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12 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Getting Into A Serious Relationship In Your 20s

Finished college? Have you found your man yet? When is the big day when everyone gets to drink free booze at your wedding? If you are in your twenties, these three questions are popped around you without the slightest notice. But that does not mean you have to give in.

We aren’t in any way implying that relationships are not worth your while. But trust us, there are a bunch of other things that you have to work on when you are at that age. It is one thing to focus on building your career and bank account, but having loads of fun is a priority too! Don’t tie yourself down to finding that one man and then not exploring the world of possibilities in the sea of fish.

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Still not convinced? Read on, and we promise you will give it a second thought later on. Here is why you should consciously keep yourself miles away from a serious relationship when you are in your 20s.

1. You are probably not mature enough for it

girl jumping

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Let’s face it. You still find yourself calling your dad for that extra money you need because your fridge broke down, you still go to the bars that you went to in college, and you are a disaster when it comes to even making it to work in time.

Getting into a serious relationship means that you are going to have to handle all of this and more for yourself and for your significant other. Do you really think you can do it?

2. You are selfish and want to get ahead in your life

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Here, familiarize yourself with the harsh reality: all of the decisions you make and the things that you do come from selfish reasons, no matter how much you like to tell yourself otherwise. You want to be your own boss, do things at your own convenience, and not work according to anyone else and their schedules.

3. You don’t have a career in place yet

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Image source: Shutterstock

All throughout college, you have been told that you need to have a respectable career. Now that there are barely any proper jobs in the market, you are considering spending time on a serious relationship. How rational do you think you sound right now?

You may think that entering a romantic commitment sounds like the best decision of your life. But what about the other most important part of your life – your professional career? Casual relationships and random dating are not going to harm it in any way.

But, a serious relationship by definition absolutely, rules out being selfish. You will have to consider your partner’s plans, convenience, and also their likes and dislikes if you are in one. As much as you like to believe that it is sweet, you are going to hate it, or worse, come to resent your partner.

4. You are just impatient with everything in life

woman sitting alone

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You want your career to progress, you want your living conditions to improve, and you want everything to fall in place for you, now. You can manage building your career and other day-to-day issues somehow, because it is all about you and your decisions, and also because it is okay to be aggressive in those areas. But that is not how things work in a relationship.

You might want to rush things, which can either lead to a failed relationship or an early marriage, or even a failed marriage. All of these are really bad moves for a lifetime.

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5. Travel, lady – the world is your oyster!

girl traveling

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There is nothing better than a well-traveled, knowledgeable, and independent woman who has a certain amount of credentials to her name. Your twenties are the years when you can achieve that. Don’t spend them on just nurturing a relationship – you can do that later.

Let’s face it, your ‘happily ever after’ means you having achieved substantial recognition and stability, but those only come if you dedicate yourself to work towards it.

6. This is your time to explore your options

couple on a date

Image source: Dollarphotoclub

You might be bi-curious, bisexual, or homosexual. But you will find out only if you are available to explore all of these options. One of the major signs that he is looking for a serious relationship is that he is not willing to let you explore. This is the ground rule right? No cheating.

How will you get to know yourself better if you commit yourself to a serious relationship that early in life? It is important to figure yourself out, and you know it.

7. Even if you are sure you are heterosexual, you need to explore your options

woman talking

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No more flirting at the pub, or having handsome men pick you up, or having little crushes on any boy other than celebrities (who are out of reach anyway)? There are a lot of fish in the sea, and fishing is fun. Getting into a serious relationship is only going to deprive you of the fun that you could possibly have if you had only kept yourself available.

8. You have friends to keep in touch with


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

You are probably moving out and getting a job that keeps you real busy, making it hard enough to be in touch with the friends that you have had forever. Now throw a significant other in the mix, and you are going to find yourself not knowing where your best buds are.

Friends are important, and you should ensure that you stay in touch with them no matter what. The best way to do so is to have time for them by not getting into a serious commitment.

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9. Little things are better suited for your mind space right now

woman thinking

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You are 20-something, your Saturday night traditions are important to you, you want your room to be clean, and you probably have a way of doing things that you are not willing to compromise on. Then you bring a boy into your life with his own ways and if they clash with yours, silly things are going to turn into big fights.

Not only will you lose a dear person in your life, but the amount of time, energy, and money that you are going to spend in and out of it are going to be unforgivable when you look back on your twenties in the future.

10. There is only so much love you are capable of

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You sure love the feeling of being loved, cared for, and needed. But you are not old enough to be a mother yet, and definitely not that of a full grown man. Sex is fun, but there is only so much spooning and cuddling you are going to like after sex.

It is only until the blood stops rushing in your body are you going to like the physical presence of someone else next to you, and even the emotional privileges are eventually going to seem like burdens that you have to carry every day.

11. You need to strengthen yourself, by yourself

woman at peace with herself

Image source: Shutterstock

A serious relationship can empower you, make you secure, and also give you a ‘home’ to go back to at the end of each hard day. But all this brings about a world of vulnerability. You start to think that you are not going to be able to get anywhere when this man leaves you, which is obviously not true.

When you are in your twenties, you need to be working on making yourself strong and independent. A relationship of the serious kind is going to be spent in just taking care of each other rather than enjoying spending time with each other.

12. If there is a heartbreak, you are going to hurt more

couple heartbreak

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Here is the deal about serious relationships: if you have your heart broken, it is going to hurt. A lot. When you are in your twenties and are struggling with everything else in your life, heartbreak is not going to go down easy with you.

It is going to seem like your world is crashing, and there never is a good time to afford feeling that way, especially when you are still young.

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It is the most beautiful feeling to be in love and to be loved equally, but not when it is immaturely handled and when there is no space in your life for it. If you are in your twenties and are continuously declining dates because you are looking for a serious relationship, then think again and give it a hard thought. If you still think you want to go ahead and jump into it, then you have our best wishes to make the best out of it.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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Serious Relationship: 12 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Get Into One In Your 20s
Your 20s is the time to really live your life. If you're thinking of getting into a serious relationship, here are 12 reasons why you should NOT!
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