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20 Sweet Wedding Vows That Will Make You Fall In Love Again

A wedding is a huge deal in the lives of two individuals, who have decided to become one. The reason they decide to get married in the first place is because they love each other, and a wedding is the perfect place to express it. What makes your wedding, and therefore, your love for each other unique and different from the rest is the sweet wedding vows that you write down for each other. Not only does it tell your partner how much you love them in your own special way, and in your words, they are also symbolic of the promises that you would like to make to each other for the rest of your lives.

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Here are 20 sweet wedding vows that are going to make you fall in love once again.

1. This vow that likes to keep things sweet and traditional

sweet wedding vows_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

“With this ring, I give you my promise that from this day forward I will give you all my love, and you shall not walk alone. I have no greater gift to give. As your love is my anchor, and your trust is my strength, may my heart be your shelter and my arms be your home. This ring has no end or beginning, so shall my love for you be. As I place it on your finger, I give you all that I am, and all that I shall become.”

2. Sweet wedding vows that don’t undermine the importance of being on time

“I promise to love and care for you, and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love. I will always be honest with you, kind, and patient and forgiving. I promise to try to be on time for whatever you need me, wherever you need me. But most of all, I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you because there is no friendship I covet more than ours. I love you, for now and forever.”

3. This vow that promises eternal friendship above all else

sweet wedding vows_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

“Today I take you to be my partner for life. Together we will create a home, reside in it together and become a part of one another. I vow to help create a life that we can cherish, inspiring your love for me and mine for you. I vow to be honest, caring, and truthful, to love you as you are and not as I want you to be, and to grow old by your side as your love and best friend for the rest of eternity.”

4. A vow for all the important things in life

“I promise to be your lover, companion and friend, your partner in parenthood, your ally in conflict, your greatest fan and your toughest adversary, your comrade in adventure, your student and your teacher, your consolation in disappointment, your accomplice in mischief.
This is my sacred vow to you, my equal in all things. All things, without exception.”

5. A vow to make two people fall in love, over and over

sweet wedding vows_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

“I am proud to take you as my partner. For all the time we have been together, there has always been the kind of mutual understanding which is only shared when there is true love. You have helped me triumph over challenges presented, encouraged my personal growth, and boosted my self-esteem. You have helped me become the person I am today, and with your help, I will be a better person tomorrow than I was yesterday.”

6. Sweet wedding vows that say a lot with very little

“On this day, I give you my heart,
My promise, that I will walk with you,
Hand in hand, wherever our journey leads us,
living, learning, loving,
Together, forever.”

7. A vow that promises all the right adventures

sweet wedding vows_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

“I promise to always leave the lights on in the bathroom
I promise to mysteriously take three hours to make a simple omelette
I promise to create a life for us of unexpected and strange adventures
I promise that I will love you, without exception, day after day.”

8. Some things that need to be expressed

There is still a part of me today that cannot believe that I’m the one who gets to marry you.”

9. Vows that encompass facing the simpler hurdles of life

sweet wedding vows_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

“I feel truly blessed because I’ve found a love that transcends and grows, despite state lines, early morning commutes, barking beagles and conflicting seasons.”

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10. Some vows say it all

“I vow not just to grow old together, but to grow together. I will love you faithfully through the difficult and the easy. What may come, I will always be there, each one believing that love never dies. As I have given you my hand to hold, so I give you my life to keep.”

11. Vows that remind your love that you love them for their virtues and flaws

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Image source: Pinterest

“I promise faithfulness and patience, respect and lightheartedness, attentiveness and self-improvement. I will celebrate your triumphs, and love you all the more for your failures.”

12. Sweet wedding vows that encompass the spirit of long lasting love

“I vow to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share in the silence when they are not.”

13. A vow as a promise for eternal commitment

sweet wedding vows_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

“What I possess in this world, I give to you. I will keep you and hold you, comfort and tend you, protect you and shelter you, for all the days of my life.”

14. This vow, that sums up the real deal of real love

“I promise to be your navigator, consoler, sidekick, best friend and your husband. Finally, I promise you myself.”

15. Another promise for a lifetime of adventures

sweet wedding vows_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

“I choose you. To stand by your side and sleep in your arms. To be joy to your heart and food for your soul. To learn with you and grow with you, even as time and life change us both. I promise to laugh with you in good times and struggle alongside you in bad times.”

16. Vows that are meant to hold true for forever

“I promise to be faithful and supportive and to always make our family’s love and happiness my priority. I will dream with you, celebrate with you and walk beside you through whatever our lives may bring. You are my person—my love and my life, today and always.”

17. This vow comes straight out of Jewish tradition

sweet wedding vows_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

“Wear me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is infinitely strong. Many waters cannot quench love, no flood can sweep it away, I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”

18. These sweet wedding vows are the most endearing

“I promise to love you in good times and in bad, when life seems easy and when it seems hard, when our love is simple, and when it is an effort. I promise to cherish and honor you, and to always hold you in highest regard. These things I give to you today, and all the days of our life.”

19. Vows that remind your partner why you love them now and forever

sweet wedding vows_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

“I promise to encourage your compassion, because that is what makes you unique and wonderful.
I promise to nurture your dreams, because through them your soul shines.
I promise to help shoulder our challenges, for there is nothing we cannot face if we stand together.
I promise to be your partner in all things, not possessing you, but working with you as a part of the whole.
Lastly, I promise to you perfect love and perfect trust, for one lifetime with you could never be enough.
This is my sacred vow to you, my equal in all things.”

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20. Vows that are said with absolute conviction – even years later

“Loving what I know of you, trusting what things I will discover. I will respect you as a person, a partner, and an equal. There is little to say that you haven’t already heard, and little to give that is not already freely given. Before you asked me, I was yours and I am devoted to you in every way. I marry you with no hesitation or doubt, and my commitment to you is absolute.”

The moment when you promise eternal commitment to your partner out loud in front of your wedding party, is one of the most important, emotional, and sentimental moments of your life, which is why it is important to choose your words wisely and tell your partner how much you love them.

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20 Sweet Wedding Vows To Make You Fall In Love Again
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