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If Only: 22 Imaginary Courses That’d Make Our Lives Easier, If They Came Alive

Nowadays everybody on the planet seems to be challenging the value of our University degrees, especially we! 😉

I mean honestly what good will organic chemistry (or knowing why my weight on moon will be 1/6th of my weight on Earth???? Am I not already sad about not being on moon!!!) do to me if all I want to do is post a picture on FB! The latter is more practical, right?? I wish there were courses that helped me better the art of contouring (not to be read as contorting!) my face, clicking good selfies and post-processing it to get me 650 likes! Or something that helped me interpret the messages my crush sent or the emoticons my ex was replying with! Though these courses will never make it to the resume, they would definitely make life way easier!

Here are 22 such imaginary courses that we wish our college provided!

1. Bachelor of APM (Asking Parents for Money)

imaginary courses_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

Wonder if they would pay for this course! 😉

2. Ethical Hacking

This will be an introductory course, the advanced level being, “Philosophy of Forgiving the Ex but Not Forgetting the B*st*rds Password!”

3. Advanced Texting for Unclear Relationships

With extra classes on Emoticon Etiquettes.

4. History of FB Privacy Settings

imaginary courses_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

You need to know the lock well to forge a key, right? 😉

5. An Introductory Understanding of WTF is happening on GoT!

A special class on decoding all that George R.R. Martin has ever said on Twitter!

6. Advertising: How to Lie on your CV

Learning that “Skills” is the section that can be manipulated the most!

7. Does This Tee Make Me Look Fat?

imaginary courses_New_Love_Times

Image source: amibeingcatty

A philosophical study of why peplums and jean skirts will make you look chunky!

8. Internet Stalking (Practicals)

By the end of the course, one learns to minimize the probability of hitting the “like” button while stalking to a shocking 0! If not, the money shall be refunded!

9. Pimple Prevention (Rather Than Cure)

imaginary courses_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

Eligibility for the Course: Ability to get a pimple the night before a date, an interview or a pretty cousin’s birthday party.

10. From Slumber to Inkwell: Instagram Filter Assortment

Basically, which one can make your chin look the slimmest, because only that seems to magically gain all the weight!

11. Interior Design: Hostel Room and Roommates

An account on Pinterest in Mandatory!

Suggested read: We rated all the different kinds of sex and learnt good sex is an illusion!

12. Biology: Will I get Cancer?

imaginary courses_New_Love_Times

Image source: gifsec

At the end of the course, one shall be assured that hair fall is not a guaranteed sign of cancer though it is one of early balding!

13. Mathematics: Dividing the Dutch Dinner Parties  

So that you know the b*tch didn’t get away with paying the lesser share!

14. “Comparative” Economics

To determine which guy is the richest in college before setting a date target!

15. Mental Strength Building


  • How to cope up with losing your iPhone
  • How to ignore the classmate’s new Gucci bag
  • How to step down as the hottest girl in college in senior year

16. Miley Cyrus and Other Mysteries

imaginary courses_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

In other mysteries, we offer a choice between Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and, on popular demand, Justin Bieber.

17. Wife Material: Do you have it in you?

Are you dominating, controlling, dictating and capable of invading Poland, if need be? Yes, this is your course!

*FemiNazis pull out guns*

18. Man-scraping

A 20-day course on understanding the man behind that hair!

19. Bedroom Physics

imaginary courses_New_Love_Times

Image source: alphahacks

First chapter: The 20 principles of Blowjobs!

20. Law: Art of winning over the S.O.’s parents

Not futile anymore!

21. Advanced Snapchatting

Course overview: Will teach you how to balance the cute, funny and the sl*tty in you!

22. ‘Tinder’ Tailor Soldier Sailor Spy

The art of knowing a man from his display picture!

And we still have not covered all facets of life! I mean, who is going to teach us the interpretation of nail polish names, strategy of walking past the parents when inebriated, and  philosophy of age and weight being only numbers, huh???!! 😉

Any other imaginary courses we have missed? Hit us up in the comments below.

Featured image source: confusedsandals

Article Name
If Only: 22 Imaginary Courses That'd Make Our Lives Easier, If They Came Alive
If only these imaginary courses would come alive! *Sigh*
Riya Roy

Riya Roy

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