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Remove Your Makeup With Chemical-Free Natural Products

Removing your makeup before hitting the bed is a rule you need to live by if you want your skin to be healthy and glowing for as long as is possible. But using chemical makeup removers, end up making your skin look dry and unhealthy, which means they do more harm than good. For this reason, here we are with some natural products that you can use to remove your makeup.

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These home remedies for makeup removal are natural, effective and are readily available; we bet most of them are already sitting in your kitchen cabinet.

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Why is removing your makeup before bed important?

Here are three reasons why you need to remove your makeup before sleeping, according to L’Oréal Paris,

  • “It can lead to breakouts.When you sleep in your makeup, it can mix with the dirt and oil that has built up throughout the day on the surface of your skin and this can lead to clogged pores—which can in turn lead to breakouts.
  • It can lead to a dull-looking complexion in the morning.Got dry skin? Listen up! If you sleep in your foundation, day-old foundation, powder, and eye makeup can settle into your creases and fine lines, causing your skin to look on the dull side. This might even make you look older than you really are—which defeats the purpose of wearing makeup, doesn’t it?
  • It can block your nighttime anti-aging efforts.If you apply your anti-aging skin care products on top of your makeup at night, they won’t work like they’re supposed to. You should apply your anti-aging skin care products to clean skin for best results.”

Home remedies for makeup removal  

Here are nine home remedies you should use to remove your makeup.

1. A mix of honey and baking soda

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The first remedy is a mix of pure honey and baking soda. The best thing about this treatment is that it works for all types of skin.

To prepare the mix, take a small bowl. In it, pour two tablespoons of honey. Now sprinkle in some baking soda. Mix well. Take a clean washcloth and apply the remover on your face. Slowly remove the makeup. Make sure you don’t rub, but dab lightly.

2. Olive oil to remove makeup from sensitive and dry skin

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For sensitive and/or dry skin, the best natural remover is olive oil. Olive oil is very popular for its therapeutic qualities. What makes it an amazing makeup remover is that it contains heaps of softening agents.

When you use olive oil to remove makeup, it not only serves that purpose, but also leaves a healthy glow on your skin.

If you are not a big fan of olive oil, then there are other natural oils that you can try, such as jojoba oil, castor oil etc. These too are not harsh on your sensitive skin. Also removing your makeup with these natural oils will ensure that you don’t end up waking up with a dull complexion next morning. This is especially true for people with dry skin. Sleeping with your makeup on is bad because over time you will notice that the eye shadows and foundations that you didn’t remove have now settled into fine lines. This is most definitely going to render your skin lusterless.

3. Baby oil as a DIY makeup remover

The next remedy on this list is baby oil. It works as a fantastic makeup remover, including the stubborn eye makeup that refuses to get cleaned. We makeup junkies know how difficult it is to get rid of mascara, which is definitely the toughest makeup. But you will be surprised at how quickly baby oil removes that.

All you have got to do is take a clean cotton ball and pour some baby oil on it. Now wipe your face, your eyes and your lips with this ball. Using a wet washcloth, clean the face one final time to remove the oil residues that the dabbed cotton left behind.

Not getting rid of your makeup before sleeping will cause your skin to age abnormally fast. Applying anti-aging products will do no good because your makeup will block their goodness. Only when you apply these anti-aging creams on a clean skin are they effective. Or else they are a complete waste.

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4. Milk as an eye makeup remover


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The next remedy on our list of natural makeup removers is milk. This works best for eye makeup. It also nourishes the skin, leaving it more vibrant than before.

To use it as a remedy, pour some raw milk on a clean cotton ball. Now dab this ball on and around the eyes to get rid of the eyeliner, the mascara and the eyeshadow. Once you clean the makeup, rinse your face with lukewarm water and dab lightly with a clean towel.

You can also prepare an exfoliating scrub using milk and almonds. To prepare this, soak 5 almonds in a cup of milk overnight. Next morning, grind these nuts into a paste that is not too fine. Now use it as a scrub. Do not rub to hard as that might cause abrasions.

This works best for sensitive skin and for people who use heavy makeup.

5. Steam to remove makeup naturally


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Steam is one of the best ways to remove makeup naturally though not many people know about this. All you need to do is fill your basin with boiling water. Now take a towel over your head, and lean over the basin. Let your skin breathe in the steam. This opens up the pores and makes it easy to remove the makeup with just a wet cotton ball.

6. Vaseline for makeup removal

This recipe should only be used for the eyes. Also, one needs to be very careful while trying out this treatment. Make sure the Vaseline does not enter your eyes. Vaseline being thick can also clog the skin pores very easily. Therefore, while removing mascara or eye shadow with Vaseline, remember to be quick. Also, use a cleanser to wash your face in the end to leave it soft and supple.

7. Use baby wipes to get rid of your makeup

Baby wipes are available everywhere, from drugstores to food stores. These work really great as makeup removers. Also, since they are made for a baby’s skin, they are soft, and do not irritate the skin, unlike chemical makeup removers that can wreak havoc on sensitive and dry skin types. Plus, removing makeup with baby wipes is fuss-free and easy.

8. Rosewater

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Though last on the list, rosewater is one of the best natural makeup removers. First use a mild face cleanser to wash your face and moisten it. Now take few drop of rosewater and dab it onto your skin. Wipe with a wet cotton ball. Make sure you don’t rub as that might cause skin breakouts.

Natural Beauty Tips For Removing Makeup From Your Face And Eyes

  1. Before going to bed always wash your face in order to get rid of the makeup and the sunscreen.
  2. Toners work great on heavy makeup, but why we suggest you use rosewater or milk instead of chemical toners is because the latter tend to also remove the natural oils, which in turn dries up the skin. If you have a super oily skin type, then just skin the toner and clean your face with steam instead.
  3. Use a cleansing oil to get rid of the makeup from your sensitive skin. Take a cotton pad. Now pour some baby oil on it. Using it wipe your face, especially the area around your eyes and your lips as these are the areas that develop fine lines and wrinkles first. Using a gentle gel, now wash your face to get rid of the oil. Using a warm wash cloth, lightly wipe your face. Do not rub. Apply a natural moisturizer on your damp skin because the pores will still be open, and this will ensure the cream is absorbed by your skin.
  4. For those who have acne-prone skin, wash your face using a cleaner that is salicylic.
  5. The other simple yet effective way of cleaning your face is to take a cherry-sized amount of cold cream and dab it onto your face. Make sure you have covered your face and your neck. After about 5 minutes, take a wet washcloth and wipe your face with it. You will be surprised how clean your face looks instantly. Make sure the washcloth is clean and soft or else your skin might develop breakouts.

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That is all we have on the home remedies for makeup removal. Do you think this post was helpful? Do you have some suggestions for us? Let us know in the comment section below.

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See you again tomorrow with a new set of remedies for a general medical condition.

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8 Home Remedies For Makeup Removal That Leave The Skin Suppler Than Before
These home remedies for makeup removal are natural, effective and are readily available; we bet most of them are already sitting in your kitchen cabinet.
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