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14 Annoying Boyfriend Habits That Your Girlfriend Hates

Everyone who has been in a relationship is likely to get annoyed by their boyfriend at some point. When it comes to relationship advice, you need to understand that it takes two to tango.  Guys, a lot of times your habits can be too annoying for your own good. So, maybe instead of being the reason your girlfriend cries, you need to spend more time trying to be the reason behind the twinkle in her eye.

Here is a list of 14 annoying things guys do that can really upset even the most patient girlfriends. Don’t be that annoying boyfriend!

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1. Not bothering to reply

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Seriously, when a girl texts you something important, what makes you think that you look cool by not answering her? You are making her paranoid by failing to be by her side when she needs you. So, stop this habit right away. A man is never too busy; it always comes down to his priorities. You need to figure out an apt way to reply to her as soon as you can. It really isn’t hard. When you love someone, you know how to make time for them.

2. Too into your own thing

Guys, don’t make this mistake. Even when you are with your girlfriend, you spend half the time being too into yourself. She shouldn’t have to fight for your attention. As a boyfriend, it is your job to make her feel special and beautiful. A girl who is ignored by her boyfriend is not going to stick around for too long because she will eventually find someone who will pamper her and love her the way she deserves to be loved. So, before you lose out on a gem of a person just because you are too blind to see your mistakes, learn how to correct it. Give her your time, attention, and love – she will appreciate it.

3. Whining all the time

Do you find yourself whining all the time? Do you blame your girlfriend if you are having a bad day? Are you one of those stereotypical jerks who believe that taking out your wrath on your girlfriend will help solve your problems? If this sounds like you, you might need a break from relationships so you can work through these issues. No one deserves this kind of guy in their life. Life is beautiful, but only if you make it so. Choose to spread the smiles rather than sulk and whine.

4. Reminiscing about your ex

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If you are still hooked on your ex, there is no way you can have a happy present relationship. While it isn’t bad to reminisce about your ex from time to time, constantly bringing her up shows that you have not yet closed that old chapter. No girl wants to deal with old baggage, and frankly, they don’t deserve the trouble either. So, it is up to you to understand that this is an annoying habit and is best avoided if you are now dating someone else. Know how to sort through things and live in the moment rather than dwelling on the what-ifs.

5. Emotional abuse

This one is a strict No-No! You need to know that abusing your spouse or partner doesn’t always involve hitting them, it can be emotional too. Not being with them when they need you the most or blaming them for their problems and being inconsistent is a form of emotional abuse. You need to know where to draw the line.

6. Too drunk all the time

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Okay, we get it that there are a few problems where only alcohol is the solution. But, you need to know that you can’t be drunk all the time. No girl loves to date a guy who comes over drunk and can barely pay enough attention to her. A relationship demands trust, patience, and time. When you are always drunk, how are you ever going to take the time to invest in your relationship? So, you need to draw a line and respect it.

7. A flirt through and through

Guys, you need to know that flirting isn’t always good. You might do it for fun or just because you like to make your girlfriend a little jealous. Harmless flirting is alright, but being with someone who flirts with nearly every other girl can be annoying and terribly frustrating if you have a girlfriend. Put yourself in your girlfriend’s shoes and wonder how it would feel if she would flirt back with every guy who dropped her a ‘hi’. Hurt much? Exactly, you have been doing the exact same thing. So, turn the tables and stop flirting when you already have a beautiful partner right beside you.

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8. Breaking promises

This one could very well be a deal breaker. You need to know that there is no fun in breaking promises. The fact that you are in a relationship with someone means that you should respect the promises you made to each other, and you should avoid breaking them. When you break a promise made to someone you love, you are breaking the bond of love and trust that ties the two of you together. The results are never good. Choose your promises carefully and then stand by your words. This is the key to a long and happy relationship.

9. Losing your cool

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Do you tend to lose your cool quite often? This one is again best avoided. You should avoid losing your cool, especially with your girlfriend. She is not meant to be your punching bag. If you are in need of anger management lessons, seek them. In the end, being someone with a balanced temper is going to fetch you a lot more benefits. So, you should try and understand the need to stay composed. Does being angry ever solve a problem? It simply creates a ruckus, which becomes harder to handle.

10. Complaining about who they are

Do you complain to your girlfriend about who she is?

You’re too fat. You are too rude. You demand too much attention. You make me sad. Damn man this is a bit too much.

We have all heard these excuses and it says a lot more about you as a boyfriend than your girlfriend. She didn’t beg you to date her. You chose her and now that you are dating her, don’t complain about her being not what you thought her to be. She isn’t a thing. A person isn’t perfect, but love makes you fall for the imperfections. Remember that.

11. Not answering calls

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Turning your phone off or not taking her calls doesn’t make you macho. It simply makes you more of a jerk and an annoying one at that. You never know how urgent the call may be and what she has to say. Unless you are really stuck in something, always take her call. Avoiding someone’s calls can make them feel unwanted and this will definitely have a bad impact on a relationship. If she is calling you, it is likely that she is missing you. So, talk to her.

12. Being indifferent

We have seen so many guys who are just indifferent toward their girlfriends. You don’t bother calling her, you don’t bother going on dates, no surprises, no beautiful messages. Do you still expect her to stick around? Stop being an annoying boyfriend and show her that you love her and make her feel that she matters. It isn’t that hard as long as your love is true.

13. Falling out of love

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Guys who quickly fall in and out of love aren’t the best examples of a good boyfriend. It is important to know that love is more than just a temporary feeling for someone. If you fall in love with someone, make the person the reason for your smile. Don’t fall out of love like it is a phase. Respect the feelings that grow.

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14. Melodramatic tendencies

Guys, don’t play the melodrama card all the time. If you think being melodramatic and cornering her with your words is diplomatic of you, it is probably not the best way to interact with your girlfriend. She can see through your pretenses and she probably finds it really annoying. So, try to make beautiful memories rather than cry and whine and strike a melodramatic mood.

Girls, don’t you agree with my pointers here about your annoying boyfriend? Budding boyfriends, now you know what not to do, right?

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14 Annoying Boyfriend Habits That Your Girlfriend Hates
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