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11 Absolutely Weird Things Men Find Attractive About Women

We all know a lot of things that men find attractive about women. But did you know that there are a few absolutely uncommon and quirky things that almost every man loves in his woman? Most of the time, women are completely clueless about these small things that men love about them. So here is the list of 10 weird things men love about women, so that they know what a man misses the most when their girlfriends/wives are not around.

1. No makeup

no-makeupImage source

Men love their woman’s all-natural look. While they do appreciate when they put in effort to look great by making themselves up, dress nicely, or do their hair in elaborate dos, nothing beats that fresh, just-off-the-bed mussed look.

2. Stretch marks

Most women are concerned about their stretch marks and think that it is a turn-off for men, but trust me, men like it. It reminds men that their partner carried their child, and if the marks are on other parts of their body apart from their belly, it does not make any difference. So women, stop wasting your time and money on anti-marks creams and treatment, because you man loves it.

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3. Women in uniform

It is not just women who are attracted towards men in uniform, we men like it too. So, maybe the next time you get back from work, get a little flirtatious with your man and see the results for yourself.

4. Women in glasses

women in glassesImage source

Most women think that glasses somehow spoil their look, making them go for contact lenses. But men love it. Guys think that women who wear glasses are smart and shy from the outside, but underneath those frames, they are wild. More importantly, all men love that geeky look that women get when they wear glasses.

5. Watching their partners dress and apply makeup

Men love to watch their women take care of themselves. Be it when they apply makeup or when they get dressed after taking a shower. It is surprising for men that every woman has her own style of dressing and makeup, and this is what they find attractive.

6. Your unique smell

Forget about buying expensive perfumes because men love your natural scent untainted by artificial fragrances. It is simple science; your body secretes pheromones which influences testosterone level of your partner. A woman’s natural scent is much more arousing and intoxicating when she is at her most fertile.

7. Your belly

Believe me, men are obsessed with your belly. They just love to hold it, use it as a pillow to rest their head, and be playful with your soft tummy. Reason being very obvious – unlike men, women do not have hairy belly. 😉

8. Fear and vulnerability

fear-gifImage source

Signs of fear and vulnerability in women make men protective, and we men love to take care of our women because it gives us a chance to exhibit and boost our manhood. We men love to play Superman by coming to their rescue!

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9. Ponytails

Men are a big fan of ponytails. No matter how much you spend on fancy new hairstyles, nothing can beat the allure of a ponytail.

10. Clumsiness

Clumsy-gifImage source

Men prefer clumsy women, who, every now and then, trip or spill things. It’s weird, but we men find this clumsiness cute.

11. Sarcastic and humorous

Just like women, we men also prefer a woman who has an advanced degree in sarcasm, and who has a great sense of humor. Sarcastic women are usually very intelligent and hard to find. Men enjoy and prefer having the company of such women.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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11 Weird Things Men Find Attractive About Women
We know a lot of things that guys find attractive but did you know that there are some extremely weird things men find attractive about women?
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