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Hang Till Death: 6 Powerful Reasons The Term Friendzone Must Be Sentenced To Death

If there is one sexist bull that charges at all of us, regardless, it is friendzone.

I’d slay it, if I were given a chance but I am kinda non-violent except for the times when somebody steals food off of my plate. Plates hurt. Trust me, I know.

Anyway, so friendzone has made it all the way to Wikipedia and it’s about time we pressed delete, else who knows when it makes its way to Merriam Webster! If you do need reasons, well, here they are:

1. Because this BS is sexist AF


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It makes either party believe they are owed a relationship or sex because well, they have been nice. Well- if being nice made the other person obligated to be in a romantic relationship with me, I’d be in a relationship with everyone I’ve ever met. Coz, well, I am nice!

2. Not to forget, lame


Image source: buzznet

That’s right- I am a bi*ch for friendzoning and a slut otherwise. I can’t f*cking win at this foolery, can I? WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?

3. Because it breeds negativity


Image source: thefrisky

I guess ‘friendzone’ has been bitter since birth. Maybe it is the result of an unwanted pregnancy. Wouldn’t be surprised if the sex was a follow-up to ‘don’t-friendzone-me’ plea! #SadLife

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4. Because the term is always used to be misused


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Because the ones who think they are in the friendzone almost always aren’t.

5. Because it does not help anyone


Image source: funnyjunk

Why not make your intentions clear from the start? Why not be open and honest? It would save everyone a ton of drama! And of course, all the misunderstandings!

6. Because a man and a woman CAN be friends


Image source: Tumblr

It’s f*cking 2016! Grow up!

Are we clear?

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Article Name
6 Powerful Reasons The Term Friendzone Must Be Sentenced To Death
The term friendzone must be killed! NOW!
Sejal Parikh

Sejal Parikh

"I'm a hurricane of words but YOU can choose the damage I do to you..."