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15 Ways Guys Say I Love You Without Actually Saying It

While our half of the population loves to feel reassured about love, the other half is just as clueless about making us feel reassured! We like to say it and then, say it another way and then, say it in an even better way and repeat the process all over again! But that isn’t how the guys roll at all! No, I am not saying it is all hopeless – many guys are great at articulating their emotions. But most men are not too much with the ‘words.’ However, the absence of words does not really imply that your relationship is lacking in love. In fact, my guy does not really use too many words (and I’m a word nerd!) but he has other sweet li’l ways of telling me he loves me, without even having to utter I love you at all. And I’m swell and his for life …

couple on a beach

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Are you reading the signs? Are you noticing the million other ways your guy is saying I love you without really saying it? Are you picking up those carefully strewn clues that spell out his love for you?

What – you didn’t even know they exist?!?

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Sorry, but that’s a truly #facepalm moment!! What did you think that breakfast in bed was? Or that foot massage when those stilettos hurt your toes? Or that loving lingering gaze when he hesitatingly said goodbye at the airport? That smile that lit his eyes when you kissed him in a crowded bus? His fingers grazing across your cheek long after he has tucked away that playful curl behind your ear? That passionate way he kisses you as if you were air? Believe me girl, he’s saying I love you in his own silent way and you aren’t really listening. It’s not like he’s actively thinking about how to say I love you without actually saying it, does he? Men are taciturn when it comes to talking about their feelings.

So let me help; check out the top 15 ways guys say I love you without saying it:

1. He really listens

Couple Chatting

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He won’t really LISTEN to your incessant complaint about how the Chinese place is no good anymore or why that classmate of yours wore a skimpy nothing unless he’s really into you. You know how he leans in close to hear what you are saying or nods when you make a point, well, that’s not for naught! It is his way of letting you know that you are important to him. So, if he’s tuned in and listening, you can tick off ‘he cares’ on your checklist!

2. And remembers too

Now this is the test he takes for proving that he really listens! And well, if he comes out with flying colors, you have another huge one to check off your list ‘he really cares.’ 😉

3. He holds your hand, a lot

couple holding hands

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If he holds your hand and gives it a tight squeeze ever-so-often, he is saying I love you in his own quiet, distinctive style. And he wants you to know that he really means it.

4. He takes care of your needs

couple on the stairs

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If he brings you breakfast in bed or stays up all night helping you finish your presentation, you have no reason to doubt the man! He ensures that you have everything you need and goes all out to bring you that mint ice cream tub at 2 a.m., cook you pasta whilst you laze about flipping channels, and hold you close all night when you do not even know what is it that is upsetting you! He even tries those lame knock knock jokes – hey, he loves your smile and wants it to stay on forever! What else would you ever need?

5. He looks at you like you are magic

couple on a date

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You remember the way he looked at you from across the room at the housewarming party? And how he couldn’t really look away, no matter how hard he tried? And how whenever you looked in his direction, you’d always find him looking at you, smiling a smile-you-know-all-too-well? It is his way of telling you, you are the magic that has him spellbound, and he never wants to cast the spell away!

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6. He lends a helping hand

household chores division

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A man who offers to chop the veggies while you prep the rest of the ingredients, do the dishes while you clear the table and pack the lunchboxes while you just stand at the door looking at him lovingly is a man who not only loves you but makes that choice of being in LOVE with you, every single day for the rest of his life! What’s more, he may want to do the plumbing and other ‘fixing’ bits too, albeit not so well – but you can allow that, can’t you? There’s some nice teasing that can follow, eh? 😉

7. He makes an effort

teenage lovers

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I will never tire of iterating and reiterating this one. Efforts keep a relationship going. So, when you see him striving for interdependence to keep the relationship alive and build a solid thriving ground, you know he isn’t just goofing around. It’s just one of his ways to say I love you without saying it out loud.

8. You are always a part of HIS big picture

couple smiling

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

If his plans in life have ‘YOU’ blending in seamlessly, you can be assured he’s in it for the long haul. You know what they say, you aren’t going to be on the cover page if you are a secondary character or complication to be done away with!

9. He makes you a part of his ‘inner circle’

friends hanging out

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Now, this is somewhat of a litmus test to gauge if a guy really loves you. If his pals make an earnest attempt to be pally with you and seem to be cool about your equation with him, while his folks start to drop not-so-covert hints about them liking you over his other ‘girl’ pals, it is an overt proclamation – he is saying I love you, and perhaps, even more!

10. He makes those ‘just to hear your voice’ phone calls

This one always brings a smile to my face. If you are receiving these sugary pieces of LOUUVEEEE … well, he has fallen for you girl, and how!!

11. His ‘after the fight’ approach has you in a mush-puddle

couple hugging3

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This one is my personal brand of litmus test for gauging a guy’s feelings for me! We all know what a dangerous thing male ego is! But a prick, now and then, is unavoidable. Of course, puncturing that ego is a strict NO NO, but just like we end up being cray at some of their slights, some mistakes on our part are inevitable. It is what follows that constitutes the real test. If he makes it up to you, even on eight of those ten occasions that you have somewhat angered him, and turns those frowns upside down (yes, if you are wondering why we have frowns on when it is our fault, well, that’s a separate and LONG discussion altogether), you can say I love you too. That’s how to say I love you without saying it – in his own style!

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12. He respects you

And everybody else, irrespective of all else. Enough said!

13. He tells you all about his life and wants to know about yours

couple hugging3

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Not every man has the patience to walk you through his wonky work hour updates after he has kicked off those trousers, eased into his pajamas and lies sprawling in the living room – a perfect couch potato, oblivious to all else save the game that’s on until he has to get ready for work again after a few measly hours of sleep! And if your guy does that whilst also having the patience to listen to why your boss is an a****le and would do well to sell hot dogs off a cart, you have got yourself a man for keeps!

14. He steps outside himself, for your smile

couple in love

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He might have two left feet but he takes those dance lessons for you! He might not know how to cook anything save noodles, but he learns to put together a decent plateful of your favorite meal – of course, thanks to Youtube! And so much more!! Can’t you hear the I love you-s ripping apart the silence already! I can hear the echoes too! 😉

15. And he shows the world you are his

couple forming a heart with their hands

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He holds your hand while you are out, puts an arm around you whilst you take a walk together, and sprinkles soft kisses in between too! He makes you feel you are his better half and as such, complete him. His gestures make you wonder how you managed to live by through the times he wasn’t there and be thankful that you don’t have to, anymore. He lets the world know you are but one soul – and that’s all the LOVE you need!

So, the next time one of these I love you-s come rolling along, come thank me soon after! And let me know if some complimentary extras tag along too! :) 😉

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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15 Ways Guys Say I Love You Without Actually Saying It
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