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15 Everyday Things Men Do That Are Instant Turn-ons

Now now, if you thought that here’s where we will get down and dirty, read the title again. We aren’t talking of what a man does in between the sheets that makes us go crazy (although we don’t deny we LOVEEEE that) but of those everyday things that might seem mundane to another person but are magic to us!

Yep, that’s right – there’s an endless list of turn-ons for girls that can be worked magically from a distance, like a magic spell and its effect is ooh-so-inexplicable. And to pick the top twelve of these turn-ons is quite daunting, yet never too hard when you aren’t working on a simplistic list of physical attributes or the raunchy reminders of ravishing romps. After all, the list of turn-ons for girls includes much more than just chiseled jaws, washboard abs, a full goatee, luscious hair, a killer smile with a glint of it in the ocean eyes, the way he eats us out, the way he makes tender love or the way he snuggles up to us in the middle of the night! Again, we loveeeee all that – but for us, it is about so much more…


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I mean, all of us love the to-die-for body and the ohh-so-sexy moves in the bedroom (and out of it too!) but when it comes to turning us on in other ways, men are magical. Really. The way they lift us, the way they beat the steering while their favorite song comes on, the way they wrestle with their dog, the way they try to be subtle about noticing our b*tt but fail ohh-so-adorably, the way they smile when we kiss them when they are home – what girl on earth can be immune to their spell, huh?

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So, all you lovely girls, read this and smile all the way while guys who are already doing this, join in on the smiles. As for the others, just TAKE NOTES:

1. When he kisses your neck 

man kissing a woman's neck

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When he comes up behind you when you’re putting on makeup, doing the dishes, arranging your closet, shopping or doing just about anything, slides his hands around your waist, and kisses your neck. Catching you unawares and kissing you on the neck! This is never NOT hot! Never!

2. When he cooks for you

man cooking

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When you come home after a sh**y day at work and he’s fixing you your favorite cheese burger. Now, how are you supposed to resist your guy cooking for you… and in his boxers! How, pray tell me, howwww!

3. When he gives you a secret smile 

eye contact and smile

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When he catches your gaze across the room and smiles a secret smile, only you’re able to decipher. There is something so inexplicably magical about this one, it’s like our eyes meet in the briefest of moments and you just made love!

4. When he’s being chivalrous

this is the best

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When he carries all the bags, all of them, no questions asked. Coz who can deny the sweetness of the guy who isn’t just wheeling about his own suitcase but is carrying yours too while you can sit on the lush couch, sipping on your mojito as he checks in. Also, let’s not forget – the shopping bags! Yes, all of them – all, without any questions! Awww…

5. When he greets you with your morning cuppa

eye to eye

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When you wake up and he brings in hot coffee and you both share breakfast in bed. You do not want me to expound on the sexiness of this, do you? It will only make way for some post-prandial romp! 😉

6. When he brags about you to his friends and family


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Ooooh, how you blush when he’s telling everybody about how awesome he thinks you are! Geee…

7. When he kisses anywhere that’s not your mouth – ohh-so-softly


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And then follows it up with a full kiss on the mouth, like you were air! Ummm…

8. When he dresses up for the office party


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Oooh, there’s nothing sexier than a man looking sharp in a suit, or better yet, a tux! Rawr!

9. When he is patient with your ‘crazy’


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When you’re freaking out (warranted or not), you don’t need advice, suggestions or even ‘calm down’ reminders – he is simply there. You just need someone to witness all your drama. And he does that, ohh-so-endearingly that at the end of it all, your frown is upside down and you can give him a special version of ‘the kiss.’ 😉

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10. When he becomes your one-stop solution for everything

woot woot

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You may be a very-together person – usually. And you may not even need to depend on someone. But it is so nice when he changes those light bulbs or fixes the leaking kitchen faucet, takes the laundry out from the dryer, and even helps you with some ideas when your muse is throwing tantrums! See… one-stop solution kiosk! You are so lucky, girl!

11. When he is playing with kids

can i have him

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This one is just plain hot… in a way that you want to have his kids! What – he will make a great dad, you know! Okay, okay, no getting ahead of myself… but… it’s just so hard. Look at how he makes her giggle! Awwww…

12. When he picks you up

carry her

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When he scoops you up in his ohh-so-strong arms and carries you through the distance – maybe into the bedroom. Perhaps it is the way his strength melts you, perhaps it’s the way you fit together or maybe it is just the spontaneity and sensuality of it all – but this one never fails to send tingling creatures crawling down your spine! Really.

13. When he seats you in his lap whilst watching movies

woman in man's lap

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Don’t tell me that you don’t find a guy who misses Kirsten Dunst onscreen to scoop you up and seat you on his lap while maybe sharing the same popcorn between two sets of lips, and then, turns you around and cuddles so you don’t miss Ryan Gosling. Hey – that’s HOTTT!

14. When he pulls you to his side of the bed in the middle of the night

midnight makeout

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Unlike the morning ritual with his woody thing, this one is kind of a reflex and a sexy one! He’s half-asleep but cannot stay away from you! Oh my!

15. And when he goes down on you, without any other follow-up activity

couple in bed

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Sorry, I am a girl and you can’t blame me for chipping in this one! 😉

Ohh – one of the more surprising turn-ons for girls – his push-ups, which have the potential to drive you crazy! The real ones! 😉

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What Everyday Things Are Turn-ons For Girls?
From folding their sleeves to moving furniture, MEN are ohh-so-sexy. Check out some everyday things they do that are inexplicable turn-ons for girls!
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