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Fashion Bloggers On Instagram You Need To Follow Now!

It’s no surprise that social media, just as any other form of communication, has managed to become an integral part of our lives. Limiting the use of social media to merely updating posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter would be a mistake, for it undermines the power it holds, and the influence it exerts. Social media is no longer about communicating with your loved ones — it’s also about showing not just them, but the world, that you are having a fantastic life.

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This desire to create a ‘perfect life’ on social media, with the perfect lighting, the perfect set of friends or background, and the perfect amount of detailing such as a drink in hand or a minimalist outlook, are all ingredients to the concoction that we so love to live, but more importantly, portray. And to understate the power of such influencers, influencing your life and choices in unseen, algorithmic ways is nothing but a fallacy, especially when Instagram currently has 700 million users, and a contribution of $5-$10 billion dollars to the influencer marketing industry.

But it would be wrong to be cynical of the influencer-marketing industry, because the desire to literally follow influencers also comes with a choice to do the same. And while many influencers market specific products, this article specifically deals with the most influential of them all — the fashion bloggers on Instagram.

Using their influence to make the world an aesthetically-more-pleasing place, the days are gone when blogs were based on websites, with weekly updates. Today’s fashion bloggers on Instagram are keen to not only amass followers, but create frequent content to sustain the following. And with Instagram, the task is easier because of the emphasis on visual representation, that skips the nuances of the written word, and jumps right to relatability. And with this, here are 10 fashion bloggers on Instagram that you need to follow, not just to keep you updated on the latest fashion trends, but to make your feed a better place for you to scroll.

  1. Lyn Slater

Those who say that life begins after 40 aren’t entirely wrong, and Lyn Slater loves to put that straight. Going by the Instagram handle @iconaccidental, Lyn is a 64-year-old who describes herself as a cultural influencer, model and professor.

The beauty of her fashion blog is in every post that is created with the message- “age is not a variable”. Her profile creates a seamless marriage between the youth and old age- an otherwise antagonistic combination, simply because of her accidental advent into the world of influencing- she views herself as an end-consumer of a product, and not some blogger with an ageism-busting agenda.

In an interview with the W Magazine, she explained her project in the words- “I’m not twenty, and I don’t want to be twenty. But I’m pretty cool, and here I am.”

In a world of mainstream ideals generating a stereotypical culture, Lyn succeeded by doing the opposite, by being merely accidental.

  1. Mariano Di Vaio

Mariano Di Vaio (@marianodiviao) has a very simple Instagram bio which mainly focusses on the familial nature of his life— as a husband and father.

But scrolling through his feed would reveal that this 28-year-old Italian also happens to be in the most influential in the category of retail, fashion and e-commerce of Forbes Magazine under-30 list.

The reason — Mariano was one of the first to step into the fashion-Instagram nexus a decade back, and presently reaches over 11 million users. After pursuing a modelling career, he chose to create a fashion blog named MDV Style in 2012, which later expanded into MDV Collection, aimed at creating a reference-point for men’s fashion at an international level.

He seamlessly creates an image of glamour with a hint of luxury and accessible fashion choices, while blending the same with the idea of a family- a man who does not shy away from his parental responsibilities and manages to look fashionable at the same time.

Article Name
Fashion Bloggers On Instagram You Need To Follow Now!
While many influencers market specific products, this article specifically deals with the most influential of them all — the fashion bloggers on Instagram.
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Sreetama Basu

Sreetama Basu

Currently residing in Hyderabad, Sreetama believes in the healthy optimisation of a variety of interests- while engaging with political commentaries alongside a cup of tea is an essential, YouTubing her favourite bloggers on the latest media trends is her revered pastime.