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How To Show A Guy You’re Interested In Him

When you’re close to that guy you want to be with, but aren’t in a relationship with him, there’s a fine line between flirting with him and being too suggestive. Being risqué, without taking too many risks, is of the essence.

Here are a few techniques on how to show interest in a guy that may enable you to flirt with him, without stepping over the line:

1. Sound interested

They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care, is the catchphrase of many sales people around the world. The reason being, when you are interested in people, it shows that you care. Guys love when you show a genuine interest in them. It’s a definite turn on for them.

2. Entering the comfort zone

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Personal space is seen as a prism in many people’s eyes. You shouldn’t cross into it unless you are invited. Otherwise you may be seen as trespassing. That said, there may be times when you can use your sense of timing to enter into your man’s comfort zone and fuel his fire within. An example could be when you ask him for a drink. Moving up slowly behind him, you could lean forward, breathe softly, and whisper gently in his ear, Would you like a drink? Or Care for a drink? After he turns around (perhaps startled) to face you and responds, when moving past him, a deft touch from you with your hand upon the small of his back is a good move. Not on his butt, never on his butt, never on his face, but a deft touch around his lower back above the waistline shows him affection, and takes you where you need to be, in his zone. Remember, caress him with your hand as you move past, but don’t push or prod him.

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3. Scent

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A guy’s sense of smell is at the core of who he is. You need to appeal to all his senses if you are to successfully reel him in. And some good old-fashioned perfume is one true way to lure in the male species. Take your time to walk close to him wherever possible – when taking your seat at a dinner table, sitting on a couch or moving to the bar or bathroom. Having your hair well presented and washed, together with wearing a perfume that suits you, is one sure way to attract him.

4. Presentation

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Guys love it when girls and women look sexy. That doesn’t equate to trashy. But dress items such as stockings, suspenders, a shorter dress, and fine jewelry are all keys to a man’s erogenous zones. Knowing what to do with these dress items can make or break you when it most counts. Revealing yourself at brief interludes to him can be a definite turn on. Yet, over exposure can blow your cover and leave you feeling like a failure. Pick your moment. Lowering your stance to pick up a glass or something from a table in front of him, to reveal your breasts ever so subtly, can attract more than just his attention. Or crossing your legs ever so slowly on the couch in front of him to expose your inner thighs can engage his wanton eyes. Always focus on style with your presentation and wear something you feel comfortable with.

5. Smooth talk

Talking in a sensuous tone as and when the chance arises is one of the best ways to flirt with your man. Smooth talk is all about flirting though, without being too provocative. It’s all about what you insinuate, as opposed to what you say. Really, so you do like girls like me? Or another line may be I feel really hot in here… Opening up a thread with a suggestive tone in your voice, whether over the phone or in person, has attraction written all over it when it comes to the male species.

Remember, it can all be in the timing. Picking your moment is just as important as the delivery. Don’t rush things. Plan your move, be yourself, and read the play. Most importantly, read him. Read him like a book. But always remember, preparation is the key. Good luck!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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5 Easy Tips On How To Show Interest In A Guy
How to show interest in a guy? This is a tricky question, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Follow these 5 easy techniques to show your interest in him.
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