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10 Women Reveal How Their Partners Said The First ‘I love you’

Do you know there are people in the world who go without saying ‘I love you’ even after being with each other for eight years? Yep, you read that right… EIGHT YEARS… see Maia and Alex here:

Of course, most of us do not wait as long as Maia and Alex – but in a world that is getting increasingly silent in the four-letter word department, we are missing out on the enchanting magic of that first time those three magical words escape our lips and everything becomes beautiful! The charm of love o’clock – I call it – a tick of the clock that turns into infinity!

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

We asked dozens of women about this special magical moment of their lives – the first time he said I love you to them – and to our surprise, their remembrances of their very first ‘I love you’ that soon became their ‘happily ever after’ made them as giddy as a schoolgirl! Needless to say, their smiles made us so happy that we knew we had to spread the cheer by passing the smiles along!

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Hear these ten women recall how he said I love you, the very first time:

We had been dating for over a year and things couldn’t have been more perfect. But then, it happened. He called and said the most over-used line in the book – ‘we need to talk.’ He told me he’d be at my place in twenty and it was 1 a.m. I was pacing back and forth in my room when I heard him pull his car in the driveway and slid out. As I sat in the car and held myself from crying, sure he’d break up with me, he said, ‘I just wanted to tell you I love you and want to be with you forever.’ IDIOT. Made me cry. After the tearworks, I told him I loved him too.  

We had long been wrestling the urge to just say it. It had trickled into our conversations and he’d always joke, ‘you know you love me, just say it,’ and my response would always be ‘yeah, right!’ One evening when he latched onto the same one, I repeated it for him and said, ‘you know you love me, just say it.’ And he did. He said, ‘Of course, I do. I love you.’

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

It was New Year’s Eve and I was waiting for the ball to drop. As soon as the ball dropped, we kissed. I remember wishing he’d say it after the kiss. And he did. I felt sparklers going off inside of me. It was simple yet perfect!

We were the best of friends and actively denied being anything ‘more than friends.’ One evening, while we were partying with friends, a mutual friend introduced him to a chick she thought was ‘the ONE’ for him. Not only did I drink myself to insanity but left the party in a blur. He followed me soon after and took me home. I remember sleeping on his shoulder. During the night, as I stirred I heard him whisper an ‘I love you’ against my hair. I kept my eyes shut for fear I was dreaming. Turned out I wasn’t. He repeated it the next morning too. My best friend is now my hubby-friend!

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We used to be talking all the time. Texting, calling, meeting up – we just never ran out of stuff with each other. But when it came to those three words, we’d always be tightlipped. But one night, while we were out on the terrace and I was animatedly chirping about the stars, asking him to look at one in particular, he shushed me, put a finger on my lips and said, ‘I can’t see the stars, can’t see anything coz am looking at you. I love YOU.’ I think a galaxy imploded somewhere then!

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

We had been dating for over a year and a half when I fell ill. Doctors couldn’t do much as my body was rejecting medicines. I was soon hospitalized and I had kept much of the situation from him. But he found out from my bff and rushed to see me. When he found me, he hugged me and said, ‘I love you, Jen. You are going to get well soon… for me, for us and for all the kids we are going to have, get it?’ From a smile to smiling tears in a matter of seconds!

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

I teach kindergarten. And he got the kids in my class to hold up their li’l notebooks spelling it all out. And behind them he stood – a large teddy bear and heart-shaped balloons in hand! The next day, one of my students asked me if I called the ‘man with balloons’ ‘sweetie’ just like his mom called his dad! I blushed and told him I called the ‘man with balloons’ ‘honey’ just like I called him! Then, the kid blushed too.

He sang it to me – at a karaoke night! And I knew – from the look in his eyes!

Oh, I remember this one! It was my birthday – the fourth one since we were together. So, if you do the math, I’d waited long enough. He had planned a surprise birthday party for me – with not just my friends but my family in attendance too! Yeah, my folks loved him! And just when dinner served platters of my embarrassing childhood stories mixed with a number of zany adventure sagas from high school and college, he turned to me and said, ‘I love you, Sarah.’ And then, repeated it again. And again. And again. Until he was almost singing it. The dinner party joined in chorus. It was funny and silly and still so cute.

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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We are miles removed from movie-romance. So I guess we were just not into anything cheesy, mushy or grand. But when you are seeing someone for a long time, you come across pregnant moments when you just cannot hold it in any longer. I think we’d both crossed hundreds of such moments successfully when one such night at the bar, he held my hand, his gaze locked with mine. I knew he was willing me to say it. I remember telling him, ‘I think you know it already, am just trying hard not to say it.’ But he kept looking at me with such earnestness that after what could have been an eternity, I said, ‘Eh, screw it, I love you!’ So, yeah, I said it first. I remember him asking soon after if I’d had too much drink. He was joking – coz he winked. <he is ohh-so-adorable when he winks> I hit him and then, hugged him and he said it back. He said, ‘I love you.’ Best moment ever!

Do you remember the first time he said I love you? Tell us about your magical moment of love in the comments below.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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10 Women Reveal How He Said I Love You
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