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15 Things Women In Their 30s Are Sick And Tired Of Hearing

If you are in your 30s and still single, suddenly it seems like the whole world is entitled to share their opinions with you. Single women over 30 usually have a hard time dodging all the unwanted and often intrusive questions. Have you had ever had a moment of ‘Deja-Poo’ (this is when you are at a social gathering and have tons of people asking you the same inane questions, which you don’t really give a sh*t about)?

Frankly, if you, as an empowered 30-something singleton, hear any of these 15 questions listed below, the cold shoulder, a witty comeback, or an equally intrusive and sh*tty question in return is the way to go.

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So, to all you classy women in your 30s, sit back and put your gorgeous sunglasses on and read this with a big grin on your beautiful faces! I hear you!

1.  ‘Why are you still single?’

are you single

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Maybe because there aren’t too many men out there who meet my standards (which aren’t too exacting, by the way) or maybe because Mr. Perfect still needs to come knocking on my door. Regardless, I see no reason why I need to clarify my single status with every other person I meet. Sometimes being single is blissful in itself! So, while I appreciate the superficial concern, I wish they would just STOP!

2. ‘Maybe you are just too picky.’

i'm not picky

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Women in their 30s are often blamed that they are too picky for their own good. I can never fathom what being picky means! Okay, so we don’t want a guy who has been thrice divorced or a guy who has his personal garden growing out of his ears, or a guy who wears his pants up to his chest – is this picky? I think not. Just because we have crossed the big ‘three-o’, it doesn’t mean we should welcome every guy we are introduced to, with open arms. Society’s master plan is that women MUST have a man, it doesn’t matter if there is no compatibility or he is the biggest jerk on the freaking planet! Well, I would rather be picky than pick a pain in the a**.

3. ‘It is high time!’

angry woman

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Really? High time for what, honey? Are you aware of the hard work I put in just to ensure that I could make a life that I love? Did you even bother to understand why I am footloose and fancy free? Maybe, I have more plans and more expectations from myself. Maybe, I love the time I get to spend with myself. When will the world stop judging?

4. ‘When are you going to have children?’

don't need a baby

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Oh dear! This is the lamest of all! Are we still living in the 15th century where women were largely seen as objects that could magically pop children out and be responsible for the propagation of mankind? I thought we had progressed way beyond those stereotypes, but I figure some people never really evolve. Thankfully, with over 7 billion people and counting, the world is safe and I can go about living my ‘child free’ life. The fact of the matter is the world would be a much better place if people looked after their own children rather that asking me asinine questions about when I intend to have mine.

5. ‘You will regret the lost time.’

i regret nothing

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I never knew that so many peeps out there are psychic enough to know what I will regret and what I won’t. Most women in their 30s are experienced enough to know how they should spend their time and the things they might regret. You know what I would regret most? It would be crying over a guy who broke my heart or settling for someone because of the tag of being in a relationship. Now, that is a regret I don’t want to live with!

6. ‘The world is beyond your job.’

screams internally

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Oh yes, definitely. But is the rest of the world going to pay my taxes or my shopping bills or even give me money to splurge on some big designer labels, which I love? Reality check people – it is my job that helps me live the life I want, my job also gives me a sense of validation as it acknowledges my potential and NOT my age. I grew up understanding the need to be responsible, and if I am in my 30s and without a man, guess what? I am still being responsible. To top it off, I am also happy. So, a world may exist beyond my job, but I do romance my work. The faster people understand this, the easier it would be.

7. ‘This is not how you are supposed to live life!’

you did not just say that

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Whoa, enlightening! You just broke the illusion I was living under. Women in their 30s are almost always, well aware of how they should live their life. We are tired of the stereotypes that are thrown our way and we wish to live on our own terms and with our own rules. I am happy without a man in my life after all, girlfriends make for awesome company too. 😉

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8. ‘Doesn’t it get boring?’


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Yes, honey it does, but then I have met my share of married friends who are downright bored with their mundane, routine (mere focus on husbands, in-laws, children) lives. I figure being bored is a part and parcel of life, and boring has nothing to do with the fact that I am in my thirties and still single. Not having a spouse in tow doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have fun. You should check my social calendar and those exorbitant party bills!

9. ‘Old age would be terrible alone!’


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Thank you soothsayer, for your prized words of wisdom! But just because I am not married in my thirties doesn’t mean I am never going to settle down. The handsome George Clooney settled down late in life. Maybe, like him, I can enjoy my singleton status and marry when the right person comes along – age no bar. If nothing does happen, I can always settle down with my cuddly pets.

10. ‘Should I set you up?’

kill me

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I am seriously tired of a list of people asking me if I want to be set up. What do they really think I am? Do I look that desperate and/or lonely that people worry what I will do to myself? Either way, I do not appreciate people who b*tt into my life. I am in my thirties and I do know how to get by on my own, thank you very much. If I need a man, I know how to get one, in case my well runs dry, I assure you, I will come to you. I appreciate the intention, but I am not an object and don’t like being treated as one.

11. ‘I feel sorry for you.’

don't tell me you're sorry

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This is another of those clichés which women in their 30s are completely tired of hearing. We live great lives you should be envious of, and not feel sorry for. Look at the careers we have (because we can concentrate on what we like), the freedom (we can pick up and leave, no strings attached), we can take bold choices (travel around the world, start-up), anything… Does any of this make you feel sorry for us? Sure, having a man could warm us up on cold winter nights, but then again, a good blanket, a stuffed toy, a friend or a one night stand would also fit the bill.

12. ‘Your biological clock is ticking!’

i'm not listening

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We have all the ‘Google Doctors’ in the house. Thank you for your OB-GYN opinion, but I think I know about my body and my psyche, and can take a call, if I do or don’t want kids. The good part is, science seems to favor us singletons as we can now freeze our eggs, opt for surrogacy, and do all of this, way past our biological prime. The icing on the cake is we also have the choice to adopt.

13. ‘Friday nights must be so lonely.’

eye roll

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*Big Eye Roll* Why would my Friday nights be any lonely when I can hang around with almost anyone? Just because I have not settled down with a guy doesn’t mean that I am not fun to hang around with. You should check out my different friends’ circles and maybe hang out with me to find out JUST how crazy my Friday nights really are!

14. ‘You know, it really isn’t that hard to get a guy.’

i'm still in shock

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I really want to thank people for this ‘Breaking News!’ Maybe, I know that men are available in plenty, but good men are like diamonds; they are rare and hard to come by. 30s isn’t the end of the world and there are many women who have found true love in their 30s or even older. Age has nothing to do with love. We just prefer waiting for love to happen rather than rushing in only because our biological clocks are ticking.

15. ‘Time is not going to stop.’

time waits for no one

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Well, I remember reading about it in my physics class back in high school. I do realize that time is not going to stop, but how I wish something could stop the same dubious people sharing the most mumbo jumbo facts, none of which really matters to me!

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16. ‘Maybe, you are too uptight.’

you're stressing me out

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Sigh! Hearing this makes me wish I could flex all my muscles and show exactly how flexible I am. Being in my 30s and without a man, doesn’t make me uptight. It just makes me independent and self- sufficient, thank you very much!

These are 15 things that really make me groan out loud. It is time we change society’s archaic thinking where a man defines a woman! We do have our own identity and we really kicka**. All hail us 30 plus singletons who know what we want and how to get it!

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15 Things Women In Their 30s Are Tired Of Hearing
Single women in their 30s are a harried lot. They get unsolicited advice from every corner, about love, life, dating, kids - you name it. When will it stop?
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