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[Valentine’s Day special] Dear Ladies, 15 reasons you should celebrate your singledom this Valentine’s Day

Yes, it is February and they are painting the town red all over again. But believe you me, you are better off painting your toenails red and enjoying the dope of scoffing at the crazed couples caught in the V-day mush saga (more out of obligation!) with your other awesomely single girlfriends. Don’t believe me, I have a singles’ party up on V-day night for all my gal pals. Come and join in. Yes, there’s unlimited booze!! 😉


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So, let’s get together and shout slogans of ‘I scream, you scream, we all scream – THE SINGLES’ Team’ … okay, okay, I know the rhyming sucks, but I bet the party won’t … coz here are fifteen awesomely ‘singular’ reasons to celebrate being single this Valentine’s Day like proud divas:

1. No unnecessary loosening of the purse strings


happy valentine's day, no one

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First things first. You are going to save money like crazy. No buying fancy gifts, no planning extravagant dates, no spending money on roses, cards, and I don’t know what-the-hell-else!! The only person you’d splurge on would be you – so, more shopping … yes, I know the shoe store is calling out loud!! 😉

2. No soppy, sugary mush-saga


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Yes, no PDA required, no mushy texts that need to be sent when the clock strikes 12 and oh yes, no being part of Rose Day, Propose Day, Hug Day, and God knows what not! As for the chocolates, you can pretty much buy them for yourself all year round girl! Why keep aside just one day to feast on such a sweet sin!! 😉

3. Free time, hurrah


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When you do not have to doll up and be at your romantic best all day, you have a lot of time to laze around in your pajamas, have ice cream and skip the waxing/shaving, mani-pedi, and facial fuss. Plus, on all the other days of the week you return home to a quiet evening that is blissfully divorced from two-hour long ‘How-was-your-day, baby?’ phone calls!

4. Get piss drunk without qualms


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For once you do not have to worry about holding your drinks well or acting sober when your head’s screaming for lemonade. And that to me is a welcome change. You all agree, don’t you?

5. You can binge without a care


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Let’s admit it girls – giving up on our first love for a chokingly ‘ingenuine’ and forced celebration of this lame day with a person who’d rather be watching the Cricket World Cup than you is not worth the fuss. So, flock towards food. It loves you truly and you know you do too! 😉

6. You own your life


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You don’t have to watch movies you don’t want to watch, be with ‘guy friends’ that you absolutely abhor or spend countless hours listening to the latest version of ‘blah-blah’ or the way he beat the crap out of Xyz during PSP time!! This is the key to owning your own life citadel and ‘living in it’ the way you please! Live, laugh, and then live some more!! J

7. A girls’ night out is better than those wine-and-dine dates


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You’d be thanking your lucky stars for this one. Coz nothing beats a girls’ night of endless rounds of drinks with some whacky sarcasm directed at those hitched people who are clumsily clinging together on the dance floor!

8. Ahh, the good night’s sleep


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No midnight mush messages, no forced lovey-dovey conversations, and no late night compulsion to talk. No fights, no swollen eyes, no dark circles and hey, life’s so gooooooddd!!!

9. The flirting license


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No fretting over whether or not you should take up that offer for drinks, no unnecessary qualms about eyeing that ‘cute’ dude who has been throwing invisible ‘I am interested’ darts in your direction all night! Free flirting and no guilt pangs. Isn’t single life the best? 😉

10. Life is about ‘everyone’ 


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Yes, unlike your ‘committed friends’ who spend long, protracted periods on phone calls and texting, you actually talk to people you want to talk to! You keep in touch with everyone, do not have to discount on ‘family and friends’ time and can make room for everyone. You lucky single girl, you are blessed with a ‘real’ social life.

11. The ‘big and small- ALL’ decisions are ALL yours


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You want to move to a different city? You want to switch jobs? You want to invest in a new scheme? Or you want to buy that dress in three different colors? You are now the boss of your own life and you do not have to discuss it all or seek approbation from a significant other. You can get that tattoo you wanted, have your belly button pierced, shift base without worrying about the trials and tribulations of a long-distance relationship, and even wear that mini skirt or backless top without a second thought!! Now that’s freedom!!

12. No break-up bakwaas


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So far the best part about singlehood – no breakup blues. You are now always on the consoling end of breakups and you can vouch for the millionth time how infinitely better it is than going through the tortuously torturous process of having to break a heart or offering your own up for being smashed and then bearing the excruciating pain of ‘getting over it.’

13. Happy hobby hours


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Being single means you do not have to adjust your schedule according to somebody else’s timetable. You can take charge of your own time and have the liberty to design what you’d do with the precious ticks of the clock all by yourself. So, if you wanted to paint but never quite found time, wanted to take that solo trip, go backpacking or even spend some time taking piano lessons, singledom is your ticket. Go and get it, girl!!

14. No need to ‘settle’ 


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Yes, you don’t have to engage in that endless series of texts, emails, and phone calls, especially if it seems more of a compulsion than an organic bond. Relationships are awesome but you do not need someone to validate your existence by telling you how beautiful, amazing, and awesome you are! Because you’d be all that, with or without those flowery compliments. So, unless you find someone really worth all the time and effort you’d invest in the relationship, you can clink those glasses as a worthy toast to singledom! J

15. Finding ‘yourself’ first


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Unless you are your own go-to person and happy by yourself, you cannot be happy in a relationship. So, if you are still on the journey, it is completely okay to be single and cherish each moment of it. After all, it’s all about the journey and not the destination! Cheers!!

There you go ladies. Let the celebration begin!! :)

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15 reasons women should celebrate being single this Valentine's Day
Single is the new sexy! Be single, be awesome!! Check out all the awesome reasons to celebrate being single this Valentine's Day!!
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