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30 People Who Need To Be Banned From Social Media Forever

The Internet is a great place where everyone can share their beliefs and opinions. Most people usually use social media as a platform to share their thoughts with family and friends, or the whole world. But sometimes, things go awry. Okay, we do realize that God is not fair and that all humans are not equally intelligent, but there should be some sort of stupidity filter on social media that warns them of their, well, stupidity!

If you do not agree, check out these examples and tell us otherwise…

1. This man who ended his bromance publicly, Poor Mudasir!

1Image source: Facebook

2. This desperate man, who wanted to help women without children in a weird way…

2Image source: Facebook

3. Screw Bunsen burner, this dude is hotter than sun!

3Image source: Facebook

4. Interested girls may send their biodata to

4Image source: Facebook

5. Guess what is his favorite word? Seriously, you don’t know? Then he will ‘merry’ you! 😛

5Image source: Facebook

6. Is not child p*rnography banned?

6Image source: Facebook

7. And our government thinks that the only barrier to education is poverty!

7Image source: Facebook

8. Woah! This dude literally killed my attitude!


mage source: Facebook

9. That’s huge man!

9Image source: Facebook

10. Surely I have high BP after watching this stupidity!

10Image source: Facebook

11. Seems legit, don’t you think?


Image source: Facebook

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12. Life is so unfair once you grow up. Sigh!

12Image source: Facebook

13. Why not try rubber on your mouth? After all, “prevention is better than cure.” 😛


Image source: Facebook

14. Even aliens can’t handle this!

14Image source: Facebook

15. Step 1: Hissssss

Step 2: Kiss


Image source: Facebook

16. Only a single man can understand the pain of other single people.


Image source: Facebook

17. Sanju doesn’t need any love because he doesn’t follow any ‘rulas.’ 😛

17Image source: Facebook

18. This is wrong on so many levels that we don’t even know where to begin!


Image source: Facebook

19. Heights of selfie-mania.


Image source: Facebook

20. Kill it before it lays eggs. 😛


Image source: Facebook

21. One condom could have solved this!


Image source: Facebook

22. Buy 1 get 1 free!


Image source: Facebook

23. Shut up… I’m a mountain-humping dude, ok?


Image source: Facebook

24. He was blocked by many girls and the sole reason was his face. 😛


Image source: Facebook

25. Neither interested in girls nor guys.

25Image source: Facebook

26. This Desi Spiderman will give the NYC Spiderman a run for his money, no?


Image source: Facebook

27. Lucky girl, Pooja!


Image source: Facebook

28. Daddy’s little princess.


Image source: Facebook

29. Just wondering how she managed to wear 22 rings.


Image source: Facebook

30. It’s not your looks but you dumbness that kills!

30Image source: Facebook

Who among these specimens do you think takes the cake? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image source: Facebook

Article Name
30 People Who Need To Be Banned From Social Media Forever
Sometimes people don’t think before posting on social media and the results are hilarious! I, for one, vote for these people to be banned from social media.
Harshit Gupta

Harshit Gupta

I'm a regular joe whose second girlfriend is social media. When I'm forced into it, I write about fun stuff that nobody else thinks of. I have a wacky sense of humor that comes across in my writing.