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10 Simple Things That Men Want In A Relationship

When it comes to relationships, it is as if men and women are two completely different species. Their thoughts, ways of expressing themselves, emotions, aspirations, and expectations from a relationship are all very different. Women are emotionally vulnerable, sensitive, expressive, and romantic, while men tend to be emotionally strong and less expressive about their needs or their feelings. Many men do not feel comfortable sharing every little detail of their emotional trauma in the way women do, and do not really feel it necessary to express their love for their significant other every time they make a call. This does not mean that men are less loving or are less involved in the relationship; it is just that they were born that way.

Given that men and women behave so differently from each other in a relationship, conflicts and misunderstandings often arise and cause rifts between couples. To make a relationship work, men and women must understand each other’s temperament and what they want in a relationship. ­­

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Here are just some things that answer the question what men want in a relationship, which their partners would do well to keep in mind:

1. Admiration

couple in love

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Men work hard for their families and have quite an ego. While they do not actively ask people to praise them for every little thing they do, they do enjoy it when their better half appreciates them for whatever they have achieved.

So if you want to make your man feel good, this is one thing that you should keep doing every once in a while – praise him whenever you get the chance, be it for whatever you find attractive in him, for his achievements at work, for helping out at home, or even for how great of a partner he is to you. If he ever takes you out or does a special favor for you, be sure to express to him just how much his actions mean to you. A man would love nothing more than hearing these seemingly simple praises from someone he loves so much. By doing so you could avoid many unnecessary tiffs and keep him cheered up and upbeat. All this would not only stroke his ego in the right ways but also make him feel endlessly loved.

2. Some space

man working

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A man does not like to share every little thing about himself with his partner and would like to have his own personal space, while a woman is the exact opposite – she loves being intimate with her partner at all times. Conflicts arise when a man wishes for more and more time apart and a woman wants more and more time together. Striking a balance between providing each other with what they want in this realm is a difficult challenge for every couple.

The first step to keep a relationship safe and secure is by leaving jealousy and clingy behavior at the door. Relationships end fastest when men see that the woman is failing to give him the time he wants for his own self or gets overly jealous over the slightest issues. The best thing you can do is keep yourself busy with your own life, and spend quality time with each other when you are actually together. A man would love nothing more than return to you at the end of the day, knowing well that you trust and respect the space he requires. This would eventually only strengthen the bond between the two of you.

3. Accept his possessiveness

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All men like to know that their partner is being paid the most attention by him alone, and not by any other man. Even though you know you are just good friends with that helpful male colleague of yours, do not be surprised or irritated if your partner dislikes you mingling with him. On the other hand, learn to enjoy his possessiveness, because it only shows just how much he loves you.

4. Security

couple hugging

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Most men love it when they know that you are supportive of him in every possible way. Show him that you support his dreams, that you will be with him through his ups and downs, and that you appreciate and respect his current position in his career. Security not only comes from knowing that a significant other is being faithful; it also comes from small gestures and moves, like holding hands or just staying close by. Men feel very secure when women do this.

When he is spending time with his friends and family, try not to text or call him every now and then to check on him. Now that would make him feel extremely secure in his relationship with you. You can gradually make him see that you are the one to whom he could open up and share things with.

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5. Include him when making decisions

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Although you are perfectly capable of making your own decisions, your partner would love it if you take his opinion into account when you have to make important decisions for yourself or for the both of you. The least you can do is to talk to him and run your thoughts by him once. Men like to think that they are contributing to their partner’s happiness, so even if you are simply picking out a dress for yourself or the color of your new curtains, he will feel great to have given you his consent. And this is just one of the things that answers the question – what men want in a relationship?

6. Quit digging up the past

couple disagreement

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We all had lives before we entered our present relationships; some of us may even want to start afresh and live a better life. In such a case, we would hate it if someone continuously tries to dig up our past. There were relationships that went badly and phases of extreme uncertainty, and your partner would not really like it if you dwell on their past and try to find out things he’d rather forget about. Never ask him about his old girlfriends and their relationships, or, god forbid, compare your own ex with him. If he feels comfortable enough to share such things with you, he eventually will.

7. Do not criticize too much

couple arguing

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You can give your opinion when he discusses his ideas with you, but never point out faults and impose your own ideas on him. His ideas are his own, and you should appreciate them instead of making him feel incompetent. The most helpful thing for you to do would be to focus on providing thoughtful, constructive criticism.

8. Never be manipulative

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Guys hate being manipulated. Constant manipulation is guaranteed to end your relationship. Do not try to change him into something he’s not. You have to either love him for who he is, or leave the relationship if he is not what you are looking for. The sooner you make a decision, the better it is for the both of you. If there are major changes to be made in order for you to commit, for example, if you want him to change his location or his job or religion, then you must express it to him before an actual commitment is made.

9. Relish your mutual likes and interests

couple watching tv

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Nothing is better than sharing a common interest with your partner, be it in sports or literature. It only means that in the long run, these common hobbies will give you plenty of opportunities for both of you to talk about or take part in. If it is football that you love, then you know you can spend hours watching or discussing matches; or if it is simply the Harry Potter books that both of you have the greatest craze for, then you can go on reliving your childhood moments by discussing characters and events from the series. Treasure this.

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10. Keep it simple

couple in love

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The trick to a happy relationship is nothing but communicating in the simplest and easiest way. You have to understand how your partner reacts in different situations and handle him appropriately. Men do not really like to communicate and express their emotions; it is up to you to come up with easy solutions to your problems by communicating to him properly. This can be done once you have interpreted your partner’s specific reactions to what you say and do.

These are what men want in a relationship. Now that you know them, you’ll be able to navigate properly around your relationship. Good luck!

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What Men Want In A Relationship: These 10 Little Things
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