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15 Times She Gave You The Hint That She Loves You, But You Were Too Blind To Notice

“Don’t be mad because I don’t care anymore. Be mad because I did once, and you were too blind to see.” This is perhaps one of the best quotes to reflect the feelings of some of us girls when our guys don’t seem to notice our ways to show love. Sad as it may be, how you tell him you love him gets lost in translation most times! (Well, that’s the more positive explanation; we all know it happens because they’re too lazy to even notice our efforts. Right, ladies?)

Whatever the reason may be, listen clearly suitors, know that we are quite shy (umm…call it pride, if you will) when it comes to sharing our feelings out loud with you, but we do have our ways! So buckle up, because I have listed the 15 ways girls let you in on the secret. Girls, keep going with your ways to show love for him and believe me, after reading these, you won’t have any more excuses (and the true cuties with the real troubles will finally get to crack her ‘between the lines’ meanings in subtext!) Enjoy!

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1. Paranoid about seeing you


Image source: Tumblr

You make her aware of herself, her looks, her talk, her walk, and every little thing! When you are not looking, she even fixes her hair with her hands. She looks at herself in the mirror and even a tiny imperfection on her face will make her feel paranoid. You will make the self-proclaimed ‘beauty queen’ feel like ‘miss not-good-enough!’

2. Glancing around every second

You will always find her glancing around, wishing that you might be near or that she will see you somewhere. Every time she goes outside, she will look around in the hopes of seeing you. Believe me, she even wishes you would pop out of smoke; that’s how intensely you affect her! (When you have that smoking-hot, illusion-causing personality, be kind enough to notice its aftermath at least)

3. And…You make her skip a beat and stop breathing!

my heart beats only for you_New_Love_Times

Image source: Goodreads

Let’s just say that a friend of hers introduced you to her, and the beautiful, usually all-confident lady is so dumbstruck it appears as though she’s having a heart attack. News flash young man – you are making her weak in the knees! Her heart is pounding fast and her temperature is hot as hell. You can always see her blabbering and trying too hard to pretend to be normal. Don’t let it be a turn off because it is kind of cute at times.

4. She watches your every single move!

Trust me, when I say some mild stalking can be flattering. When she sees you from a distance and you don’t know that she’s around, she will watch how you walk, swoon over your hair, see how you handle your phone, or how you call someone. She can’t avoid this. She wants to memorize your movements. But if you somehow catch her eye, she will look away as fast as lightning. You might even have those silly episodes where she will reply to your waving ‘hello’ with a pretentious “I didn’t see you there.”

5. She is a walking-talking journal of YOU!

i can't stop thinking about him_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

Thanks to today’s stalking-special technology; she can add you on Facebook, follow you on Instagram, Twitter, or Vine, and the spying is on! She will memorize your birthday, members of your family and friends, know where you studied since pre-school, and your current workplace. She might even know exactly what happened on your 13th birthday! She can write your biography without even asking you a single question. Of course, she loves you!

6. When the hints get more ‘touchy’!

Have you found the girl who flirts with you or has that ‘you are my crush’ body language? Every time she wants to get your attention, she might touch your arm or back. Even when she just wants to ask a question, she may slide the palm of her hand from your shoulder to those biceps of yours. When you two are sitting beside each other, she will move towards you slightly. It may seem strange to you at first, but just open your eyes already.

7. Ooh… see that rising smoke – that’s jealousy!


Image source: Tumblr

Now, when we have a good-looking guy like you, girls flirting with you is only natural. But wait, for whom? Believe me, it’s tough for her to handle. She gets jealous even if you are not her boyfriend. Of course, it’s because she loves you, duh! Jealousy is one way to show that you have feelings for someone. Here’s a little insider secret for you – if she’s jealous, her best friend will definitely know!

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8. You can catch her trying to start that conversation

When you two are hanging out together, she might try to engage in deeper conversation topics with you. She is just trying to get to know you even better. Of course, she will see to it that the talk stays interesting. Take note of this, she will always play it cool. But if it gets to be flirtier, it’s a sign.

9. Laughs at your jokes

girl laughing_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

She may laugh for no reason around you, and that’s her way to show love. Everything that you say is magnificent to her, even your far-from-hilarious jokes. Even if it’s not that funny for most people, or for your friends even, for her it’s the best joke she’s heard all day. This is how girls tend to show affection to a guy.

10. Taking notes

Every time you’ve shared that you’re going somewhere, doing something, or talking to someone, she is taking detailed mental notes at every single instance. That’s again her way to show love. Remember, she’s stalking you (obviously in the cute way) and all of this is just for the sake of a little attention from you!

11. Interested for updates

She might find herself interested in hearing the most minor updates about your life, whether it’s something about school, work, or your weekend plans. She is attuned to the details of your life and always wants to know more.

12. Smiling at your name

girl smiling_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

Ah, the sweet blue mist when she hears your name, accompanied with that heart-warming smile. Even when her friends are talking and mention your name, she will smile and will want to listen to their talks (however meaningless they may be), because, hello! It’s about you!

13. Compliment

She will always notice something new you have – whether it’s your shirt, shoes, or haircut. She will always be the first to give you a compliment and make you both laugh. You should always reply when she throws a compliment your way. I want you to ALWAYS reply to each and every compliment from her, because it’s so rude not to.

14. Doing everything possible thing just to be around you

It’s like courting someone. You will receive a text or call like “where are you?” and when you answer where you are, surprisingly so, that will be the destination she already had planned for the evening. She will try to be in the same places as you in hopes of spending more time together.

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15. She’d shoot those ‘Hopeful’ eye looks to you

eyes full of love_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

She wants you to make a move, and you just need to do it. Her dreamy, lovely eyes will always be shooting the most hopeful looks toward you! Come on, now, how can you possibly keep away from this level of cuteness!

So, don’t worry girls, just show him you love him, and you my gorgeous guys, make sure you notice and appreciate her subtle ways to show love for you from now on.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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