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17 Things You Can Do When Your Boyfriend Is Right But You Do Not Want To Admit You Are In The Wrong

“NO, you are wrong and I am right!” I almost shouted on the phone to my boyfriend. Of course, I am always right, there are no two ways about it. But, let’s be fair there are times when I am wrong and he is right and then there are horrible times when he has warned me it would go wrong, it did and I just hate to accept it. Admit it girlfriends, it has happened to you too! But between you and me, here’s how you can handle it without letting him win! 😉

1. When you order too much food


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This happens almost always, when we order take out or when we are eating out. I get really optimistic about what I can eat and there is food left over, then I remind him that I ordered so I can take the leftovers home for later!

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2. When you don’t need that extra piece of clothing


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I love T-shirts especially the funky cool graphic ones and every time I find a new design online I hit “Buy Now.” He tells me I don’t need any more tees but hey I need to buy new ones so I can donate the old ones! Who can argue with a do gooder?!  😛

3. When you don’t dress up

You remember ticking off your boyfriend for wearing that old sports jersey wherever he goes? I do that a lot. And he makes it a point to remind me when I wear my favorite faded ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ tee. I just tell him how he has no clue about fashion and how faded look is in!

4. When you forget directions to your friend’s house

He is driving and you are giving directions, but sometimes you give out the wrong directions even if you are supposed to know it so well. I just stop at a local store, get out of the car, buy something random and tell him I always wanted to go there! Problem solved! 😉

5. When you get late for a movie


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I am always complaining that I don’t get to watch the trailers as we get late. But this once, I was so busy shopping that we got late despite him giving me time updates. I just told him my watch was running slow!

6. When he tells me my boss is right


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I have disagreements with my boss and I come back and vent to my boyfriend. It irks me like nothing else when he points out I am wrong, and then I go all ballistic and tell him how he doesn’t know how things work at my office.

7. When you display your road knowledge

I drive a lot and I like to believe I know my city well. When we are heading somewhere and I find a route shorter but it isn’t I tell him that it’s better because the roads are better or there is no traffic.

8. When you know you didn’t call but you insist


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I fight, I get upset, then I calm down and then I start making up and somewhere along the way I believe I called him a hundred times and he didn’t respond! But I did not. I however insist I made a call and his phone is playing up on him! Who shall he believe- the phone or his luuoovvvee! 😉

9. When you need to get your daily dose of TV


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He tells me it’s a waste of my time to watch TV and I know that. However, I remind him how our relationship survives only because of the wise wisdom I get from Grey’s Anatomy!

10. When you use a word wrong while texting

I am a grammar nazi and point out his mistakes all the time. But once I use a word in the wrong context, all hell breaks lose! I just blame it on autocorrect! 😉

11. When you buy that cute thing

I love cutesie stuff- anything small and colorful gets me going. I love stationery. Okay I just love useless stuff. But when he points it out I tell him I collect this stuff!

12. When you don’t estimate the weather right


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The clouds are grumbling and I know it will rain and my boyfriend is not a weatherman but he still tells me it will rain but I don’t get a raincoat because it will eclipse my dress. That’s when I tell him that I love getting wet in the rain! And ooh- raindance! <melt>

13. When you get that short haircut


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I ask him to remind me that I hate short hair but I always go for them. I hate it when it goes bad and before he even has a chance to call me out, I blame it on the new stylist and aver that the old one would have done an awesome job!

14. When you pick a bad restaurant

I pick a restaurant and the service is bad, so I point out how life is an adventure and we needed this to appreciate the better ones coming our way! Do you think I could be a motivational speaker? #JustAsking 😉

15. When you cheat on your diet


Image source: Tumblr

Asking your boyfriend to be your wing person on a diet is the worst. When I am flouting diet rules and he tells me I will regret it, I tell him life is too short and stuff my face with the cupcake! I look really adorable that way, so he can’t fight it! <gee>

16. When you won’t use that diet food

Protein shakes, apple cider vinegar, flax seeds- they all occupy my cupboard and he predicted the inevitable. The only out I have is to promise him that I will use them soon! Seriously, you can’t get around this one!

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17. When you are never wrong


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The ultimate one, when confronted with the words ‘I told you so,’ I stay strong with my hands on my hips and confidently say ‘I am right, forever and for always!’ Works!

Yay!!! 😀

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17 Things You Can Do When Your Boyfriend Is Right But You Do Not Want To Admit You Are In The Wrong
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