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15 Things An Overachiever Will Definitely Relate To

We all take pride in the work we do, we enjoy the effort we put it and feel good about basking in the success. Though some of us are not content, are we? Some of us love to achieve the impossible, and then, aim even higher- if that’s ever possible (but that was the whole point, no? :P) ! If you are an overachiever, you will certainly relate to these quintessential overachiever feelings –

1. How is one enough? 


Image source: groupthink

That’s what you asked when signing up for specializations at your college! People strive and overcome adversities to finish college and you just want to know how to get not one but two specializations! Jeez!

2. You have a trophy case


Image source: theodysseyonline

You are a grown up person and you still have that case filled with trophies from your school annual day dance to your first prize at the Robotics competition at the college fest. You know trophies are ridiculous but don’t they look shiny and nice, like tangible tokens of your achievements? 😀

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3. Your resume is epic


Image source: Tumblr

Yes, it is of epic proportions because unlike regular people, you have too much to cram into it. Your list of achievements is too long and puts you in a quandary as to what to leave out. You usually leave out nothing and wonder why the interviewer is stunned for minutes!

4. You are a sucker for work & knowledge


Image source: studlife

Those optional HR trainings and online courses, you line up to sign for them just because so much knowledge!! Duh!

5. You need success


Image source: authorkwebster

Success is a motivation for regular people but you need it like oxygen. Every task you perform needs completion, and not just any completion- it needs to be a success! You are Vivekananda’s true disciple, “Stop not until the goal is reached” 😛

6. You believe in one plus one free

If your boss asks you for one idea, you are ready with two. If your colleague asks you for one research article, you give two. You love giving as much as you can- because hello, additional information!

7. You have a black book for everything


Image source: everydaystriving

Everything is noted neatly in notebooks or in organizing apps. You just cannot imagine handling it all without the organizing and it’s the organizing that makes you the rockstar 😉

8. Your boss loves you

Hey now, doing a good job ‘over and above’ the required job is what makes the boss love you 😀 It’s like being the ‘teacher’s pet’ on repeat all over again and sometimes, you get the ‘suckin’up to him’ jokes but you suck those up and continue doing what you are best at- which is, almost everything!

9. You don’t know what oversleeping is

Missing the alarm is a nightmare for the best of us but you? Nope! You have never missed an alarm in your life; and you don’t get the fuss about SNOOZE!

10. Your work is one of a kind


Image source: Tumblr

Mortals like us share our worksheets, presentations so that we give each other a hand but no one can wrap their head around your work. That excel sheet you worked on is so advanced that no one rip it off :-/

11. You feel lonely at the top

Being the youngest partner at your consulting firm due to your amazing skills is awesome until you find yourself in the company of old people. It can get really lonely and boring at the top ☹

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12. But that does not stop you from doing it all


Image source: Tumblr

The dinner is in the microwave, the presentation needs the final edit, you are on the phone with a friend who needs work advice and you are helping the maid clean your place. That is how your everyday looks like; you don’t know how to stop the multitasking!

13. You don’t know what time pass is

Seriously, you wonder how people talk of time pass, where is the time?! You are so busy achieving goals that you never had the time to learn what ‘Netflix and chill’ means! :-O

14. You don’t know what procrastination means

You know the meaning of the word, yes you are awesome at vocabulary but you don’t know how it happens. You cannot imagine postponing work when you are trying to finish more work at the same time.

15. You await Nirvana

Nirvana for you is at the end of your to do list, which alas, keeps getting longer and longer every minute you are awake.
But that’s the definition of FUN for you!

Featured image source: theodysseyonline

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15 Things An Overachiever Will Definitely Relate To
When overachiever is your middle name and it pi*ses people off who can't do it as well so much that you just ask them to take it up with your parents! ;) :P
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