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Dating For Dummies: 16 Failproof First Date Tips For Men That Are Sure To Work On The Lady

Enchanting and leaving a girl awestruck on your first date sounds like it is straight out of a movie plot, doesn’t it? Well, with our first date tips for men, it becomes easy-peasy!

First dates are all about making the right impression on your girl. This is your opportunity to woo her, and trust me, she is measuring you left and right; one wrong move, and that’s it! I am not trying to scare you, my friend! All I am doing is trying to tell you how vital this date is for you; a chance for you to prove that you are not just another guy!

Some people have great dating potential, naturally. But for those of you who need to put in some effort, I am at your service, milord! Before we plunge into the failproof first date tips for men that ensure you make a fantastic impression on her, let us just flick through two cardinal rules of dating!

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A. Keep calm

The first cardinal rule that comes to mind is relaxing! If staying calm is not your cup of tea, you have to devise ways to make sure you don’t get too anxious on your first date! Let me tell you something that I think will help you stay cool: your date is also putting in as much effort as you are to impress her. So rather than behaving like you are in a ship that is bound to sink, try to soothe your nerves a little, and have a good time.

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B. Talk your way into her heart

Being a good conversationalist is one among the most vital first date tips for men. No girl falls for a guy who hides everything that is going on in his mind. If you do not belong to the breed of good communicators, fret not, all you got to do is work on a list of things that you would like to talk to your date about. Now create pointers for the same and keep them in your mind. Try and ask more questions, nothing too personal though. When she answers, listen empathetically.

Dating is a game of luck. It may work, while it may not too! But to ensure a greater probability of things going your way, follow the upcoming 16 first date tips for men.

1. Picking the right place

It will be your responsibility to come up with a nice pick for the first date. Your choice of place will speak volumes about who you are and what you want. So make certain that you go for a place that is romantic, not cheesy though. Just cosy and comfortable. There must be people around, and need I say, decent people! If you are considering an afternoon date, seek help from nature to create the perfect ambience. If it is a dusk affair, you absolutely need candles to set the mood!

2. Be on time!

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Don’t even dare being late on the first date! Punctuality is key when it comes to everything in life, especially when it comes to dates! If she is coming on her own, reach the place before she arrives. That would make her feel way more relaxed, which is good news for you! If you mess this up, think that it is the end of it, brother!

3. Plan something special, but don’t surprise her!

Surprises don’t always go as planned, and so it’s better you skip that on the first date. Don’t leave her in the dark regarding anything that you have thought of for the evening. Whatever it is that you have on your mind, let her know about it. She needs to be prepared for it.

I think I have an idea that will make your date eventful. Go to more places than one! Try to work out the combination with your date. That way, you get to work as a team!

4. Be protective but not possessive!

Most guys use the two terms as synonyms, and forget the fine line between the two in practice! You need to make the girl feel secured when she is with you. But that does not mean that she belongs to you. Nobody belongs to anybody. Remember, she is not something for you to possess.

5. Dress up a little!

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Let me tell you something; she is going to take hours to look her best for the date, and so it is necessary that you put in effort too; not just to impress her, but for yourself! Reciprocate the feeling that this date means a lot to you too. Slip on something that makes you look clean and crisp. That will be enough to woo her on this front!

6. Smell great!

The fragrance you choose plays a significant role on dates. Soothe her senses with your cologne. Each time you move a little closer to her to hear her say something or to whisper into her ear, let her get a whiff of that manly fragrance.

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7. Be conscious of your hygiene

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You want to woo your girl on the first date and yet you don’t pay any attention to your hygiene? Dude, what are you thinking?! Your beard needs to look neat, your nails must be clipped, and your breath should be refreshing. These things if not taken care of, can mark the end of your relationship with this lady!

8. Do not be boastful!

Most guys think that bragging about what they do or their tastes and preferences in scotch or gadgets or cars, really impresses a girl. Well, no one could be more wrong! Women hate men who crow. It is a major turn off.

If you genuinely want to impress her and actually stand out in the crowd, talk about who you are without being arrogant about it. Ask for her point of view, and about her accomplishments. When it is your turn, talk about your achievements, but only elaborate if she asks you to. This will definitely make you look classy to her!

9. Do not get inebriated!

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If the date seems to be going well, don’t get carried away and have too many shots of whatever it is that you are drinking. Also “I was nervous, and so…” is no excuse. If you think you are getting a little tipsy, try to call it a day.

P.S.: Never have your drink on the rocks on your first date!

10. Don’t be judgmental!

Plus, don’t try to shove your opinion down her throat. You may be having a say about things but this is not the night that you show your liking for things being done a certain way. You can drop hints about them, if they are so close to your heart and you think that your date should know about them. But don’t don your activist hat that night because it is really annoying.

11. Pick hints!

You may be having a great time on the date, but that does not necessarily mean that she is enjoying it too. Does she look happy? Does she seem interested? If she looks distracted and troubled, and doesn’t ask you to your elaborate your point, change the topic of discussion. To call a date perfect, the couple needs to talk about things that are of mutual interest to them.

12. Be confident!

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Confidence is a very positive trait in a person. If you can wield your confidence with the right attitude, half the battle is won. Be conscious about your posture and the way you hold yourself. Sit straight, be flexible and not rigid. Please don’t quiver. Look her in the eye. Respect yourself and be compassionate to yourself. Confidence will follow!

13. Think before you speak!

You don’t want to get caught on the wrong foot, do you? So be careful of what you say and the way you say it. On your first date, it is better to be safe than sorry. Don’t talk about her parents, her siblings, her exes, what she expects of potential partners, unless she brings these up herself. Before you ask her any question, try answering it yourself in your mind. You will know whether it is awkward or not.

14. Treat her like a queen, but not your queen!

It’s just your first date, but displaying chivalry is a must. That’s your key to waltzing your way into her heart. She needs to be pampered a little. You need to give her a little trailer of how her life would be if she chose to spend it with you.

15. Shower her with genuine compliments!

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Flattery will work wonders only when it not just flattery. Don’t lie to impress your girl. I am sure you saw great qualities in her and that’s why decided to date her, right? Now commend her for those abilities of hers.

P.S.: Compliment your date about how beautiful she is looking, the moment she enters the room.

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16. Goodbye kiss!

I know you are really looking forward to this! *smirk*

Let me spoil it a little for you. DO NOT FORCEFULLY KISS. Your date may not be ready for a move like that, and you need to respect that.  But at other times, it may be too awkward for her to initiate a kiss. So, basically, you need to sense what she wants. A trick to do the same: Kiss her cheek lightly, and linger for a second. If her eyes are still closed, and she looks comfortable, go in for the kiss!

These are the first date tips for men that are sure to work on the lady. Was this article helpful? Do let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you have any queries, just ask. We are all ears!

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