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If Hollywood Celebs Were On Tinder, Their Tinder Bios Would Be…

First things first, I am doing this on a dare…

Okay, that’s a lie. I am doing this because the hunt for love seems like chasing after the mythical unicorn in the digital age. And amidst all the frustration, I cannot help but hope that if Tinder is the only wingman allowed us, it introduces me to Ryan Gosling! <girly grin-blush>

And amidst my idyllic daydreams about the hottie from The Notebook swiping me right on Tinder, I can’t help but imagine what would happen if the Hollywood bigwigs took to Tinder to find love?

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Yeah, I know I know… you are saying Leonardo DiCaprio is already on there… but there’s no chance on earth he’s swiping me right, is there? But what if the whole sky of Holly-stars came shattering down on the Tinder-earth in a blazing meteor shower? Would we like their Tinder profiles? Or would their Tinder profiles fuel enough ammo for some solid trolling?

What if the Tinder bio of Kristen Stewart went ‘If you can tell from my expression how I feel, I will swipe right’? 😛 Would the Tinder bio of Adam Sandler read ‘I don’t apply the ‘scream all the f*ckin’ time’ acting mantra to dates’?

Having fun, are you?

Well, my brain went whirring at exponential speed to the more scorching of Hollywood celebs and I churned out some imaginary Tinder profiles that’d make your day:

1. Justin Bieber – Bieber’s back, babes!

Justin Beiber Tinder bio

2. Miley Cyrus – Coz I’m wild and shine…

Miley Cyrus Tinder bio

3. Kim Kardashian – This p*ss you off, why’re you still watchin?

Kim K Tinder bio

4. Charlie Sheen – Coz men will be MEN!

Charlie Sheen Tinder bio

5. Paris Hilton – Attention? I can buy that!

Paris Hilton Tinder bio

6. Beyonce – Swipe left dude, you got no chance!

Beyonce Tinder bio

7. Rihanna – Am I hot or am I hot!

Rihanna Tinder bio

8. Taylor Swift – If you date me, you’d be a song!


Taylor Swift Tinder bio

9. Madonna – I’m HOT as f*ck and still here!

Madonna Tinder bio

10. Lady Gaga – I shall make my next dress out of d*cks!

Lady Gaga Tinder bio

Tell us which celeb you think would rock on Tinder and don’t forget it’s about Tinder bios – so tell us what you think his/hers would look like! There’s a comments section down there.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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10 Imaginary Tinder Profiles Of Celebrities
If Hollywood hunks and divas took to Tinder, what would their Tinder profiles read? Read to find out...
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Sejal Parikh

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