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15 Vital Things To Know When You’re Dating A Strong Woman

She is someone who spends enough time by herself to figure out what she wants out of life and goes after it! A strong woman may not necessarily have her entire life planned out, but she is in touch with her inner self and understands what she needs versus what she wants.

A strong woman isn’t unrealistic and doesn’t wait for things to happen. She’ll go after what she wants and moves on to better things if something doesn’t work in her favor. She makes for a great companion because she will always lift you up, you can have varied discussions with her, you won’t get bored with her, and she will help you grow, and in turn, grows with you.

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Dating a strong woman will help you in more ways than you know. You can learn so much from her while being with her. Here’s what you need to know when you’re dating a strong woman.

1. She is independent

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She won’t wait around for help when she can get it done on her own. If you’re looking to feel good about yourself by being the hero and doing her chores for her, you’re with the wrong sort of woman. Don’t look for opportunities like these to boost your masculine ego, because she won’t be giving you any.

2. She has a strong set of values

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She won’t treat you badly because she knows the value of beautiful things in life. Good things don’t come too often and she knows that and will treat you accordingly. She values relationships and you won’t find her abusing any of them. She has a strong set of values and ideals, and she sticks to them no matter what. Her statements don’t change depending on her company or circumstances.

3. A strong woman communicates effectively

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For any relationship to function well, communication is key and she understands that. Don’t dance around when you talk to her about the topic in question, because she will get straight to the point. And that is how it should be. She will prefer talking to you in person or over the phone instead of text messages, with the exception of ‘keeping in touch through the day’ texts.

4. She has a purpose

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A strong woman lives her life with a purpose, instead of mindlessly going with the wind. Of course, she can go with the flow as well, but she aims to do something meaningful with her life, for herself, and for others. Nobody has it all figured out all the time, but strong people definitely make the effort to figure what matters to them and take steps toward reaching their goal.

5. A strong woman takes care of herself

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She pampers herself when she feels like it and doesn’t wait for somebody to make her feel special. Everyone likes being pampered by others, and she will love it when you do something for her. But a strong woman won’t wait around for you to do it.

6. She will have strong friends


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A strong woman will definitely have a couple of strong best friends whom she relies on. When they get together, you’ll hear a lot of planning and discussing future strategies and business ideas instead of office gossip. They will discuss anything that drives them to be their best selves at what they do. That’s where she gets her motivation and the will to go on when she’s down. Everybody needs a support system. While she may not have gone looking for them, women tend to attract people who are similar to them.

7. A strong woman will like to spend time alone

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Don’t be upset if she chooses to spend time alone sometimes instead of being with you. People like to be by themselves and go over the day mentally, to follow up with themselves about how they did at that important meeting, and think about if they could do anything differently or better. Introspection is very essential when you want to be the best version of yourself and that’s precisely what a strong woman likes to do!

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8. She doesn’t necessarily need you

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No matter how strong she is, there will always be times where she wants to be able to depend on you. While she may not necessarily need you around her, she’s with you because she likes your company, you make her life better with your presence, and she wants to grow with you. So don’t ever think that she needs you more than you need her. She can look after herself and doesn’t need a caretaker or a provider.

9. A strong woman takes action

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A strong woman believes in taking action instead of letting things be. She doesn’t wait for the approval of other people once she knows she’s on the right track. She doesn’t procrastinate all day and all night. She likes to get things done one by one and cross it off her list. A strong woman won’t wait for anyone else to catch up. She’s gotten so far for a reason.

10. She will motivate you

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She will push you to be the best version of yourself and make sure that you do things to the best of your capability. She knows that she too isn’t perfect and will continue working on herself. A strong woman will be an inspiration to you! Life with her will be filled with endless learning experiences and you’ll definitely be a much better person after you’ve met a woman like her.

11. A strong woman likes talking about things that matter

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She can have mindless conversations, just like anybody else, but know that there’s more to her than just that. She’s continuously thinking about different things that are happening in the world around her and she is thinking about what she can learn from it to make life better and be a better person. She has a thirst for knowledge and is always challenging and improving herself. Don’t expect her to talk trash or engage in petty discussions. She isn’t one of your dull guy friends.

12. She has a to-do list


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A strong woman wants to do everything that is on her bucket list. Don’t expect her to be a couch potato all the time. She has hobbies and is passionate about a lot of things that she will want to check off her list. Some people are spontaneous, and dating someone spontaneous can be fun when not overdone. She won’t necessarily want to do everything with you. But be prepared for all the enthusiasm that she will bring to the table for the things she is passionate about.

13. A strong woman respects herself

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If you think she’s going to overlook you treating her any less than what she deserves, you’re highly mistaken. She respects people and expects the same in return and will not accept being treated badly in any way. She respects herself enough to walk away from a relationship if her partner doesn’t respect her enough. She’s an independent woman and knows what she absolutely can’t tolerate, so don’t make the mistake of ill-treating or cheating on this type of woman. She won’t mope around. She’ll throw you out without blinking an eye. And no, she won’t take you back!

14. She stands up for what she believes in

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There’s no point to believing in something if you can’t take a stand when talking about it. Strong people aren’t afraid to take a stand about an issue that’s being discussed. Everybody has an opinion, but very few voice it when they have no one to support them. If a woman believes in something strongly enough, she will stand alone to defend her views, if necessary. Don’t ask a woman to step down simply because she has no support from anyone else. That’s when you should be standing by her side the most. Help her be a better person and encourage her to do things she believes in instead of pulling her down! Make her face her fears by standing by her side through it all.

15. She knows what she is looking for

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Sometimes, we don’t quite know what we’re doing and why we’re doing something. We can’t quite reason well since we don’t have an understanding of right and wrong and how important it is for an individual to decide what their definition of right and wrong should be. We grow and learn this with time, but there are people who conveniently avoid thinking along these lines just to avoid that confrontation that they will have to resolve for themselves one day.

A strong woman isn’t one of those. She spends enough time to ponder on whether or not she’s doing the right thing. What she does every day and how she reacts to people matters to her. She is aware of what she wants and tries going past the fear of it not working out. A strong woman isn’t afraid of commitment. And expects you to know what you’re getting into when you’re in a relationship with her.

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Make sure you know what you’re getting into when you date somebody and understand your feelings towards the person. It’s really unfair to tell somebody after being with them that you are actually unsure of your feelings. You should be thinking about that before you make a commitment, not after. Respect people and their feelings by being sure about your feelings towards them.

When you’re with any woman, inspire her and drive her to do wonderful things with her time and life. Be fabulous together. It’ll be worth your time and effort. Trust me : )

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