these creepy fanatics?!

13. Their movie recommendations have killed you but you have lived to tell the tale, like literally!

Nah! It is IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes that come to your aid every single time!

14. You are tired of your friends telling you how you are turning into your partner!


Image source: miami

And that of course is not meant as a compliment, is it?!

There are times (Read all the time!) when you cannot believe you are dating this person who’s like from a different pole! But I am sure you have learnt a lot from your partner and you can use a variety of perspectives while looking at the same thing! At least that spices up your sex life, don’t you think? Hmmm, now we are talking! 😉

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14 Things Only People Dating Their Exact Opposites Will Understand
Because only people dating their exact opposites can challenge the laws of physics! ;)
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Riya Roy

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