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The ABCs Of Dating

A is for Attitude


Right attitude can take you places (or pants), while the wrong one means you’ll be single for years to come.

B is for Butterflies


Butterflies you get every time you see the one you were secretly eyeing watching you too.<mental somersault>

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C is for Cuddling


Coz if you get A and B right, you may just get to hop onto C- and you bet your f*ckin’a*s it feels GOOOOOOD!.

D is for Dates


The ones you spend all the time planning and thinking about after they are over.Yes, you fret over whether or not he will call too! #GodPleaseMakeHimCall

E is for Envy


The sharp envy you feel every time your date does a backflip when a hotter prospect passes by. <killing them both in my mind>

F is for Friendship


Because dating someone you are not friends with would just be sad, no?

G is for Getaways


What is dating if you don’t have your little unique getaways…and sometimes, staycations can be vacations too!

H is for Heated discussions

heated discussion_New_Love_Times

Coz you may just fight about G after all! Why wouldn’t he want to go to Barbados, right? You are mentally pushing him off some cliff there!

I for I am never talking to you again

i am never talking to you again_New_Love_Times

Coz H didn’t end very well- and you cancelled G!

J is for Jealousy


After all, your ex is out vacationing in Barbados with the bimbo he found! God, life is unfair. #JustSaying

K is for Kiss and makeup

kiss and makeup_New_Love_Times

Coz, hello- Barabados! 😉

L is for Love, Loyalty, Laughter

love, loyalty, laughter_New_Love_Times

That’s what we are all Looking For, aren’t we?

M is for the Movie magic

movie magic_New_Love_Times

Dating would lose half its meaning if movies didn’t exist (besides there is the popcorn to be shared and the finger-bumping) 😉

N is for the Night outs

night outs_New_Love_Times

The dancing, the drinks, the music…and the rest of the BEST.. 😉

O is for Optimism


Optimism that it will keep getting better from here on!

P is for Patience


Because you need lots and lots of it…

Q is for Questioning


We all come here- Where is this going?

R is for Romance


Remembering everything he does that makes you melt like a tub of ice-cream! Hell, this is going forward, Q! In your face!

S is for Sex


Ahem… Let’s not kiss and tell!

T is for Truth


I love you- I really do!

U is for Understanding


Understanding your partner, yourself and the relationship…

V is for Vulnerability


Coz even in my naked truth, I feel safe with you…

W is for We


Yes, you are We now- even if that creeps all your pals! #WhoCaresIAmInLove

X is for the EX


Because they have a funny way of creeping into your present dates..Damn you Beatles!

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Y is for Yappy


I mean who else would care to listen to your history, your family history and how your dog is the smartest!

Z is for Zany


The feeling you only feel when you’re with someone special, who loves you for who you are!

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The ABCs Of Dating
Here's a fun look at what the ABCs of dating mean.
Srija Banerjee

Srija Banerjee

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