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Marriage Advice From Married Couples: 30 Secrets To A Happy Married Life

When it comes to an ideal relationship, I can’t think of anyone except my grandparents. They have been together for the last seventy years and have literally lived an entire lifetime together. I have a big family and as we all gathered around to celebrate their 70th anniversary, I asked a lot of married couples about their secret to a great married life.

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From my parents (who have been together for thirty years) to my cousins, everyone had a different story to tell. If you like to live a happy married life, then you should certainly read these 30 secrets!

1. There will be times when you will realize that your partner is flawed – but so are you. It is all about embracing each other’s imperfections.

2. When you come home from work, don’t get stressed about what happened in your workplace. Never let your professional life interfere your personal one.

3. It might get a little stressful to be with kids, but it is all worth it. They become your greatest treasures.

4. There would be times when you will compromise your needs and would be required to put your relationship first. You should never second guess it.

5. If you are having fights, take a moment in between and say a few good things about each other. Never let a bad day ruin a good relationship.

6. Always start your day by talking for a few minutes with each other.

7. Have friends and go out with family. Don’t be one of those couples who have no life outside their relationship.

8. Give your partner some space. Let them go out with their friends and colleagues without accompanying them.

9. There would be times when you will be required to make budget cuts. Make every move wisely and contribute as much as you can.

10. Your relationship might go through a bad phase, but you should remember that it’s just a phase and will soon come to an end.

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11. Trust them. No questions asked.

12. Respect the choices that they have made. Instead of pushing your opinions, try to learn their side of the story.

13. Try to learn something new together and teach each other in the process. You both will love it!

14. Surprise them every once in awhile.

15. Respect their parents and try to know their friends. Be a part of their circle but don’t push yourself into it.

16. Fall in love with them, every morning, and every night.

17. Let them know that you will always be by their side.

18. Try to enjoy each and every moment with them. Stay in the present. Don’t let your future or past ruin your relationship.

19. Try to go on a vacation together at least once a year.

20. Be more kind and generous.

21. Share everything with each other – no matter what you are feeling, always convey it to your partner.

22. Every once in awhile, cook a meal together. Try to help them with various household chores. It’s not a one-person job.

23. When you are buying things of mutual usage, like furniture or any decor product, always go together. It’s really fun to shop together!

24. Try to experiment in bed. Have more sex and practice new moves with your partner to spice it up.

25. Go out and eat together. Don’t worry about getting fat!

26. Love them, even when you hate them (yes, there would be days when you will hate your partner).

27. Never take your partner for granted.

28. Celebrate every big milestone together. When you look back, you will remember all those birthdays and anniversaries.

29. Go on a date night and try to escape from the world, every once in awhile.

30. Say “I love you” more often.

Happy married life, fellas!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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30 Secrets To A Happy Married Life - Marriage Advice From Married Couples
Because a happy married life comes with well-lived married life! Experiential learning, they say!
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