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19 Valid Reasons Why High School Friends > All Other Friends Ever

Even though high school was one ~hell~ of a time, there are some things that have stayed back even from that awful phase of our lives. These things are usually in the form of high school friends, who have been scientifically declared as the best kind of friends to have.


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Whether you are in high school right now, or the only memories you have of the place are in the form of sepia pictures that are curled at the edges, there is no denying that the friends you make there, are keepers. Not only have they seen you through awful things that no one should know about like puberty, they have also seen the innocent you grow up to become a badass. Here are 19 reasons why the friends you make in high school are the friends that you will keep forever (HINT: because they are the best).

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1. They are the sole witness of your awkward teen years

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The fact that your high school BFFs have seen you grow up before their eyes and are the only eye-witnesses to your horrifying teenage stories can only mean two things- either you kill them, or you keep them around for life. There is nothing in between. Most people usually go for the latter, making these friends the forever kind of friends to have.

2. They don’t need context for your love life

One of the worst parts about making new friends is that you have to spend a considerable amount of time giving them a back story about your life, and particularly when you need relationship advice. All this is not required with your school friends, who will pick up right where you left off without context, and warn you about not dating the same kind of crazy ex that you spent 6 years crying over.

3. They know all your past and current secrets

Your high school best friends are the people who have all the dirt on you, and know when and how to use them to make you feel embarrassed about your secret past. However, you also know that there is no one else in the whole entire world you would trust with those secrets, because they will never let it out.

4. You have practically exchanged families

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Your high school best friend(s) are like the siblings you never had. Your families have accepted your friend as part of their own, and whether it is over-feeding them, checking up on them, or reprimanding them, there is virtually no difference between you and your friend for your fams.

5. Your favorite pass-time is discussing your memories

No matter how bad high school was, you have to admit that it was the best time of your life, and you made some pretty awesome memories. Who better to share these memories with, other than your high school friend, who is the only person in the world who will get as emotional and as excited.

6. You can be your un-cool, dorky self with your high schools BFFs

Even though adulthood comes with the crippling burden of appearing cool and tasteful in front of people, you can be your dorky, real self with no one other than your high school BFFs, who know that you are actually a rom-com binging, pizza-hogging, Taylor Swift-loving snot ball.

7. They have seen the ugliest version of you and have still stuck around

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They have seen you through your acne breakout, your unwashed hair phase, your ugly crying episodes and all possible gross things under the sun when you didn’t feel the need to exercise self control in front of your friends. Yet, despite seeing this highly repulsive side of you, they have chosen to stick with you till you blossomed into the gorgeous beast that you are.

8. They are the first people you’d call, if you wanted to dump a body

The ultimate trust test depends on the first person you would call if you needed help dumping a body, and the answer will always be your friends from high school. They would help you out of any sticky situation in life, no questions asked and no judgments passed.

9. Long-distance is a piece of cake

You have made long-distance your b*tch because of how strong your friendship is. No country is too far and no time zone too odd to keep you from being friends with each other, even with college, countries and other random things doing their best to keep you apart.

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10. If you were married, you would never get divorced


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True that high school was a time of intense drama and fights and all kinds of things that would usually cause a divorce if the parties involved were married, but in this case, the parties involved are you and your high school friends, and you have survived the worst of fights, and emerged stronger and closer than ever.

11. Any important life event would be incomplete without them

No matter how many friends you make, and how far you drift away from each other (geographically), nothing in your life is complete without your high school friends. Whether it is birthdays, weddings, graduations, baby showers or anything else, you have to have them there, always.

12. You have inside jokes that no one in the world would understand

The appeal of inside jokes is on a whole different level, and if you see something or are reminded of something that only your friend from high school would understand, then there is no stopping the two of you from embarking on a conversation that no one would understand even if they tried.

13. They are your personal cheerleaders


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Whether it was your setbacks in high school, or the more serious setbacks of life, there is no instance where you can’t count on your best friend from high school to make things better. Whether you are feeling down, or you are faced with difficult times, you can count on them to fix everything, by making you feel like the best version of yourself.

14. It is impossible to get rid of them

Honestly, you couldn’t get rid of your high school BFFs even if you tried. You have their picture all over your wall, your gallery is full of their face, you Skype them all the time, and you meet whenever you can and they are always harassing you with phone calls, so they are here to stay, whether you want it or not.

15. Reunions are your favorite day of the year

When you get a chance to see each other, there is nothing that will stop you from rushing to your high school BFFs. There is no awkwardness, there is no ice, you just meet and pick up right where you left off, and get reminded of the fact that these friends are truly irreplaceable.

16. They are the first people who come to your mind when someone says “best friend”


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Because you have shared several years’ worth of experiences together, and they have seen you through your best and your worst, they are the first people who come to your mind when someone says “best friend”. No matter how close you get to other people in other institutions that you go to, the love you have for them is constant.

17. There are no boundaries with them

From seeing you naked to threatening your ex to stay away from you, your high school best friends have done it all, because with them, there is no limit and no boundary. Also, you wouldn’t trust anyone else to see you so vulnerable and needy ever.

18. They will defend your honor till death

Whether it is hating on someone you hate, or defending you when some random person expresses even the slightest dislike towards you, your friends from high school will be up for going on a support rant for you. Nothing is more important than defending your honor, whether you are right or right.

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19. They are the one constant in your life


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The one friend who is friends with all the friends you make in the future, is definitely your friend from high school. They know about all the relationships in your life, and no matter who you hang out with, they know about that one friend from high school who is better than everyone, tbh.

High school pals are people you cherish forever, and no matter how much drama and tests of time you have been through, there is no one who could compare to them and outshine them, when it comes to giving you love.

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19 Reasons Why High School Friends Are Friends For Life
High school was tolerable only because of your high school friends. Here is why you are going to keep them around forever.
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