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To All Married People: 30 Times Twitter Got Married Life Just Right

Everyone thinks they know what married life is like until they get married.

Is it hard?

Is it easy?

Is it magical?

Is it mundane?

What does married life really taste like?

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While we do not have any definitive answers because we still believe in the ‘no two marriages are alike’ dictum, Twitter does have a few hilarious insights. In fact, we might even go on to claim it has captured marriage perfectly. Take a look and laugh away:

1. Because you promised to ‘be there…’

2. Word.

3. Coz unlike what they say, keeping score is important, eh?

4. You gotta play smart…

5. Married peeps, ya’ll all vouch, right?

6. Coz some things never change…

7. #TrueLove or what?

8. Truth does sting…

9. I almost thought………..almost…

10. Yep, we do it for the dog. Same thing!

11. The things marriage makes you do…

12. Aha!

13. Look before you s(h)it? 😉

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14. #RealProblems

15. That’s some advice… or is it?

16. #NewAgeMarriage #MarriedLifeGoals

17. How hard is it, really?

18. Guess men, indeed, are from Mars and women from Venus!

19. @#$^%&*

20. Marriage is all about sharing, right? 😛

21. Husbands and kids- same!

22. Marriage is overwhelming…

23. When in bed… that’s not the only thing you do…

24. …but you can’t always do what you want to do either…

25. Because what is growth, if not this…

26. Me neither.

27. Ohh, the questions that make you wonder…

28. By each other in sickness and health… 😛

29. Why can’t you?

30. Truth be spoken…


Article Name
To All Married People: 30 Times Twitter Got Married Life Just Right
Married life is when you trade in the adoration of many for the sarcasm of one! ;)
Sejal Parikh

Sejal Parikh

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