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17 Creative Answers You Can Use When People Ask You Why You Are Single, For The 1000th Time In A Row

Have social gatherings, parties, funerals, baby showers and even dinners at home, become a nightmare for you coz of that fatuous, ridiculous, unnecessary question: Why are you still single? Trust me, you should bookmark this page! You will need this not only as a protective guard from Lata aunty who manages to grace the whole world with her presence at every single family union despite her ‘ghutno mein dard!’ but also that ex who seems to ‘run into’ you way more often now than when you were dating!

These 17 creative responses are going to throw them in a tizzy! Confusion is better than cure, as they say! Or do they say that? 😉 See what I mean!

So when they ask you “why are you single” for the billionth time, just go:

1. Jealous, huh?! 😉

I just got lucky, bruh! Please don’t jinx it!

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2. Sorry ladies, I am in the Night’s Watch! GoT-cha! 😉

And we just don’t take any wife, but are up for every other jazz that is to it! Ask Snow and Tarly! 😉


Image source: Tumblr

3. Wait a minute. Did you just break up with me?!

Thank you so much for that! (Leave them perplexed and bamboozled. And when I say ‘leave’, I don’t mean it in a figurative way!!)

4. But isn’t everyone single? I mean deep down? We came alone and we will all have to go alone!

If they frustrate you, you go depress them! Always works!

5. Why do you want me to settle for one when I can have 10?

*Relative dies*

And in his or her funeral you can point at the second-most irritating aunt (yes, they are ranked and there is no dearth of them!) and say “You are next!” 😉 Revenge is best served cold! Heehahaha!

6. The title of “CEO” turns me on more than that of “Wife”

Now burn you son of a b*tch!


Image source: Tumblr

7. Yeah, I just hate anyone and everyone who is not… me!

“Go love yourself!” I guess I took that way too seriously, Justin Bieber!

8. I don’t want to share my food with anyone!

Make that adorb face!


Image source: dailytoa

9. Well, I come with a BDSM contract and a playing room. You wanna have a look, babe?

Follow it up with a murderous grin and a spank!

10. You know how superheroes never get married coz they choose the safety and peace of earth over their own happiness!

Yep exactly that! ☺

11. Coz I am Hancock and might turn into a mere mortal if I found my soulmate!

The Gods would not mind! 😉

12. My parents don’t have enough fridges and scooters for dowry!

Coz otherwise I am totally cool it! Like totally!

13. Because, single is the new black!

Being hip is way sassier than being in a relationship! Duh!


Image source: classpass

14. Yes, coz for a relationship I would have to cut down on my TV hours and curb my spa time. Now that ain’t happening anytime soon!

I have my priorities, dude!

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15. I just have a ‘laht’ of “good friends”!

Hello, good friend! How you doin’? 😉

16. Point at the vibrator next to the table and say, “I don’t choose men over machine!”

No strings attached, like literally!

17. “You see how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet.”

Go Cher Horowitz on them!


Image source: Tumblr

Though these people, more than often, follow this moronic query with a “but you are so lovely or beautiful or great!” they should not be forgiven for this appalling crime! No mercy!

By the way, why are you single? 😉

Featured image source: indiapulse

Article Name
When People Ask, 'Why Are You Still Single?' Give Them These Awesome Replies!
When you're bombarded with the question, 'Why are you still single?' give them these creative answers! ;)
Riya Roy

Riya Roy

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