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31 Reasons To Date A Punjabi Person

There’s a lot more to Punjabis other than gorgeous girls and well-built hunks (though that is all we really need in life, no?). Still need more reasons?

Padh lio!

1. You will gain 15 kg a month. All the yummy food has to go somewhere, no?


Image source: Tumblr

2. You can hold drinking competitions with us. You will lose, but hey, you can try.


Image source: Tumblr

3. Beer-sheer chodd! Black Label nikalo jee!

4. If you ever want to visit Kanneda, you’ll always have a place to stay.

5. Egg whites and orange juice? Ae ki honda hai? Arre aalu de paranthe aur lassi le aao!

6. Our language is so cute. Gaali shaali bhi soni lagdi ae!

7. You will be welcomed into the family like an old friend. No awkward questions asked!

8. We laugh at ourselves. We’ll laugh at you too, if you can’t.

9. We will listen to all your problems patiently – after we are done talking.


Image source: mtvstat

10. You will save a lot of money. We bargain well.

11. You will not have to butter up your parents to like us. We will do that for you 😉

12. If you ever suffer from a hangover, we will look after you. We know all the cures to hangovers!

13. We will always be fiercely loyal to you.

14. Every occasion calls for a round of Bhangra.


Image source: Tumblr

15. If we ever need a cab, we’ll call one for you. I didn’t say anything about using a phone.

16. You get to attend a ton of Punjabi weddings. Enough said.

17. Pain free cheeks will become a distant dream.

18. Sunny Paaji rocks.


Image source: gifsoup

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19. Everywhere you go with us, you’ll hear ‘Haaye kinni sohni kudi hai!/Haaye kinna sohna munda hai!’ 😉


Image source: Giphy

20. No matter how badly you screw up, we’ll brush it aside with ‘Arre, koi gal ni!

21. You don’t have to remember so many names. Just remember the basics – Kuldeep, Manpreet, Gurpreet, et al.

22. No guy will ever trouble you when you’re with us. Sacchi Mucchi.

23. You can party all night if you want. Because we’ll be partying with you.

24. All you need to say to impress our mother is ‘Butter Chicken toh favorite hai jii!


Image source: uthtime

25. If you want a diamond ring, we’ll get you a diamond necklace along with it. Bas hum aise hi hai!

26. We know all the great places to hang out.

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27. Yes, we women wear bright colours. Yes, we also look stunning in them.

28. We will never, ever order a salad in a restaurant.


Image source: Tumblr

29. We dance like there is no tomorrow. You should, too.


Image source: reactiongifs

30. We’ll always greet you with a bone crushing hug and lots of kisses. Culture hai yaar!

31. Saade naal rahoge toh aiysh karoge!


Image source: Giphy

With enough food to feed a small country when you visit (and none of it goes waste), these huge hearted people are probably the best people you can date or be friends with. Go call up that Punjabi friend of yours and go out for butter chicken!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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31 Reasons To Date A Punjabi Person
Because Punjabi people are the BEST!
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