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10 Natural Home Remedies For Receding Hairline Which Re-grows Hair Naturally

Hair loss and a receding hair line are common problems in both men and women, because of various factors. Before we can learn about the various home remedies for receding hairline, it is important to understand the causes of the same, which will help treat your condition better.

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Receding hairline is a condition where the natural hairline of the head starts moving backward, making the forehead look bigger than usual. It is a part of baldness, which affects millions of people all over the world. Men and women, both are prone to receding hairlines, which is why it is important to check out the most effective, all-natural home remedies for the problem. Here are some of the common causes of a receding hairline:

  • Genetic problems
  • Hereditary hair loss problem
  • Thyroid
  • Excessive Stress
  • Other diseases
  • Hormonal changes
  • Menopause
  • Exposure to harsh conditions
  • Unfamiliar products
  • Unclean hair

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Once you start seeing hair fall out of your scalp in large quantities, you might notice your hairline receding further and further back in your head. Here are some of the natural home remedies for receding hairline which have been tried and tested, and are guaranteed to work.

1. Lavender essential oil

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Lavender essential oil has several natural healing and nourishing properties, which can help re-grow your hair, and nourish the hairline to make it appear natural again. It is rich with vitamins and antioxidants which is great for the scalp, and makes your hair thick as well as promoting a healthy hair growth for your hair. Lavender oil is found in a lot of cosmetic products which promote hair growth, but why go for cosmetic products, when you can get better results with the real deal itself.

Massage a tablespoon of lavender oil in your scalp twice a week, to watch your hair grow back naturally.

2. Avoid refined and processed food

Food that has been refined and process, including grains, certain oils, sugars and carbs can all contribute to your receding hairline. Avoiding such food can stall the process of your hair going away from your forehead. The more refined food you have in your diet, the more forehead you will be exposing, so by keeping these things out of your diet, you ensure that your hairline grows back at a natural pace.

3. Castor oil

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Castor oil is one of the best home remedies for receding hairline, and in fact is used for any problem regarding hair growth and hair re-growth, in other parts of the body as well, such as for long eyelashes. Castor oil has some of the best nourishing properties which heal your scalp, remove the deterrents which prevent your hair from going, and thicken your tresses, so that you can see results in no more than two to three weeks after regular use.

You can apply castor oil to your head, and thoroughly massage it. It is best to apply it generously to the hairline and the front portion of your head, where baldness has already started to appear, to promote the healthy growth of hair in those areas. You can also mix it with other essential oils like lemon oil or jojoba oil, and together, the three of them can make your hairline look normal in a few weeks’ time.

4. Eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and other essential compounds like sulphur. Eggs have also been used as a natural conditioner for ages, to treat problems like hair fall, rough hair, and thin hair. Using eggs can help you re-grow your hairline naturally, without resorting to temporary solutions like wigs and hair extensions. The remedy is easily available, and easy to use.

Beat one egg thoroughly with a tablespoon of olive oil. Make sure the two are mixed together well. Apply this mixture to your hair, your scalp, and especially the hairline area, near your forehead. This will give you a thick and healthy growth of hair in a matter of weeks.

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5. Avocado and lime juice


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Avocado is a great natural ingredient for your hair, and helps in solving any hair related problems. Avocado is rich in natural vitamins and minerals, and moisturizes and conditions your hair, making the follicles stronger, thereby preventing hair fall from occurring. When mixed with lime juice, it helps strengthen your hair, and cleans the strands and your scalp, so that your hair grows back faster and much healthier than before. The antioxidants in lime juice also stop your hairline from receding and exposing your forehead. It is a great natural remedy for this problem.

Mix a ripe avocado with 2 tablespoons of lime juice to make a smooth paste without lumps. Apply this to your hairline and the rest of your scalp, and you will be able to see positive results within a week.

6. Regulate sleep patterns

One of the main reasons why hair falls out of your head, and your hairline starts receding is because of insomnia and stress. When you take on too much stress and pressure, you are unable to sleep. This in turn causes your hair to fall out and your hairline starts receding, giving the impression of age on your appearance. To re-grow your hair, and to prevent your hairline from receding, ensure that you have a well-balanced sleep cycle, where you give your body the adequate amount of rest.

You can induce sleep in case of insomnia, by drinking a warm glass of milk before you go to bed. You can also rub some essential oils on your temples to keep yourself from stressing out too much and making sure that you get enough rest, which will reflect on the quality of your hair and the level of your hairline.

7. Vitamin B

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A lack of Vitamin B in your diet can be a major reason why your hair is falling out and your hairline is receding into your head. This can be combated if you include sufficient Vitamin B in your diet, in the form of green leafy vegetables and other supplements, which can help you re-grow your hair. These also contain folic acid, which strengthens your follicles and helps your scalp create new hair, especially in areas like the hairline and the middle of your scalp.

 Vitamin B can be found in food like green, leafy vegetables, yellow vegetables and certain fruits. You can also take Vitamin B capsules along with your meals to make up for the deficiency in your system.

8. Fenugreek seeds

If an accident or a disease has left you with a receding hairline, then one of the most effect, yet completely natural way to stop it, is by using fenugreek seeds. The seeds contain compounds which add volume to the hair and strengthen the follicles, so that new hair is able to grow in places where baldness has begun to show. It also re-vitalizes your existing hair, so that you have shiny, thick hair, which is resistant to other problems like dandruff. It also soothes your scalp if an inflammation or disease is the cause of your hair falling out and your hairline receding.

Take a cup of fenugreek seeds that have been soaked overnight and grind it with a little water to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste in a thick layer on your scalp and forehead. After it dies, wash it off with a mild shampoo and message your hair with nourishing oil.

9. Tea tree oil

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Tea tree oil is revitalizing natural oil for hair related problems because it cleanses your scalp. Using tea tree oil can remove all the clogged up pores on your scalp, which prevents the growth of new hair and causes your hairline to recede. Using this oil can be the effective solution to your baldness problem, and the best part is, it is all natural and leaves your hair smooth and moisturized.

You can mix tea tree oil with a little coconut oil or castor oil and heat it up till it is a warm liquid. Use this oil to massage your scalp at least two to three times a week to see positive results within two weeks of your use.

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10. Keep your hair in its natural state

Using hair products, tying your hair in tight hairstyles like tall ponytails, using bobby pins in your hair, etc. all contribute to your hair falling out faster and more easily. To avoid this, keep your hair loose, and avoid using things like hair straighteners, blow dryers, irons, curlers, etc. You also should minimize the use of hair gel, hair color and other products which add chemicals to your hair and strip it of its natural texture and quality. Trying your hair back in tight ponytails can lead to a receding hairline and baldness because of the strain it causes to your natural hairline, so it is best to tie your hair in loose braids. As for men, they should comb their hair regularly, and not wear it in a back-brush, as that could emphasize and aggravate the receding hairline.

If you have started to notice that your hairline is receding don’t worry, as there are a number of super effective and all-natural home remedies that can help you reverse the condition, and help you re-grow your hair without having to resort to wigs, extensions, surgery or chemical products!

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