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50 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She Sees Photos Of Her Ex On Her Facebook Feed

A break up today means expunging of the ex from social media as much as from your life, but if you have broken up amicably (whatever that means!) or just decided to continue to be friends because that’s the new thing, you will come across your ex often. You go from actively stalking your ex, checking up on their social media accounts to an acceptance phase where you forget about the person till that ex suddenly starts getting very active.

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Your ex has moved on from the break up and is totally living it up now, and wait, is he already dating someone? Oh my God! We bet these are the thoughts that are racing through your mind as you see photos of your ex on your Facebook feed –

  1. Frantically checking when the photograph was posted – damn, this was yesterday!!
  2. No, no, no! How can he be dating already?!
  3. Wait, who are all those people?
  4. Okay, there is that guy from his work…
  5. But isn’t the other guy his school mate?
  6. She is the only girl in the group! He never took me to an all boys night out! ☹
  7. He always used to say that he gets angry when the boys flirted with me, now he isn’t??
  8. Look at what she is wearing! How does he know someone that hot?
  9. Wait, let me check her profile…
  10. Aaaaargh! She has a private profile. But wait, she has three common friends with me and all of them are his friends…
  11. Wow! She has already gotten into his circle, huh? He let me be Facebook friends with his gang only 6 months into our relationship!
  12. What do I do now? Let me check her LinkedIn profile.
  13. Aha! Gotcha! Ookkay so let’s see you work at XYZ LLC. Holy sh*t, he is dating a colleague!
  14. Whatever happened to that gyan about workplace romance, huh?
  15. How do guys just leave their philosophies at the drop of a hat?! Ugh!
  16. She went to an IIT, hmm, okay, so she is smart, presumably…
  17. Okay, let’s see what else he has been up to!
  18. They went to the Dragon’s Lair! :-O
  19. What in the world!!
  20. He hates Chinese food! Damn, I hate your guts, man!
  21. Chinese?! MSG loaded and all that crap!
  22. How could you?!
  23. I didn’t eat Chinese for a whole year, man.
  24. That’s it, never going to give up anything for a guy, ever again!!!
  25. Feeling crazy at hard rock concert.
  26. “Feeling crazy”?? Didn’t he think those FB statuses were lame?
  27. Like, not even two months back?
  28. And a crazy selfie?
  29. I had to fight so hard for taking selfies.
  30. Such a two faced ba&*a%d
  31. It’s like I don’t even know him!
  32. Ugh, I want to delete him from my list.
  33. Let me text my girl group about this.
  34. They always told me this guy was no good.
  35. Oh, but do I ever listen to them :-/
  36. I should, from now on…
  37. Okay, let’s see what else that ass&*## has been to…
  38. I swear I want to punch him the next time I see him…
  39. Wait, he is now tagging her on articles?
  40. What article is this?
  41. *15 reasons you know you are in love*
  42. Love?!!!
  43. Seriously, LOVE??!!!
  44. What the *&#@$!!
  45. This can’t be happening…
  46. You commitment phobe $&%^#^
  47. It took you effing 3 months to say you even liked me, and this…
  48. It’s not even a month
  49. Argggggggggghhhhhh…
  50. F*ck you!

ex photos_New_Love_Times

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Go to ex’s profile – Unfriend. End of story. That’s what you need to do, girl, or if you are the zen type, just switch off and meditate your blues away 😛

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