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8 Most Common Relationship Fights Couples Have And How To Deal With Them

We all fight with our significant other and sometimes over the most irrelevant issues. It is a known fact that we all find it a little hard to bend or meet our partners halfway to avoid an unwanted situation. Instead, we pick a fight, even after knowing that it isn’t the most thoughtful thing to do.

There is no couple in this world who doesn’t fight. Truth be told – it is sometimes good to have an argument in a relationship. It helps you move out of your comfort zone and realize the significance of your partner. No fight in this world can be more important than your significant other. Though, there are times when we cross the line just to have the last word. In order to have an upper hand in our relationship, we look for leverage, which always ends things disastrously.

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While arguing with your partner over a few silly issues is quite obvious, one should always try to avoid those fights that can ruin the mere foundation of your relationship. Instead of taking separate ways, you should make an effort in order to avoid these common relationship fights. The next time you realize you are having one of these arguments, make an effort and don’t let your fight grow out of the proportion.

1. The “When will you grow up” fight

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We all have heard this one statement coming from our parents and sometimes, even from our significant other.

“Why do I always need to be the grown-up in our relationship?”

“Why can’t you be accountable for your own actions?”

All the free-spirited folks out there have heard such statements coming from their partners. It is a well-known fact that opposites attract each other. If you are a wild child by heart, chances are that you might end up settling with someone who is extremely organized and pragmatic. Try to utilize this in the right way. Instead of criticizing your partner’s actions, you should be each other’s strength.

If you think your significant other is rather particular about a few things, try to make an effort. You are not supposed to change who you are, but sooner or later, you need to make all those life-changing decisions. You need to have a practical approach towards life with just the perfect addition of your recklessness. This would help you keep the ball rolling without any trouble. You would keep your partner satisfied without killing the spark in your relationship.

2. The “I can’t get your parents” fight

Getting along with your partner’s parents is a herculean task. Chances are that you might have several fights with your significant other regarding their parents. This is a very sensitive topic and you should have this conversation in the most thoughtful manner. They might end up saying a few unexpected things about your parents as well in the heat of the moment.

Never have this discussion when the two of you are angry. If you think you are having some problems regarding their parents, then look for the right time and place. Have a sincere conversation with them and let them know your problem. Don’t disrespect their parents and let them know how much effort you are willing to make. This is one of those relationship fights that can easily be avoided, if handled wisely.

3. The “What did you say” fight

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Often, when we are having an argument with our significant other, we end up saying a few things that we don’t really mean. Though, the focus immediately shifts from the initial reason of the fight to the recently spoken words.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t speak to me like that!”

“How dare you speak to me like that?”

Did you see the difference in these two statements? Even if your partner has said something wrong to you, don’t exaggerate it. You can’t let the heat of the moment ignite the fight to a whole new level. Let them know that you are hurt, but in the most reasonable way. Be more emotional and less angry. Yes, you would be disappointed. But you can’t let your anger drive you emotions.

If you are on the other side and have said something wrong, you should immediately apologize. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I take back every word I said. I would never speak to you like this again. I promise.”

It is really as simple as that. If you know you have made a mistake, then you should never hesitate to apologize as well. Try to mend your relationship instead of ruining it forever with your words.

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4. The “Where did our money go” fight

This might not happen to you in those initial days, but if you two have been living together for a while, then you would be fighting over money. It is just like one of those typical relationship fights that every couple has. If you don’t want to fight over money, then start making a note of your expenditures.

Have a discussion with your partner and come up with a monthly fund. Make sure you bifurcate it thoughtfully and leave enough margin for essential expenses like rent, food, beverages, bills, etc. Take some money out for other leisure activities and plan your entire monthly spending accordingly.

5. The “I had a bad day” fight

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

We all have a few bad days at work, every now and then. When we have one of those days, even the slightest of thing can piss us off. We get agitated way too easily and pick a fight with our partner.

Just because you had a bad day at work, doesn’t mean that you can say anything to your partner and get away with it. One should always be honest in a relationship and if you are not keeping well, you should inform it to your partner. Simply let them know that you had a really bad day and that you need to be by yourself for some time.

You can also take your partner’s help to make the best out of that day. You can go to a great café or watch one of your favorite movies together to change your mind. Also, one should always try to maintain a separation between their personal and professional lives. Don’t bring your work home and try to attain a perfect balance.

6. The “Where were you all day long” fight

If you were really busy at work and were dodging your partner’s calls and texts, then you would definitely be having this fight later that day. Yes, sometimes, we can have an overwhelming amount of work, but you should take a break in between as well. This will help you not only to relax your mind, but will let your partner believe how important they are as well. Sending a text or calling them for a few minutes won’t change the course of your work.

Though, if you are on the other side, try to think from your partner’s perspective. They could be tensed or in the middle of a crucial meeting. Try to be their support instead of picking a fight.

7. The “Why are you doing this instead of spending time with me” fight

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Okay! That one was pretty long. Sometimes, we all need to be with our partner and spend some memorable moments with them. They could be busy checking their phone, completing their work, catching Pokemons, or doing any other thing. We all get jealous at times and ask them to be with us – to choose us instead of doing something else.

If they are really more interested in watching TV than spending time with you, then you can always lure them with your amazing looks. Though, if they are in the middle of some important work, then why not wait a little before spending some time with them. This is one of those relationship fights that can easily be avoided!

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8. The “You are not my mother” fight

The moment you hear these words coming from your partner, understand that you have hit a sensitive topic. You can always suggest your significant other to do a certain thing, but can never really order them, right? Whenever you are making a point, do it in the most thoughtful manner. It is always recommended to request your partner to do a certain thing instead of ordering them.

You need to stop taking them for granted. Yes, you might get over-protected of them, but you can’t invade their personal space. Instead of being their mother, be their friend. Be their guide, their companion, their soulmate – and everything in between.

When you are fighting with your partner or even having an argument, you should always be a little cautious. They might be having a bad day or could be fighting their own battle. Instead of being their rival, you should be their support. Try to meet them halfway and inspire them to be better. These are the kinds of relationship fights that one can easily avoid. Don’t waste your precious moments fighting when you can create some everlasting memories with your partner.

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8 Most Common Relationship Fights Couples Have And How To Deal With Them
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