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25 Incredibly Stupid Things We Are All Guilty Of Doing In The Name Of Love

“Show me you love me!” This simple phrase has become more of a challenge in today’s relationships and is sometimes taken too seriously. Being silly in love is completely different and cute compared to being downright foolish! In the beginning of a new relationship, guys and girls tend to do outrageously stupid things because they are still feeling insecure in the relationship and want to make sure their partner stays happy.

The stupid things people do in love are not the same for guys and girls. While she might be turning on the sex appeal to keep him happy, he, on the other hand, might be emptying his pockets to make her fairy tale a reality! Read on to know more about these stupid things and whether or not you have been guilty of any of these in your own relationship!

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Let’s begin with the ladies.

1. The ‘secret’ of love


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We all desire a truthful partner. A love built on lies is sure to fall apart sooner or later. A girl has to be wise enough to know the difference between telling the truth and telling dark secrets from her past to her new boyfriend. You don’t want to scare him off right away!

2. The ‘naked’ truth

woman in white lingerie

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Women still seem to send their nude photographs to their boyfriends, even though there are countless horror stories out there! Several such chats have turned into nightmares, when the enraged lovers have avenged a breakup by posting these photographs online or distributing them to others!

3. The Solitary Keeper

You show her a mirror about her relationship, and you are sure to get cut off. She is going to turn a deaf ear to every criticism about her boyfriend, even if true. As a consequence, he is the only person left in her life and she is his keeper!

4. ‘Maid’ in love

woman cooking

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You like pleasing your man and do little things for him. He returns the favor by showing you how much he loves you. This is healthy. The situation is sickeningly different, if you assume the role of his maidservant and do every chore for him without question!

5. Respect? What does that mean?!

If he doesn’t respect you as an individual, or any other women, just because, then, honey, he’s not worth sticking around. And if he belittles women every chance he gets, then run – in the opposite direction. You may be blinded by *love* and all the *feels* for now, but he’ll definitely show his true colors sooner rather than later.

6. Whatever happened to chivalry?!

man helping a woman to a chair

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In today’s world, women want to feel independent. They want to lift their own suitcases, pay for their own bills, and open doors themselves. But it doesn’t hurt to have a guy who knows and respects this, but lets her know that he will always be there if things go wrong. Ladies, don’t settle for anything less!

7. ‘Blowing’ it up!

couple in bed

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Entertaining the idea of sex early in a relationship is the surest way to get dumped! Let him prove his love for you before you consciously decide to take the plunge! If he is constantly advancing the idea of a physical relationship, this guy has some other plans.

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8. “It’s not right but it’s okay?!”

You suspect that he is overly flirtatious with other women in your absence, and might even be sleeping with a few. Regardless of this, you work hard to please him more and blame yourself for lacking something which is ‘forcing’ him to cheat on you!

9. Checkmate

Most of the young relationships begin with the intent, “My best friend’s dating that hot basketball dude! Why can’t I have a boyfriend?” It’s sometimes tempting to enter into a less-than-ideal relationship in order to keep up with your friends or social group. This is a common mistake that many young people make as they are learning about the dating world.

10. You’ve been on my mind!


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You are a woman who still has unfinished business with her ex. Though you are happy in your current relationship, you feel the need to snoop around about him. Someday your boyfriend will find out and this could threaten your relationship. And your ex, well, he is your ex, and he should stay in the past!

11. The (s)cent of a woman

He depends on you financially and you happily keep spending because you want to please him. Buying presents for your guy isn’t the problem. The stupid thing is that you pay for his bills, because he is too lazy to work. By doing so, you are encouraging his idleness and equally guilty for creating a useless person out of him.

12. “We are open!”


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You love him truly, deeply, and madly enough to agree to his whim of turning your relationship into an open one. Though you too are allowed to have sexual relations with other men, you can’t even think of it because you love this moron so much! He, on the contrary, and according to the deal, sleeps around with other girls, breaking your heart every time. This is not a healthy relationship for either of you!

13. Picture perfect?

Setting your boyfriend’s picture as your profile picture is a very strange thing to do. It doesn’t make sense, and you should maintain your own identity in a relationship. This is a very superficial way of showing your affection, and you should focus on finding out how to become emotionally closer instead of broadcasting yourselves all over social media!

Well, enough embarrassment for the ladies to deal with; let’s now move on to the stupid things that men do when in the seventh heaven of love!

14. The ‘price’ of love

man giving a gift to a woman (2)

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You are filthy rich and want to splurge money on her. Very well, go ahead! But if you aren’t very financially stable yet, satisfying your girl’s every whim and fancy can burn your entire pocket, leaving no place for holes! Stupidity goes to an expert level when you borrow money to buy her these presents. Are you insane?!

15. “ReCall”


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He loves her so much and doesn’t want to waste a single moment without letting her know what she means to him! Sounds romantic, right? But in reality, it is far from romantic and is instead extremely annoying. Such guys are either jobless or soon to get chucked for being on the phone all the time!

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16. ‘Scarred’ for life

man getting a tattoo

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This is a new stupidity on the block! Without any idea of whether their relationship can go the mile or not, some guys get a permanent tattoo displaying their lover’s name! This is a very stupid thing to do because if the relationship falls apart, you either have to get the tattoo removed or be reminded of your ex-girlfriend every single day. Both are really hurtful!

17. No room for error

This is a decision that should be made once your relationship is more developed and not right way. If you are a smitten kitten and think that you cannot live apart and rush into getting a place together, I think you are an extremely stupid kitten! Rushing into this idea can have a negative effect on your relationship.

18. Johnny Stalker!

man stalking a woman

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So you are trying to keep an eye on her; and are watching every move that she makes and keeping track of the people she befriends! These actions become stupid and morally wrong when you do them without her knowledge. If you actually love this girl, you need to learn how to respect her private space and not intervene in it.

19. You need a ‘break’!

Guys usually tend to stay in their shell after a breakup. Their reaction to heartbreak is far worse than that of girls (that is, if they genuinely loved her!). Let time heal those wounds; don’t sulk and waste more time on someone who, pretty evidently, isn’t worth it!

20. ‘Hard’ luck

couple in bed

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

You are that, “let’s get goofy and do some real stuff!” kind of a guy, and by ‘stuff’ you just mean sex. Your idea of love is to jump into the sack with a girl right away and you think that that is going to keep your bond strong. Well, I don’t think so!

21. Tying the knot (around your neck)!


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Getting married to someone you just met is a complete disaster! You are actually marrying the idea of a person, an idea you formed after seeing her for the first time. This idea could be the completely opposite of reality. How can you marry a person whom you just met? And know practically next to nothing?

22. Birds of the SAME feather!

You try to copy her tastes and preferences to show how much you care about her, but you end up becoming her twin rather than a lover. A relationship is about compatibility and about complementing the other person. It is not about becoming a clone of them.

23. Crush(ed)

So you get an opportunity of a lifetime to study or work abroad at your dream institution. Well, when that moment actually arrives, you are dissuaded by your poor lass, who “cannot live without you’’! For the fear of being labelled selfish and eventually being dumped, you are dumb enough to let the chance go!

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24. (Truth or) Dare


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Taking on foolhardy dares to show off to your girl is an utterly stupid thing to do. She might be over the moon about it and even be cheering for you from the sidelines, but it’s your life that you’re endangering. Who said you had to be stupid to show your love and affection for a chick?!

25. “Miss-use”

knight in shining armor

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To become her knight in shining armor, you rush to her aid as and when necessary. The dumbest thing that you do is let her use you like a doormat! Whenever she needs a driver or needs to run an errand, you are at her beck and call. What makes you that silly, dude?!

A few years back a joke was making the rounds that love is the price men pay for sex while sex the price women pay for love! Well it seems there are far worse and stupid things people do in the name of love!

What is the stupidest thing you’ve done in the name of love? Tell us in the comments below.

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25 Incredibly Stupid Things People Do In The Name Of Love
Men and women both have been known to do incredibly stupid things in the name of love. Let's take a look at some of them.
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