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7 Impostors Of Love We’ve All Mistaken For The REAL Deal

Love has always been considered a forbidden fruit. We know that love comes in different forms and often enters our life without giving any sign, but it also changes us as an individual. When we are looking out to find our “one true love”, too often we find consolation in something which seems like love. But it isn’t love at all.

The next time you think you have found your true love, try to ask yourself if it’s the real deal or just a variation of it.

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1. Lust

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Often, we are not able to distinguish between lust and love. When we start finding comfort in sex, we get addicted to it. We might not be in love with the person; instead, it could be their body or physical appearance making us attracted towards them.

Our body demands sex the same way it demands food and air, and it isn’t bad to get what you want. But making yourself believe that the lust you have for someone else is love is definitely not the right thing. It will just cause a hell lot of complications in the long run.

2. Friendship

Too often we get attracted towards our friends. It is not a bad idea to be with them, as we can find a sense of solace and comfort in them, but you should understand that love and friendship and two distinct emotions.

When you are trying to date a friend, you should always be a little cautious. Don’t confuse the warmth that they provide with love. In the end, you might lose both your lover and your friend.

3. Comfort

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Image source: Shutterstock

We mostly fall in love with all the comfortable or desirable things that surround us – a double chocolate scoop sundae, feather pillows, your favorite book, and the list goes on. People are no such exception.  We try not to come out of our comfort zone and look for that one person who is able to understand us.

The moment we find ourselves comfortable around them, we start assuming the feeling of belongingness as love.

4. Boredom

It might come as a surprise, but the lack of effort and sheer boredom is one of the most obvious impostors of love. When it seems like your life has come to a standstill and you are too tried to reinvent yourself, you fall for the first person you meet. The bad news is that you would fall out of such love real quick, doing some collateral damage on your way.

5. Freshness

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Life can get really predictable and monotonous at times. When life gets too mundane and ordinary, you try to look for something new. The moment you find someone who is able to give you a whole new perspective towards this world, you simply label them as the love of your life.

Just because they helped you in order to unlearn and relearn something, doesn’t mean that they are your soulmates. In fact, they could be your friend or even a guide.

6. Insecurity

We get addicted to the people we are surrounded by and the moment we realize that we are about to lose them, we label the feeling of that utter insecurity to something as precious as love.

You don’t have to really fall in love with them in order to make them stay. Just let them know how you feel and wish them luck.

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7. Desire

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

There are a lot of people who are fascinated by the idea of love rather than the feeling itself. They don’t love the person; they simply cherish the feeling of being loved. It is their undying desire to find true love and has that fairytale happy ending that makes them fall in and out of love way too many times.

The next time you have the desire to be in love, look into the mirror and start loving yourself. These impostors might come and go, but the love you have for yourself will stay forever.

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7 Impostors Of Love We've All Mistaken For The REAL Deal
Beware of these impostors of love!
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