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20 Romantic Gestures Men Make That Are Better Than Saying ‘I Love You’

After you have spent a considerable amount of time with your girlfriend, you tend to realize that simply saying I love you is not enough to convey what you feel for her and you need something more. In fact, you tend to realize that words themselves are not enough and you have to do certain things in order to show the person implicitly that you love them and care for them more than anyone. Telling someone you love them may be a really big deal when you are starting out with the relationship, but after some time, the words seem to lose their significance if they aren’t backed up by actions.

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Here are 20 gestures that show you unique and different ways to say I love you.

1. Singing her favorite song for her

you're too good to be true

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You might not be an established singer who can whip out a guitar and sing perfectly in tune all the time. But trust me, your girl does not care about that. Taking the time to find out her favorite songs and sing them for her is probably going to put a huge smile on her face.

2. Cooking for her, even if you can’t cook to save your life

Even if you haven’t had much practice, you can even try your hand at cooking if you are looking for other ways to show that you love her. She’ll definitely appreciate coming home to find a simple dinner waiting for her, which you prepared with your own hands.

3. Putting your arms around her in a public place


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Part of being in love is protecting each other, and putting your arms around her when you are in public will definitely help convey that. You might think this is borderline PDA, but trust me, she feels immensely loved when she knows that you are always there to help her feel safe.

4. Giving her meaningful presents instead of generic ones

Giving her flowers and chocolates is great, but these gifts are somewhat commonplace, especially if you have been dating for a while. She won’t throw all that away, but she’ll be so much happier when you give her something more personal like a mix tape, painting, or a gift that recalls something specific about your relationship.

5. Giving her your jacket when it’s cold

guy giving his jacket to girl

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This probably sounds way too cinematic, but it is still a romantic gesture. Giving her your jacket essentially signifies that you care more about her well-being than your own, which is one of the sweetest things ever.

6. Sacrificing your plans with your guy friends to spend time with her

Chilling with your boys is fun, sure. Every once in a while it feels nice to hang out with them and you should. But if you truly want to show her that you love her, and that she is your number one priority no matter what, then you should cancel those plans if she really needs you.

7. Watching her favorite movies together

watching movies together

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If you love watching cheesy romcoms, then you are all set with this one. However, if you are more into movies that deal with blood, gore, and mortal combat, then you might have to sacrifice some of your movie choices in order to watch romcoms or other types of films she adores, just to see her smile.

8. Reading her love poetry, no matter how corny you think that is

This is another instance when you might not like the thing yourself, but you do it all the same because you know that she is going to love it. Love poetry may be a corny way of saying ‘I love you’, but when you read it out to her because she loves it, you give it a new meaning altogether.

9. Asking her out on spontaneous dates

steak dinner

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Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries are days when you expect to go out on dates with each other. However, if you want to make her feel truly loved and special, try asking her on a spontaneous date some day after work and that will be a date worth remembering.

10. Patiently listening to her

Instead of giving her general advice such as “it will be okay,” it is much better if you are willing to be a patient listener, and provide helpful feedback if she asks for it.

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11. Letting her eat off of your plate

letting her eat off your plate

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Another way to say ‘I love you’ is letting her eat off your plate. I know it might be irritating at times, but true love is when you stop feeling irritated at all because you’d rather share what you’ve ordered with her.

12. Keeping your private conversations to yourself

She might say the most wonderful things to you or choose to reveal to you her deepest secrets and insecurities. One of the best ways of saying I love you is by respecting that and keeping everything she says to yourself, not using them as conversation fodder with other people.

13. Letting her sleep on your shoulder and not moving even when it gets sore

let her rest on your shoulder

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There are some gestures that say ‘I love you’ better than actually saying the words out loud. An example of this is when she falls asleep on your shoulder and you don’t move even when it gets sore and numb, simply because you don’t want to wake her up.

14. Not disturbing her when she needs ‘alone’ time

You might love her and crave her presence all the time. But, if you love her in the truest sense of the term, you will leave her alone when she needs it, because you respect her personal space and understand that some time apart will actually help strengthen your relationship.

15. Writing notes for her

writing a love note

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Couples nowadays seriously underestimate the power of writing notes for each other. The art of scribbling something meaningful on a wayward piece of paper or a Post-It note and giving to your better half is probably one of the cutest thing you can do for her to show her that you are always thinking of her.

16. You start behaving like her

You may notice that you have subtly starting picking up on each other’s habits. When couples spend a lot of time together, they start behaving like each other, such as imitating each other’s speech patterns or developing the same taste in food. The technical term for this is isopraxism, but when your partner sees this, she immediately realizes how much she has affected your life.

17. Giving her a massage after a long day

give her a massage

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There is nothing better than making her feel loved and pampered after she has had a long, tiring day. One of the cutest ways of saying ‘I love you’ is by offering to give her a massage to soothe her tired muscles, without her asking for it.

18. Changing the habits that annoy her

You don’t have to change your entire personality, because that’s not healthy for any relationship. But there are some habits you have that may upset her, which you could always change to show her that her happiness means more to you than your stubbornness. For example, don’t leave your wet towel lying around. Just don’t.

19. Flirting with her from time to time

flirting with her

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One thing that people often worry about in relationships is the passion and spark diminishing over time. To show her that you are still as smitten with her as you were before, there is no harm in flirting with her from time to time, which will immediately bring back those initial butterflies.

20. Introduce her to everyone in social gatherings

To “show her off” is probably not a nice way to describe it – so we could say that one of the sweetest gestures you can do to show her that you love her is by introducing her everyone. Whether it is your friends, family, or simply acquaintances, this action shows that her presence and role in your life is very special and very significant.

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There are several subtle actions and gestures that you can use to show her that you love her, which are sometimes more powerful than words. The gestures described here entail sacrifice, compromise, and unconditional love for your better half. Essentially, after you read this, you should be able to understand that it takes very little effort on your part to show her how much you actually love her.

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20 Gestures That Are Better Than Saying I Love You
Just saying I love you isn't enough; you need to follow that up with your actions too. Check out all the other ways you can say the three little words.
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