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15 Signs You’re Not Over Your Ex

9. You cook up (ridiculous) reasons to reach out

‘I saw his sister’s friend’s friend today and he totally smiled at me. He didn’t quite like that dude (uhh, what’s his name … heck, doesn’t matter) but he’ll remember, right?’ Legit reason to call. If you have been reading until here, PUT THE PHONE DOWN!

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10. You are still into ‘close calls’


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A pocket-dialing incident makes you deem the ‘accidental’ call purposive! And you do not waste a single tick of the clock in shooting a prompt, ‘Hey, you called? Missed it … oopsie!’  How sad are you! Get up and hit the singledom dance floor, girl!

11. Your playlist is full of breakup tunes

listen to sad songs

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If you’re listening to Adele songs, weeks after the breakup, you are sadly stuck in the ‘Ex-rut.’ Mix it up babes, coz they have strung some awesome foot-tapping mashups while you were busy drinking away to the sob fest numbers blaring through your earphones. Get up and dance to a breakup party number. Yo Yo Honey Singh will help! 😉

12. You visit places where you might run into him/her

In your crazed ‘broke-up babe’ avatar, you’re consciously checking in on places you might bump into him. Believe us, the ‘Ohh, is this your gym?’ sounds as pathetic as your mental whisper of ‘See, we meet again, we are so meant to be.’

13. And when you do, you make sure you look ‘drop dead gorgeous’

apply makeup

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You think looking stunning and showing him how well you’re doing without him will make him realize what he’s missing out on! Wake-up call, girl – you are missing out on something really important in this rather SAD, ‘Do you see what your life’s missing’ game – YOU! So, redirect the focus and start building on YOU!

14. You read old messages and mails and cry and then cry some more


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If you are pouring over old e-mails and texts like they were your last shot at passing the love-test you recently flunked, then you can save yourself the whole let-me-memorize-and-annotate-each-word-of-his-email/text saga. Because we don’t know how much you shall like it but the truth remains the same – your (not so) secret fantasy of the possibility of having a future together ain’t coming true!!

15. You don’t give another guy/girl a chance

die alone

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So, that hot guy was giving you the eye who happens to be your bff’s old friend. He clearly has the hots for you. He has even made his affections obvious, of course, after he heard of your sad breakup from your bestie (‘b**ch,’ you say, ‘sometimes, she just can’t keep things to herself. I’m so definitely getting back with my ex and here she is giving out my number to guys!!’). But you block him and the others and the rest of the male species but your ex! Well, how much more loud and clear can we make it – HE isn’t coming back!!

So, take the cues, hop onto that train and set about the course of your journey. Hit all the junctions or skip a few – do what it takes, but cover the road and reach the destination.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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15 signs you are not over your ex
If you find any of these 15 signs in yourself following a breakup, then you are not over your ex for sure.
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