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15 Things All Women With Flaky Friends Know To Be True

Know the serial ditchers, those who agree to every plan and even shamelessly initiate some, but come the date and poof- they fall off the face of the earth? This should be illegal, you know. While the Indian government’s banning every Goddamned thing in the name of culture, I wonder how they are still ‘tolerating’ the flaky buds! Nobody should be allowed to be (or do!) flaky (except croissants, of course) because:

  • Plans are sacred!
  • By scrapping a plan at the last mo one grasses the other’s precious trust!
  • Which in turn, gives him/her future trust issues!
  • There can be just no reason for unrelenting, methodical flakiness!!!
  • Late people are just a spot lower than the flaky-s on the certified directory of the worst people ever!
  • Plus, they are constantly rescheduling and yet… not available!

flaky friends_New_Love_times

Image source: Tumblr

So as someone on behalf of the Grievances against the Flaky Friends cell, I would like to tell you about the recent complaints that we have received. Do you ‘feel’ the same? 😉

1. Your flaky friend cancels right after you’ve showered!

flaky friends_New_Love_times

Image source: Tumblr

I mean, you could’ve still been dry, stinky and ugly in your Pyjamas, but…. Arghhh!!!

2. And sometimes you have even slipped on your new dress when the flake cancels!

flaky friends_New_Love_times

Image source: Tumblr

I just squeezed my ‘things’ into a bra for you and you deceived me???

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3. Their excuses just make you wanna give them a high five… with a chair!

flaky friends_New_Love_times

Image source: imgur

“Ummm, I had to wash my… cat!”

4. The out-and-out sickening flake is the one who cancels when you have left the house!

flaky friends_New_Love_times

Image source: Giphy

Now let’s not even talk about this!!! Okay all that I can say is that, you f*cking daughter of a b!tch!

5. That flaky*ss flake is the chief source of stress in your life!  


These people exhaust you, literally! In case you didn’t know, all that rescheduling and cancelling and rearranging burns up as much energy as a 4 mile walk! It at least feels like that!

6. “Am I the problem?”

flaky friends_New_Love_times

Image source: storytrap

There are times when you’ve wondered if you are the cause of this whole nuisance. May be they keep cancelling because they don’t like you.


Nah! This is cr*p! Utter bullsh*t! They cancel coz they are flake shit! And they cancel coz they can’t handle lolling around with a super fun person like me! Now this makes more sense!

7. You think about all the fun that the flakes have missed out on so far!

flaky friends_New_Love_times

Image source: Giphy

FOMO, that’s what the flakes need!

8. There are just so many flakies in your friend list that it’s hard to keep a count!

There was a point when you thought of editing people’s name on your call list to ‘Flaky Fart’, but you aborted the mission coz you wouldn’t know who’s who!

9. You have no time for these dingbats anymore!  

flaky friends_New_Love_times

Image source: babakathullu

But they are so out of the ordinary that you just can’t let go!

10. When you’ve actually confronted them about their flakiness, they absolutely lose their sh*t!

“I’m not flaky. I’m just waaaaaaaayyyyy unavailable!”

11. And go on to say, “I am not flaky when it matters!”

flaky friends_New_Love_times

Image source: easyaspieindubai


12. And if ever they turn up (almost), they make a big thing of it! 

You should be shame spiraling, you f*cker!

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13. You can set your biological clock by them shelving!

flaky friends_New_Love_times

Image source: Tumblr

They do give you a notice, so basically you aren’t being stood up! But it’s such a short notice that you can’t swap them for someone else. Well played, crony!

14. They will never pick up their phones!

flaky friends_New_Love_times

Image source: reddit

A day will come when you’ll miss out on something kickass and then you can tell me how it feels, chum!

15. You have googled up on whether flakiness is something to do with a gene defect!

flaky friends_New_Love_times

Image source: Tumblr

And that’s what brought you here! 😉

Every gal has that one buddy who’s flakier than a warmed up, fluffy biscotti! You can’t think of any such flaky friends in your group? Ahem! Pass this list to your girlfriends then! 😉

Featured image source: tartanbrunette

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15 Things All Women With Flaky Friends Know To Be True
Nobody should be allowed to be (or do!) flaky except croissants, of course! The woes of having flaky friends *sigh*
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