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8 Effective Techniques To Dodge The Controlling Behavior Of A Needlessly Jealous Boyfriend

A jealous boyfriend can sometimes make your life a living hell. You love him too much and can’t let him go, but at the same time, you can’t allow him to manipulate you as well. If you are trying to learn ways to get rid of all the ongoing complications in your life, then you have certainly landed at the right place. These proven techniques will make it easier for you to dodge the controlling behavior of your boyfriend and let you attain a perfect bliss in your life.

1. Start trusting him

Most of the people are over-possessive or jealous of their partner because they feel like they are not wanted. Let him know how much you value him and that his efforts can never go unnoticed. Trust him and encourage him to be as honest as he can as well.

2. Don’t play any games

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Instead of playing the blame-game, try to have a heartfelt discussion with him. You can never get what you want by manipulating him. If you start playing any mind-game, chances are that it might get things even dirtier.

3. Face the reality

Deep within, your jealous boyfriend would know it all. Make him face the reality and tell him that you are not happy with his behavior. It is time to face the music and this might cause some stress in your relationship. You need to convey your points in a thoughtful way in order to make him understand your concern.

4. Ask for your personal space

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After letting him know how uncomfortable he is making you feel, come up with a plan of action. Make him realize the importance of having an individual and personal space and encourage him to spend time with his friends as well. After when he will meet his loved ones, he would soon realize how right you were.

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5. Be more confident

A jealous boyfriend might be a little manipulative, but don’t allow him to change your mind. Be confident while conveying your thoughts and stick to your decisions. Don’t second guess anything and try to think of the bigger picture, whenever he would try to lure you.

6. Be prepared to lose him

This might come as a shock, but after watching you take a stand, he might pick a fight or break up. If he really cares about you, he will make an effort to change his behavior rather than making it all about himself. Consider this as a litmus test for your relationship. If you two can’t resolve this one issue, chances are that he won’t be able to be with you in the long run as well. If he is able to accept his flaws, then consider that you two have passed the test.

7. Express your feelings for him

Let him know how much you adore him and take a walk down the memory lane in order to relive those good old days. Appreciate him and make him understand how important it is for you to have your own space.

8. Restart your relationship

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Smile a little as you have just made your jealous boyfriend realize his mistake. Don’t let him go and try to start your relationship once again from where you left. Try not to think about the last few days and don’t bring it up again in your conversation. Understand that he is a whole new person now and a better man. You have made him change for good. Take him out to a romantic dinner and celebrate your bond!

By the end of it, you would be able to have the same old guy with whom you fell in love with. He would realize your worth and will start giving you enough space. Try it and let us know about your experience!

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8 Techniques To Dodge Your Jealous Boyfriend's Controlling Behavior
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