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11 Sexy Hotspots To Kiss A Woman To Arouse Her

Did you know that almost everything that you do to a woman with your hands to arouse her can be done better with you lips (and tongue, of course!)? Well, the following guide is all that you need to know about how to arouse a woman, your woman! :)

Fact check: Female stimulation does not work the same way as male stimulation! We tend to be more complex when it comes to being pleased. Sex for us is not only a physical experience but also, and more importantly, an emotional and psychological journey. However, understanding where the lady melts the most will allow you to get her in the mood faster!

A female body is a sensuous creation. A slight peck on the correct spot will give her those goose bumps she craves and make her shiver with delight! You will be surprised to know that some women even reach an orgasm just by a good kiss! But, yes, you have to hit the right spot, my friend!

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A bad kiss, on the contrary, has the potential of killing the mood (or even worse!). A smacker on her neck can leave a pretty embarrassing mark, if it’s too hard! But again, a kiss too light is no kiss at all!

Am I confusing you? A little, right?! Wait until you finish this article. You will know exactly how to arouse a woman!

1. The lips

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Never underestimate a smooch (French kiss, tongue action, or first base!). This is an essential. Being a good kisser is about only getting a kiss, but a great kisser knows how to get much more!

A lady’s skin is very sensitive, and this is particularly true for her lips. To avoid irritating her skin, we suggest you don the clean shaven look. If you are still into the No Shave November mood, please condition your beard or your mustache! These are a few things that can ruin your kiss faster for her! Now tell me one thing, who the hell likes rubbing their lips with sandpaper?! Get my point, right, so keep it soft and gentle always!

2. The neck 

man kissing a woman's neck_New_Love_Times

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A woman absolutely loves it when her man drops gentle kisses on her neck! Slow and sensual wins the race in this case! With minimal suction, drag your charming, wet lips over her neck. Faster than you know, you will be hearing soft moans from your lady love! This is your cue! Now you must not hesitate to let your tongue do the tango! (But please DO NOT drool over her! YUCK!)

Neck kisses can begin from just below the earlobes to just over the collarbone. Front of the neck is a terrible kissing spot! You don’t want to suffocate her, do you? Also, avoid a hickey and any kind of bruise marks!

3. The collarbone

The collarbone definitely does not top the sensitiveness list, but you have entered the right neighborhood! This is a point where her chest and shoulders meet. Kissing her above the collarbone and below the base of the neck to her shoulder, is something she revels in! Again, go soft on her and keep the pull minimal.

4. The ears

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These little babies are usually ignored, but like they say about things neglected being the best… it holds true in this case too! Be gentle as you suck on the earlobes and run your tongue around the outer ears. This is the spot that will help you hit gold when you are trying to make love to her, literally! Although, be extremely careful. Loud breathing and noisy kissing near the ears is awfully unsexy!

Note that these are the obvious sexy hotspots and that our list would be incomplete if we ignored the marked ones! A little known fact is that the ears are one of the most kissed areas of a woman after her lips. So, I say, without much ado, you should set the ball rolling!

5. The breasts

After the genitals, a woman’s breasts are her most sensitive darlings! Some women even orgasm when their breasts are caressed the right way. Any part on the breast is where your lips have to perform the magic, but your centre will be the nipples.

You are more likely to kiss the breasts harder than the rest of the body parts, and it is allowed. However, keep in mind that women are very different from each other and so are their preferences. While some might find groping and sucking pleasurable, others will slap you if it hurts!

P.S.: When a woman is PMSing (the final days leading up to her periods), you better keep it tender. Her bosom has a tendency to swell and also become very sensitive to touch.

Start slowly and very gently and gradually apply more pressure. You may squeeze and suck a little harder, but make sure you don’t use your teeth. By her body language, you can easily decipher whether she’s enjoying it and wants some more or else you need to slow down a little. If decoding is tough, ask her. A good communication during foreplay becomes a great help as things proceed!

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6. The nape of her neck

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Image source: Shutterstock

The nape of a woman’s neck is incredibly temperature sensitive. This is because the spine is exceptionally near the surface of the skin.

Begin by kissing the nape very lightly and leaving it a little wet. Now breathe warm air on it. Kiss the nape some more and nimbly blow cool air on the same spot. Remember to hold her tight as she gives a little shiver!

7. The back

A woman’s back reminds you of a sculpture, doesn’t it? So don’t make the general mistake of ignoring artwork! Kiss downward, as lightly as possible, from her nape to the end of her spine. Don’t actually touch the skin but only graze over it. Hold her very firmly as you do this. She is about to break out into delightful quivers!

The part below her breasts and over her waist is usually a no man’s land. You need to change the trend! This is an unfound treasure land that can really be valuable! If you kiss her right, you can drive her as crazy as she was when you kissed her neck. Thank us later! 😉

8. The ribs and the sides

man kissing a woman's skin_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Smooch your way up her ribs and sides by touching her skin with your tongue and with the wet, interior part of the upper lip. If she isn’t ticklish, she may not feel anything, and if she is too tricky she will not enjoy it. Yet it is seen that on an average, women absolutely delight in this!

9. The waist

Just inside the hipbones and along her waist, that is your ninth sexy hotspot that will bring you closer to the answer to the mystery: how to arouse a woman?! Both kissing and sucking in this case stimulate her glands and will send those hormones pumping! This is the teaser to what awaits you!

10. The inner thighs

Ask me which is one of the sexiest zones of a woman’s body, and boom, the answer is her inner thighs! It is so delicate that just moving your fingers over them even over her trousers will electrify her! Now just imagine what you can do with your lips?! Thrilling, to say the least. :)

Start around her mid thighs with some dry pecks. Now work your way up and let your kisses get a little wetter and wilder. When you reach the top of her leg, kiss her hard and make her irrationally happy!

11. The vagina

Now that we have put in a fairly good amount of foreplay and pleasing, let’s hit the hottest spot! This is most certainly the ultimate sensitive part, so please keep your kisses slow and soft, only touching with your inner lips. Before you entertain her with oral sex, ensure she is teased enough. The wait is going to drive her mad, but you have to make it worth her while!

Many guys, habitually, see the woman’s pleasure as non-compulsory, optional, you could say. This is unfortunate. The fact that you have come looking for this article shows that you are not this guy, and that’s a great thing!

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End note: Before I sign off for today, I want you to know that it is very essential for you to know how to excite a woman. Even a selfish lover must do it. A great lover will, of course, delay his own climax for his woman’s desires. But a guy who keeps his pleasures as a priority must also know that, not mastering the art, that is, how to arouse a woman, will bereave him of his enjoyment too!

Knowing and understanding these kissing techniques and hotspots will be an important tool in your lovemaking arsenal! These will help you gain more confidence and exhibit it on the battlefield! Add them to your gamut and see how you instantly transform into a great lover!

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