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12 Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is probably one of the most romantic days of the year. There is just something in the air in the midst of February that sets the perfect mood for some epic romance. If you and your partner also want to do something exciting this V-Day, then why not explore new sex positions. This will certainly help you rekindle your romance and bring a new spark in the bed as well. Even if you are not aware of some new sex positions to try, don’t worry – we are here to assist you. Here are our handpicked sex positions that every couple should consider trying this Valentine’s Day.

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  1. The Cat

Okay – so we are going to start with the basics. Ideally, CAT stands for Coital Alignment Technique and is a mild variation of the missionary position. The position is recommended for all those men who would like to make sure that their lady has the perfect orgasm. It provides a better clitoral simulation, leading to more pleasure.

Instead of a plane missionary, the guy should slide his body to one side. That is, your chest should be on her shoulder. Also, females can bend their legs to let their partner push and move easily.

  1. Pretzel Dip

If you want to give your vanilla sex a brand new appeal, then this would be an ideal sex position for the both of you. This will let the two of you attain the satisfaction of a doggy style while still facing your partner. After all, it is all about maintaining that fierce eye contact.

Firstly, you need to lie on one side while the guy would kneel. Now, lift your side leg and let him lock it with his arms. Curl your body and move the other leg. This will allow him to penetrate while keeping your hands free. You can maintain eye contact with your partner while still using your hands to play with him.

  1. G-Whiz

This is certainly one of the most rewarding sex positions for both the individuals. The position is named after the G-spot as it gives better access to it. While women would have to raise their legs for this, it would be worth the initial discomfort. Since it would narrow your vagina, it will make it easier for your partner to target your G-spot.

Trying this satisfactory position is quite easy. Simply lie down and raise both of your legs. Now, rest them on his shoulders and relax. Let him make his way. Feel free to instruct him to move up and down (or sideward). This will make it easier for him to find your G-spot, leading to mutual satisfaction.

  1. The Ottoman

No, we are not talking about The Ottoman Empire. The sex position is based on the Ottoman bed instead. Consider laying your body on an Ottoman bed without wheels. This will make sure that the bed (or couch) won’t move. Now, let her be on the top and control it instead. This will allow your lady-love to control the depth or speed of the sex.

We would recommend having your legs free so that you can easily push as well. If it allows, move your body back and forth to further improve the intensity. Since your hands would be free, you can tease her erogenous areas during the act.

  1. Heir to the Throne

If oral sex is on your mind, then this would be the perfect sex position to try. It is one of the most versatile positions and can also be tried by same-sex couples as well. Before you start treating your partner, let them sit on a chair or a couch. Give them some foot massage or rub their shoulders to calm their senses. Now, widen their legs and rest them on your arms. That’s it! Start with some oral pleasure by taking your time. Remember, oral sex might take more time, but it is also highly rewarding.

  1. The Amazon

While this sex position is that not that easy to master, it is certainly one of the most satisfying ones. If you want to try something different or are bored of the same usual sex positions, then consider this reversal. This would also be a plus for all those women who like to be on the top or control it.

Instead of women, guys need to lie on the bed first. Afterward, the guys would have to squat a little and pull their knees towards the chest. As you would wrap your legs over her waist, she would be able to control the act.

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  1. The Duet

If you want to learn more about your partner’s body and their sensitive spots, then you should certainly try this position. Let your partner rest on you with their body leaning on your chest. Both of you can start masturbating. While doing so, touch each other and get to know what your partner likes in bed. In this way, the two of you would be able to orgasm in perfect sync.

  1. Ballet Dancer

Yes, the position is literally what it sounds like. If you are flexible, then you can certainly master it in one go. It would be an ideal shower sex position and let the two of you have proximate eye contact during the act. To start with, simply stand in front of each other. Now, lift your leg and let it rest on your man’s shoulder.

If you can’t stretch so much, then you can just wrap your legs around his waist or rest your back on the wall too. Once the two of you are comfortable, then you can easily move your bodies to attain utter bliss.

  1. Corkscrew

For all those couples who are up for some adventure, this would be a perfect sex position. While it might seem a bit complicated at first, you can easily master it. Firstly, females would have to sit at the corner of a bed. Face the bed and rest your body with the help of your forearms. Move your hips and tighten your thighs. Guys would have to stand behind and gradually start pushing.

Before you work on this sex position, inform your partner and make sure that they are comfortable with it. This is one of the most pleasing sex positions to try for same-sex couples as well. It will let your partner have a tighter hold of your body and the act can also be more intimate.

  1. Scissors

When we talk about exciting sex positions, we can’t leave this one behind. While it might look a bit complicated at first, it is actually one of the easiest yet satisfying positions to try. If you are a woman, then you need to lie first on the bed. Rest your body and widen your legs. Guys would now lie in the perpendicular direction. Put one leg underneath her while the other leg would be above her thighs.

To further tighten the grip, you can have her other leg and wrap it across your body. Once the two of you are locked in the scissors position, you can start pushing. Try to move sideways as well as up and down to maximize your comfort.

  1. Cradled Cowgirl

This is one of the best sex positions to try on this Valentine’s Day as it will lead to mutual satisfaction. As the name suggests, it is a slightly modified version of the cowgirl position. This will increase intimacy by being in touch with your partner and is also recommended for clitoral stimulation as well.

To start with, simply lie down on the bed and let your girl be on the top. Just make sure that she is comfortable with the sitting cowgirl position at first. Now, gradually let her rest on your body instead. Once your bodies are aligned and the two of you are comfortable, you (or her) can move in the desired direction.

  1. Aquaman’s Delight

If you are planning to go on a vacation this Valentine’s Day or have a pool, then this would be a must-try sex position. While it might seem too tiring, it is water’s natural buoyancy that will let you float with the help of your partner. Once you both are in the pool, wrap your legs around the waist of your man. Just trust your partner and make sure that the weight is aligned. It will let the two of you have an outdoor quickie with some H2Ohh.

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Apart from these sex positions, you can also ask your partner about their preferences. Also, feel free to talk to them about the sex position that you wish to try. This will make sure that you won’t surprise your partner during the act and that they would be prepared beforehand. Go ahead and try some of these positions on this Valentine’s Day. The two of you would be able to make the most of this occasion and have a memorable V-Day for sure.

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12 Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner This Valentine's Day
Here are our handpicked sex positions to try this Valentine’s Day. These will certainly help you rekindle your romance and bring a new spark in your bed.
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