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[Insta-celeb series] Barbara Palvin Instagram: All In Style

This doe-eyed brunette is simply too gorgeous to have been missed. Which is why it surprises us little that this dead ringer for one of the greatest models ever, Natalia Vodianova, was discovered in the streets of Budapest when she was all of thirteen!

And life for Barbara Palvin, ever since, has been one helluva tryst with fashion and its corollaries. Don’t believe me? Well, the Hungarian beauty who has, in the past, broken the hearts of a million Beliebers, owing to her short romantic rendezvous with Justin Bieber has had a super-impressive career trajectory.

barbara palvin

Barbara Palvin

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Here are snippets of her super-stylish gigs in the fashion industry:

  • She has modeled in the Asian market with enviable success before…
  • …being signed by IMG…
  • …post which she had a smash-breakthrough shoot for the cover of L’Officiel
  • She debuted at Milan fashion week as a Prada exclusive.
  • Her portfolio boasts of some solid runaway work…
  • …including Chanel (for instance the Spring 2011 Haute Couture show)…
  • …post which she landed a Chanel beauty contract.
  • She has been a part of Calvin Klein’s Forbidden Euphoria campaign.
  • Her commercial work included the likes of Armani Exchange and well…Victoria’s Secrets!

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And if this isn’t enough to evince that this drop-dead gorgeous diva is a true dazzler, you shall only have to check out these stunning visual tokens of Barbara Palvin’s cutting edge, glam, and fashion-forward choices – here’s an insta-slice of this insta-hottie who has over 2.3M followers on Instagram. Check out Barbara Palvin Instagram pics:

Here’s the lovely lady ready to rev up temperatures in the land down under:


And now in Cannes…


And here you can see the younger Barbara actually ‘killin it!’


I bet they do … from cuteee to hottttt …


Coz birthdays are special!


And what would we not give to be in this MOOD!!


Really? That’s better than my good hair days! 😛


Ohh – the woes of being fit that Barbara makes so easy! If only ’twere that easy for me!


Bunny-licious! 😉


You – all the way Barbara – YOU!




And the platter to please the palate!

Some more interesting facts about the fashionista (that you will have a hard time believing) include:

  • She played soccer when she was younger- striker position!
  • She loves to sing. Hungarian folk songs form the staple here
  • She likes Japanese animation films (animes) and mangas
  • She only washes the top of her head and rinses the rest so that shampoo does not make her hair dry!
  • And oh, she is scared of insects!
barbara palvin

Barbara Palvin

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

You only have to scroll through her Twitter and Instagram updates to book several weeks of your future-time to rave about her latest sheer black dress or the stunning red-hot mermaid gown! Coz when it comes to Barbara Palvin – everything happens in STYLE! 😉

What did you think about Barbara Palvin Instagram pics? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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Barbara Palvin Instagram: All In Style
Barbara Palvin, the doe-eyed beauty from Hungary, takes the world by storm, a style storm. Catch the most interesting snippets from Barbara Palvin Instagram!
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